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Meeting Agent Mulder

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Title: Meeting Agent Mulder

Author: Sara B.



Rating: Adult

Category: AU, MSR, M/O (past relationship, present pest - miniscule), S/O (past relationship), S/A, M/A

Spoilers: Fire, all things

Summary:  Scully is a new FBI Recruit and Mulder gives a lecture on profiling.  He royally ticks her off and romance ensues.  The infamous Phoebe Greene makes an appearance and does what she does best, causes trouble.

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Disclaimer:  The recognized characters are used Without Prejudice and are the property of C. Carter, Fox and the wonderful actors who breathed life into written words, most notably G. Anderson and D. Duchovny who were able to make us believe in the improbable.  No Infringements of these copyrights are intended, and are used here without permission.  The story and before unknown characters belongs to me.

Gratitude: To Kim Knight, you are the best, thank you.  To my Dennis, enough said.  To CC and Company, who created the X-Files.  Lastly, but my no means least, to the readers, you make this hobby of mine have meaning.


Meeting Agent Mulder –

Sara B. 10/06


Dana Scully was sitting in the lecture hall just about as pissed as she’d ever been.  She was waiting for her temper to calm and the hall to clear out.  She really wanted to be sure not to bump into the guest lecturer; the sexist pig. 


Scully had really been looking forward to this lecture.  She was doing fairly well in her Profiling class but it certainly didn’t come easy and she wanted any advantage he could give.  This Agent was one of the best profilers the FBI ever produced.  He was always being compared to Frank Black, the one they called the profiler’s profiler.  So when she heard that Fox Mulder was guest lecturing, she made sure she was on the attendees list.  Now she just wished she hadn’t bothered.


The lecture itself was very enlightening.  Agent Mulder was not a natural teacher but he had the one advantage every teacher likes to have; he was a master of his subject.  It was during the Question and Answer period that Mulder lost his luster.  She was one of the first to raise her hand.  She had studied several of Mulder’s cases, including the Monty Props case.  Most of the time she was able to figure out how he’d formed his profile and how he applied it to lead the investigators to the suspect.  But there was one case, one of the lesser known cases he’d worked during his first couple months in Behavioral Science that had her stumped.  No matter how many times she read the casefile she couldn’t figure out how he’d zoned in on the lonely librarian, Michael Donat, as the perpetrator.


Dana had her hand raised and waited while he called on person after person.  Soon she realized that there was a pattern in the people he called on.  By the seventh question she was able to look around the room and figure out who would be the next one he called on.  The first two were women, dark haired beauties; the next was a man, short with glasses and light hair.  Then the pattern repeated two beautiful brunettes then an unassuming man.  


She lowered her hand and wrote down the question and handed it to Meg Turner, knowing that there was no way Agent Mulder would be able to ignore Meg; she looked exactly like the other women, only more so.  She was also dumb as a post.  Okay, that was a bit harsh but Dana didn’t feel particularly charitable at the moment.  


Meg raised her hand and Mulder called on her immediately.  Meg read Dana’s question and Mulder nearly jumped with excitement.  He praised Meg, saying that that case had been pivotal in his career.  After several minutes of effusive ass kissing the man finally answered the question.  “There had been three of us working on a profile, but nothing was fitting.  I went to the library to clear my head.  I happened into the Library’s Archives where they kept a rather extensive collection of Civil War memorabilia.  One of the displays was on the trial and execution of one Sergeant Terrance Michael Flannery.  Sgt. Flannery was tried and convicted for spying against the Confederacy. 


“I was just perusing the display when I noticed that the names of the people involved in the trial matched those of the victims.  It hadn’t been readily obvious because it wasn’t always the last name.  We took a flyer and checked it out and discovered that each of the victims were descendants of the men involved in the trial against Sgt. Flannery.  Further investigation revealed that the Head Librarian, Michael Donat, was Michael Flannery Donat and a direct descendant of the Sgt. Terrance Flannery. 


“It was that case that taught me one of the single most important things regarding my career.  With all the knowledge and technology available to us, sometimes you just can’t beat pure dumb luck.”  The crowd gave into a joint chuckle and Dana just seethed more.


Interestingly, Mulder’s selection pattern changed after Meg.  Dana shook her head when she realized why; he’d picked his target.  Agent Mulder had used the Q&A to find a date.  Now that he’d found what he’d been looking for the selection pattern wasn’t necessary.  ‘What an insufferable slime-ball,’ she thought.


The room cleared except for a hand full of stragglers which included Dana and the trio at the podium; instructor, Special Agent Tim Blanding, Fox Mulder and Meg Turner.  Dana watched the dynamics playing out.  Mulder’s face changed; a nearly imperceptible grimace formed at the corners of his mouth while Meg was talking.  Dana smiled at his obvious discomfort at Meg’s prattle. ‘So the anointed one didn’t meet expectations, huh, Agent Mulder?’   Part of her almost felt sorry for him, but, then, he’d done it to himself.  Meg was not dumb but she just wasn’t in Dana’s, and she suspected, Agent Mulder’s, league.  Someone like Meg is fun to be around for a while but she was out of her element with the people around here.  Dana packed up her things and left the lecture hall.



Mulder hated these things, lecturing was not one of his talents.  But, occasionally the word came down from on high and he’d be shuffled off to Quantico to lecture on the ‘art’ of profiling.  Every time he threatened to video his lecture and then when they wanted him he’d send the tape and go on vacation.


He heard his voice drone on but his mind was busy scoping on the ‘talent’ in the audience.  There were about a hundred and twenty or thirty in attendance; most were men.  Of the women there were ten or twelve standouts, and he wasn’t talking about their grades.  Finally it was the Q&A, or as Mulder thought of it, the Dating Game.  Mulder figured if he had to suffer through these lectures he might as well get something out of it.  So when it came to the Q&A he used it to scope out potential date material. 


Mulder was disappointed with the banality of the questions.  How did you get into profiling, who was your mentor and so on.  He quickly checked the questioners off his list.  Then, pay dirt.  She was beautiful and she asked about the usually ignored Donat case.  He noticed that she read her question and he put that to that she was afraid her nerves would cause her to forget or misspeak.


When Tim finally broke it up, Mulder motioned for the woman to come up and talk to them.  It didn’t take three sentences to figure out that she was not the originator of the atypical question.  Mulder decided to find out what had happened. 


“So, Meg, how was it that you asked about the Donat case?”  He asked her.


“Oh, that was Dana, Dana Scully.  She was sitting right next to me.  She had her hand up but you just kept passing her over.  She’d such a little thing.”  The woman gave him a shrewd look.  “So she had me ask her question.”  Mulder was trying to figure out who this Dana Scully was and recalled a small redhead was sitting next to Meg.  He looked up to the seats and saw that she was walking toward the rear exit. 


“It was nice talking to you, Meg.  Tim, I have to get going.”  Mulder quickly grabbed his satchel and followed Dana Scully’s retreating form.  She was at the door and he called out to her, “Ms. Scully.”  She stopped and turned.  Her confusion was written on her face.  Mulder reached her and gave her the once over.  She was small, tiny really, but she had the perfectly proportioned hourglass figure.  She had a crown of red hair, the bluest eyes he’d ever seen and extraordinarily kissable lips.  Geez, how did he miss her?  “Ms. Scully, I’d like to speak with you.  Would you join me for lunch?”


Dana took a step back and looked at him.  “I think you’ve made a mistake, Agent Mulder.  I advise you to put your glasses on,” she looked around him.  “There, over by the water fountain, I think that is who you are looking for.”


Mulder turned and saw one of the women he’d scoped out earlier.  “She is the woman you would have called on next if you hadn’t been so impressed with Meg’s question, isn’t she?”  Mulder’s face reddened slightly under his tan and he gave her his most successful ‘embarrassed’ smile.  She wasn’t buying.


Dana started walking away and he followed and suddenly she felt his hand on her back at her waist.  She was about to stop but he gently pushed her.  “Not here, you can read me the riot act all you want; just not here in front of your classmates.”  She realized he was right so she kept her stride.



Mulder took Dana to a small clearing in the woods outside of the facility.  It was nearly invisible to the casual walker by but she’d found this spot her first week of training and came here when she needed to breathe.  Mulder led her to the large boulder that dominated the far side of the area.  “I love this spot; came here a lot during my training days,” he explained.


“It’s one of my favorite places,” she confessed.  “Why are we here, Agent Mulder?  Or, more to the point, why am I here?”  Her arms were crossed in front of her. 


Mulder laughed, this woman was direct.  She was also highly annoyed with him, and rightfully so.  She was the first person that he knew of who figured out his little ‘dating game’ during his lectures.  She also knew that he’d dismissed her outright on looks alone.  “Just Mulder, I wanted to talk with you, Ms. Scully.  Why did you have Ms. Turner ask that question?”


“Just Scully; and it would be doctor, not Ms.  It didn’t take me long to understand I had virtually no chance of being called on; I wasn’t even on your radar.”  She saw from his face that she’d only answered part of his question.


“I studied the casefile, I’ve studied all your casefiles, I could never figure out how you jumped from not having a suspect, or even a solid profile at that point, to the arrest of Donat.  It didn’t make sense.  Now may I leave?”


“Scully, please sit down; doctor, impressive.” Mulder could tell his flattery was getting him no slack.  His arm waved toward the boulder he was sitting on.  “I have to apologize.  Every nasty thing you are thinking about me, I deserve.  I did use the lecture and the Q&A to find potential dates.  I can assure you that after today I won’t be doing that again.”  This caught her attention and she took a seat but left about five feet between them.


“Why?”  She asked simply.


“Because you proved what a fool I was.  I ignored probably the most interesting person in that room.  Dismissed her just because she didn’t meet some ideal I’d created in my head.”  He closed the distance between them to less than a foot.  “Understand that it wasn’t because you aren’t a beautiful woman.”  Dana gave a contemptuous snort and he laughed.  “I deserved that.  But the truth of the matter is I didn’t even look at you.  You weren’t a brunette.  I see now how foolish that was, you are quite lovely.”


This time Dana laughed derisively.  “You do realize that I’m not mad that you don’t find me attractive, don’t you?  That, I can understand and I know that tastes differ.  I assure you my ego is not that fragile”


“So, what are you mad at?”  He really wanted her to tell him.


Scully gave him a look that asked, ‘you really don’t know?’  The message was almost as clear as if she’d said the words.  “By choosing the people the way you did you robbed me, and other’s, of getting everything we could out of your lecture.  I understand that there is no way you, or anyone, could call on everyone who had a question.  But, the difference is that when I go into a class or lecture I’m sure of the possibility that I am just as likely to be called on as every other person in that class.  You, by using that lecture as your own personal dating service, changed the percentages.  Because of some criterion that means something only to you, you were prejudiced against me.  And no one has the right to steal any opportunity from me.  That, Agent Mulder, is why I’m angry.”


Mulder pursed his lips.  He’d never really thought of it like that before.  He looked up to respond but she was gone.  Mulder thought about going after her but decided not to.  He needed to think about his tactics.  But one thing he knew for a fact, this would not be the last time they would meet.  ‘No, Dr. Dana Scully, you have not seen the last of me yet.’



 Mulder returned to the Hoover, got his mail and slunked down at his desk.  Jerry Lamana, Reggie Purdue and Ted Grissom made their way to him.  “So, Mulder, who is the brunette du jour?”  Jerry asked as he sat on Mulder’s desk while he and Ted share a knowing chuckle.


“No one.”  Mulder replied tersely.


“What, no one catch your fancy or was it all men?”  Ted asked with amazement.


“No, there is someone.”  Mulder’s thoughts were distant.  “Not a brunette, but a red head, small, gorgeous blue eyes and too smart to put up with my crap.”


Jerry stood in disbelief.  “You don’t mean SHE wasn’t interested?”


“Not interested is putting it mild.  She can’t stand me.”  Mulder looked up as his friends, “and I can’t blame her.”  Mulder went on to tell them what happened.


Ted was obviously in awe.  Mulder never left one of these lectures without at least one conquest under his belt, so to speak.  “She figured out your game, huh?  Must be smart.  What’s her name?”


“Scully, Dr. Dana Scully.”


“Doc Ice?  Whoa, Mulder when you fell off the turnip truck you must have hit your head.  Dana Scully is number one, the cadet to beat.  I heard that they are so impressed with her that she’s going to be offered a position at the academy.”   Jerry’s voice nearly cracked.


“John Dorset, he was in my class, he now teaches firearms.  He told me about an incident. “Do you all remember Isaac Rosenthal?”  The other three nodded. 


Reggie chimed in, “Rosenthal’s been at the academy for at least two decades.  So what does he have to do with anything?”


Jerry continued, “John told me that during Rosenthal’s famous Ice House Challenge. . .”


“That damned thing gave me nightmares until I found out after graduation that it is unsolvable.”  Ted interrupted and shook his head.


“You mean, was unsolvable.  Dana Scully solved it.”


“No, twit?”  Mulder asked.  “I tried for a year after I graduated to get somewhere with that.  Was it the baker or the guy from the IRS?”


“I don’t have a clue, they locked up her paper and I’ve been told she was sworn not to tell until Rosenthal says she can.”   



“I’m coming, I’m coming,” Dana called to whoever it was knocking incessantly on her door.  She’d just gotten out of the shower, her hair was in a towel and she was wearing a terrycloth robe.  “You had better not be some salesman or religious fanatic who wants to convert me,” she muttered.  She looked through the peephole and stepped back, then looked again.  She opened the door slowly, “Agent Mulder, what are you doing here?  How, I mean, I just moved in last week, I mean,” she was completely flustered, something she was not accustomed to and she didn’t like it one bit.  “What are you doing here?”  She repeated.


“Just Mulder; I brought dinner.”  He moved into the room closing the door behind him.  “If you show me where the dishes are I’ll get things set up while you go dress.”  She noticed his eyes had drifted to the gaping opening at her chest.  “Not that I’m complaining of the view.”


Dana grabbed at her robe’s lapels and scooted toward her bedroom leaving a very amused Fox Mulder to fend for himself.  ‘Nice,’ he thought, ‘very nice.’


He’d fumbled his way through her kitchen and found everything they needed and set the table.  He’d just finished dishing out the lasagna and pouring the wine when she walked out.  She was dressed casually but she hadn’t dried her hair and he noticed it appeared to have a tendency to curl when left to its own devices.  “Dinner is served.” 


He went to hand her some wine but she shook her head, “milk actually, I’ll get it.”


“Milk?”  Mulder made a face.


“I need to drink milk whenever I have anything tomato based.”  She answered as she poured a glass.  “Have you ever tried to get a glass of milk at a pizzeria?  They don’t even pretend to understand.”  She came back to the table.  “Would you like to tell me why you are here and brought dinner?”  She couldn’t hide the amusement from her voice.


“I needed to eat, I knew you needed to eat, I brought dinner.  It isn’t that big of a mystery.”  He answered simply, like that should explain it all.


“You know what I mean.”


“I like you, Scully.  Do I need any more of a reason?”


“You like me?  We talked for all of, what, fifteen or twenty minutes two months ago?  Most of that was me raging at you for being a sexist pig and you sit there and say you like me?  Fantastic lasagna, by the way.”


“Thanks, it’s from Casa Leone.  It was because you called me on my stupidity that I like you.  I like the way you think and I like that you didn’t back down.”


She just smiled and shook her head, “you are a strange one, Ag. . .”  Mulder shook his finger at her. “I mean, Mulder.”


“I never said I wasn’t, but you like me too, don’t you?”


“Cocky shit,” she called him making him laugh.


After they cleaned up dinner they sat on her couch.  “Really, Mulder, what are you doing here?”


“Let me ask you a question.  Is it true that you solved Rosenthal’s Ice House Challenge?”  This time she was the one to laugh.



Mulder started showing up at odd times regularly in a not regularly way.  Breakfast on Saturday, lunch on Sunday, the odd dinner any day.   Scully never knew when or, in some instances, where he’d show up.  Sometimes she wouldn’t hear or see him for weeks or even months then suddenly he’d be at her door.  Sometimes with dinner and other times just the man alone, there was just no way to tell. 


One day Mulder made his way to her office at lunch time.  The difference this time was he had a case file with him.  “Scully, would you take a look at this and tell me what you make of it?”  This was not the jocular young man she was getting used to.  This Fox Mulder was serious and obviously perplexed.  Scully took the file and read it while Mulder ate half of her lunch. 


Two fathers had been murdered.   One in Connecticut and one in California; one father was widowed the other married and they both had one child; an eight year old daughter.


“Mulder, this is unbelievable.  These men died of exsanguination; the bodies had blood losses of over 95% and the only wounds were two punctures on the neck at the jugular.  I have to assume the men were drugged because no one would just let someone bleed them to death.  What did the tox screen find?  It had to be some sort of paralytic.”


“Digitalis.” Mulder answered simply.  Scully could tell by his posture he was deep in thought.


“Foxglove, interesting choice.  South American but it can be cultivated locally.”


“Turn the page, Scully.”  Mulder watched her as she did and saw her eyes go wide when she looked at the two pictures of the men’s daughters.


“Twins separated at birth?”  Scully queried.


“No, both children were born to their mothers.  Pictures and videos of the births exist and the staffs both claim no one switched the babies.  No one can explain why they look virtually identical.”


Scully went through the rest of the file and a few minutes later she pointed to something.  “I don’t know why this would have anything to do with the case but both sets of parents went through in-vitro fertilization.  Do we know what clinics were involved?” 


Mulder sat up and she saw a light flash in his eyes as he looked at the page.  “It might not have anything to do with it but it’s something new.”  Mulder headed for the door as he pulled out his phone.  He turned back, smiled and mouthed, ‘thanks.’


That was the last Dana Scully saw of Fox Mulder for three months.  She was walking out of the elevator carrying groceries and trying to dig her keys from her coat pocket to see Mulder getting up from the floor in front of her apartment door.  “Hey,” he called like that said it all.


“Mulder, long time.”  His eyes lowered in embarrassment. 


“Yeah, sorry.  Things have been a bit hectic.  Here, let me take those.”  He took the bags from her and she opened the door.  She sensed that he didn’t have any reason for showing up other than he just wanted to see her.


“So, what happened with that case?  Were you able to solve it?”  She’d been anxious to know how it had been resolved.


“Case?”  He didn’t seem to know what case she was referring to for a moment.  “Oh, the murdered men.  The daughters did it.”


Scully stopped pulling groceries out.  “What!  Those eight year old girls?  They killed their fathers?  Why?”  Her speech was disjointed due to shock.


“They won’t say, but there is no doubt they did it.  We can’t find any records to show they knew each other or had any contact but some how those two little girls poisoned then bled their fathers on the same day, at the same time 3000 miles apart.”  They started to unpack the groceries.  Mulder took a can from Scully and looked at her with an unspoken question.  Scully pointed to a cabinet and he put the can away.  “You were right about the in vitro.  The doctor replaced the parent’s embryos, the girls were twins.”  Mulder leaned back against the counter.  “So, what’s for dinner?”


Mulder looked at the clock and saw that it was past one.  “I’d better be going.”


Scully’s eyes dashed at the clock on the mantle and couldn’t believe the time.  They rose and headed for the door.  “Mulder, you never did tell me what brought you here tonight.”


Mulder turned and looked at her and his eyes went soft.  “I just wanted to see my gir,” Mulder coughed and cleared his throat, “you.” 


Scully nodded and gave him a smile.  “Night, Mulder.  Oh, and I’m having shrimp tomorrow night if you’re interested.”  He smiled and closed the door behind him.


Scully turned out the lights before heading to bed.  “His girl, indeed?  Interesting development, Agent Mulder,” she said out loud to no one.



Dana checked the basket she carried to make sure she hadn’t forgotten anything, for the sixth time; nope nothing had disappeared since she last looked during the elevator ride.  She knew she was stalling but relationships had never been her strong suit and she was scared silly.  She stared at the battered ‘42’ on the even more battered door.  Finally she willed her hand to knock.


A few minutes later the door opened and Fox Mulder was standing there with a pleased, if quizzical, smile playing at his lips.  She hefted the filled picnic basket and said, “Thought I’d bring dinner this time.”


Mulder ushered her into his apartment.  “Sorry for the mess but I wasn’t expecting company.”


Scully looked around, “I’ve seen worse; I have two brothers and a sister who seems to attract men who are cleanliness challenged.”


“I’d say you might have that problem too.”  He was thrilled by her embarrassment.  “So, what ‘cha bring?”


Scully began to pull out an assortment of containers and placed them on his coffee table; it was a picnic.


Mulder helped clean up dinner and Dana insisted that he keep the leftovers.  “There is a reason you have a refrigerator, Mulder.  You put food in there and it lasts a couple days,” she teased. 


“Oh, so that’s what it’s for,” Mulder said playing along.  


“So, Scully, what did you have in mind for desert?”  He saw her reach for the basket but he caught her hand in mid air.  “Because if you don’t have something I have an idea.”  Mulder tugged on her arm and Scully found herself in his lap and his arms were pulling her tight against him.  “Dana Scully, I really would like to sample those lips.”


Scully hesitated only a moment to just look at him then she leaned down and captured Mulder’s mouth.  She’d meant for the kiss to be chaste, the perfect first kiss, but it didn’t turn out that way.  It was like no other first kiss either of them had ever experienced.  It was deep, soul full and intense with unfathomable emotion.


Within moments they were necking like teenagers.  Limbs were entwined and clothing was dislodged.  “Uh, Scully, we have to stop.”  Mulder choked out, he could hardly believe he’d been able to do it.  “I,” he stammered.  “I’ve been out of the dating cycle for a while and I, well, I don’t have any...”

He couldn’t look at her.


Scully pulled his face toward her.  “You have no idea how sexy that is, do you?  I’ve been out of circulation for a while too and I really hadn’t planned on,” her hand waved down their over heated bodies, “so I didn’t bring any either.”  Mulder’s eyes closed as he made motions to move.  “But, it is a Friday night,” she continued. “I do believe that somewhere in this neighborhood you must have a drug store or something, right?” 


Mulder’s head rose and saw the mischief in her eyes and smiled.  “I knew you were the smart one.”  He kissed her again.


“Besides, it gives us an opportunity to work off some of our dinner.  Passion and bloating are never a good combo.”


Mulder got up and helped her to her feet.  “Passion?”  He said with a leer.


“Hot, steamy, volcano erupting passion,” she replied as she pulled him down for another deep kiss.  “Just a sample.  Now shall we go shopping?”


An hour later they reentered Mulder’s apartment.  They didn’t stop until they reached Mulder’s bedroom.  He placed their purchase on his bedside table.  “I can’t believe you made me get the large economy size.”


“Mulder, did I not tell you that it’s been a while for me?  You won’t believe how much sexual energy I’ve built up.”  She pushed him back on the bed and climbed on him.  “Now, where was I before we had to stop?  Oh, yes, I think I was right about here.”  Her mouth latched onto his neck and Mulder nearly bucked her off of him.


They started pulling at each other’s clothing, buttons popping and zippers sliding.  It wasn’t as much frantic as it was determined.  The couple were content to explore with reverence before moving to the main event. 


They traversed the terrain of their bodies with slow, tortuous, delicious journeys.  They discovered all those hidden places that elicited the delectable sounds of pleasure.  When they moved beyond exploration they were both overly ready.  Their instincts kicked in and they seemed to know what the other liked.


Mulder buried himself in her and they both took a moment to breathe.  He flipped them over so Scully was on top.  Mulder looked up as she hovered above him.  Her face was flushed with desire and her eyes had taken on a lazy unfocussed quality.  She was utter perfection.  They moved their bodies in perfect unison; he thrust up as she thrust down.  Mulder had never felt like this with a woman before; there was a completeness that threatened to overwhelm him.


Slowly they moved together in the age old dance.  This was not like a usual first time coupling.  There were no false moves just a perfection that usually takes time to master.  Their passions built till they were in a frenzy and suddenly they reached the final glorious explosion of pleasure. 


Dana collapsed on him and Mulder hugged her tightly not letting her move off.  “I know this sounds like the standard post coital cliché but, I think I’m in love with you,” he whispered.


“Good, because I’m not planning on letting you out of my sight anytime soon.”  Dana lifted her head and kissed him then she leaned back, “God, you’re gorgeous!”


Mulder barked out a laugh, “I think that’s my line.”  He raised his hand and brushed her hair from her face.  “You are, you know, you are gorgeous.  Absolutely beautiful.”


“You mean I don’t have to dye my hair brown, stuff my bra and walk around on stilts?”


“Stop!  I told you that day I was wrong.”  Mulder’s eyes flicked to the side.  “Ah, Scully, now will you tell me the answer to Rosenthal’s Ice House Challenge?” 


Scully’s just laughed.



It had been eight months since that first night and they were officially dating, heck, they were almost living together.  Scully had never been so happy in her life and, if things went the way she planned this weekend, she was going to be a lot happier on Tuesday when she returned to work. 


Scully asked the guard for directions to Mulder’s cubical.  This was the first time she’d visited Mulder at work.  She was picking him up so they could get started on their mini vacation away.  They were flying to Massachusetts to enjoy the fall leaves and celebrate meeting each other three years earlier. 


Reggie saw her first and nudged Jerry and Ted.  Their conversation stopped and they smiled at her.  Scully gave them a wary smile as she walked by.  Mulder never spoke of her but the men knew who she was.  There was a tasteful photo of the two of them displayed on Mulder’s credenza.  Mulder’s reticence in talking about her spoke volumes as to how special their relationship was to him.


Scully entered the door-less cubical but Mulder wasn’t there.  Reggie followed her; “he’s stepped out to do a consult with an Inspector from Scotland Yard.  He should be back shortly.  I’m Reggie Purdue, this is Ted Grissom and Jerry Lamana.  You are Dana Scully.”


She was startled slightly that they knew who she was but Reggie pointed behind her.  Before she turned to look she caught the questioning exchange between the three men.  On the credenza a picture was laying face down.  She knew the picture because she’d given it to him.  It was a casual shot of them taken by her father in her parent’s back yard.  She didn’t understand why it was on its face and, from their embarrassed reaction, neither did the trio of men.


“Do you think it would be okay if I waited here?” 


Before anyone could answer, Mulder’s laughter chimed through and it was mixed with the deep laughter of a woman.  They appeared in the doorway and when Mulder saw Scully his cheeks reddened and he sobered.  “Scully, what are you, oh, wait our trip.  Is it that late already?”  The usually loquacious Mulder was stumbling for what to say. 


The woman next to him gave Scully a cursory look and dismissed the tiny red-head.  Scully gave the woman the once over and knew something serious was wrong.  This woman, whoever she was, was everything Mulder used to date, before she, Scully, came on the scene.  Mulder’s too obvious embarrassment, the couple’s intimate body language and Mulder’s hesitant speech told Scully that things were not what they should be and she was not going to like what was coming.  She already didn’t like it; suddenly the turned down picture was making sense.


“This is Phoebe Greene, Inspector Greene of Scotland Yard.  She’s here on a case and requested my help.”  Mulder must have seen something in Scully’s attitude because he changed tactics.  He turned to the woman. “Phoebe, would you mind waiting outside for a minute.  I need to talk with Scully.”  The use of the woman’s first name was not lost on Scully.


“Scully, the case is in Massachusetts, close to where we were going anyhow.  We can combine our vacation and the case.”  He raced on, not wanting to give her time to argue.  “I’ll see Phoebe out and we can be on our way.”  He left hurriedly.


Dana Scully reached into her pocket and pulled out the airline tickets and put them on his desk then walked out.  She caught site of Mulder and Phoebe’s back and went the other way.  The man she’d just been introduced to, Reggie Purdue, intercepted her.  “Follow me; I’ll take you to the other bank of elevators.”


“Thank you,” she said quietly and gratefully.  While they were walking she said, “I guess we now know why the picture was faced down.”  Reggie just nodded.  A moment later her cell rang; she reached in and turned it off.  “One guess.”


They reached the elevators and Reggie waited with her for one to come.  “He’s a damned fool.”


Scully smiled as she entered the car, “I think so and thanks for thinking it too.  Agent Purdue, Reggie, would you tell him something for me?  Tell him, Rosenthal retired today.  The answer can be found in one of Rosenthal’s old cases from when he was a cop in Omaha.”


“The Ice House Challenge?”  He asked, she nodded and the doors closed.



Mulder got back to his cubical and Scully was gone.  He looked out but didn’t see her anywhere.  He pulled out his cell and called her; it rang once then went to voicemail.  “Damnit!  Scully!  What the hell is wrong with you?”


“Maybe you should be asking that of yourself? What the hell is wrong with you, Mulder?  Acting like that with that British woman?  What did you expect Dana to think?”  Reggie growled at him.


“Phoebe needs help and I’m just extending some professional assistance.”


“Is that what you were extending?”  Mulder gave Reggie a murderous look.


“I’ll clear it up on the trip.”


“Doubt that,” Ted told them and pointed toward the desk where the airline tickets sat.  “I don’t think Dana Scully plans on spending time with you anytime soon.”


Mulder picked up the tickets and threw his head back.  “Mulder,” Reggie started, “the way you acted pretty much told everyone what was going on.  Dana Scully is a smart woman.  She would have had to have been deaf and blind not to see that you were acting like a horny cheater who just got caught a little before the fact.  Your tongue was almost hanging out.”


Reggie ushered the others out of the office leaving Mulder alone.  Mulder sat down and turned to look at the picture and found it down.  He picked it up and looked at the couple there.  He then picked up the phone and called Reggie’s extension to ask about it.  Reggie told him it was like that when Scully arrived.  “I don’t know, Mulder, maybe that British strumpet did it?  Oh, Mulder, before she left she said to tell you that Rosenthal retired today and that the answer to the Ice House Challenge is in one of his old cases from Omaha.”


Mulder looked at the phone and dialed.  When it was answered he said, “I’d like to leave a message for one of your guests; Phoebe Greene.  Please tell her Fox Mulder won’t be able to make it after all.  I’d forgotten I had something important planned and I’m not going to change my arrangements.”  He hung up the phone grabbed his things and headed out.


But, before he left he stopped at Reggie’s cubical.  “Reggie, thanks for hitting me in the face with the facts.”



Mulder arrived at Scully’s apartment and didn’t bother knocking; he was sure she wouldn’t willingly let him in.  He quietly entered the living room and looked around.  Muffled voices were coming from Scully’s bedroom.  Stealth-fully he moved down the hall and stopped just outside the door.  One voice was Scully’s and the other belonged to her sister, Missy.


“Missy, I didn’t pursue him, he wanted me; he came after me.  But, when I saw them together today I knew it was more than a first time meeting.”


“Dana, what are you talking about?  How did you know?”


“They were standing close, too close for people who’d just met.  Mulder’s hand was on her back, just above her butt, just like he does with me.  That woman’s arm draped over Mulder’s shoulder and he acted as if it belonged there.  Besides, she had the look.”


“Look, what look?”


“You remember me telling you about the lecture where we met.  That Phoebe Greene looked like every one of those women except she was more angular and less busty than they were.  I think she may have been the prototype.”


“Dana!  You think they have a history?  Do you have any proof?  Talk!”


“Don’t tease me, but it’s a gut feeling.  Mulder did go to Oxford and his father was in the State Department so it wouldn’t be too far fetched that he was posted in England.”


“But you don’t know any of this, Dana.  This isn’t like you.  What is going on?”


There was silence for a moment and then Missy yipped.  “Dana, God, it’s beautiful.  Were you going to give it to him on the trip?”


“Missy, that isn’t just a ring, I was going to ask him to marry me.  That was going to be Mulder’s engagement ring.”


Mulder had to stifle a gasp.  ‘God, what the hell is wrong with me?  Scully wanted to ask me to marry her and I screwed it up because of Phoebe?  Lying, cheating, Lady Tamp-a-Lot, Phoebe Greene?’


He must have made a noise because he heard Scully yell, “get out, Mulder, just get the hell out.”


He entered the bedroom and stood his ground.  “No, we need to deal with this. Missy, would you mind?”  He indicated the door.


Missy got up and looked at Dana to say goodbye.  Mulder moved toward the bed.  “I think you’d be more comfortable in the chair and don’t bother taking your coat off, you won’t be here that long.”  Mulder had never heard Scully sound so cold, even that first day when she was mad as hell at him she didn’t sound like this.


“Scully,” he tried but she raised her hand.


“I’ve been dumped before with a lot more grace than you displayed earlier.  Believe me, being the short Irish mutt is something I’m used to.  Go to Massachusetts, it was fun while it lasted.”


“Scully, this is not the end for us.  I don’t want that and I don’t think you want it.  Or else you wouldn’t be sitting here, tears tracking down your cheeks and your voice so choked with emotion that you can hardly speak.”


“Mulder, it hurts, it hurts like hell.  I love you and I thought that you loved me…”


“I do love you, Scully, I LOVE YOU, damnit!”


“If that were true you wouldn’t have left me standing there while that woman looked at me like yesterday’s fish.  You didn’t even introduce me.”


“I did too.”


“No, you introduced her, quote; ‘this is Phoebe Greene, Inspector Greene of Scotland Yard.  She’s here on a case and requested my help.’  Then you asked her to wait for you outside.”


Mulder sat back, “I didn’t introduce you?  One of too many mistakes.”  Scully didn’t know if he knew he was talking.  “I didn’t know she was coming, I hadn’t seen or heard from her since I broke up with her at College.  But, when she walked into my office it was like I was that seventeen year old geek that she first met.  Willing to do anything to please her.” 


Mulder kneeled next to the bed and let his head rest on his folded arms next to her thighs.  “I met her two days after I’d gotten to Oxford.  I was younger than almost everyone there and it was a whole different country and the culture wasn’t like anything I’d ever experienced before. 


“I was sitting alone under a tree eating, when Phoebe first addressed me.  She leaned down and grabbed my sandwich and ate it.  She was like fire:  all flash and excitement.  I’d never met anyone like her.” 

Scully’s reserve began to melt and her hand began to caress his cheek. 


“Scully, I wasn’t, I hadn’t, I . . .”


“She was the first woman you had sex with, wasn’t she?”


“Yeah, I found out later she’d targeted me.  I was a novelty to her.  Cripes, I was in love and she was out for a spree.”  Scully tugged gently at his hair and he moved up to the bed.  They were lying side by side and her eyes told him she wanted to hear.


“It was that very night, thinking back I don’t think she’d even told me her name.  She took me to her flat and we were naked almost before the door was closed.  I remember being afraid of embarrassing myself.”


“You didn’t though, did you?”  Scully was now beyond the earlier hurt and concerned about the hurt Mulder was feeling about that woman.


“I guess not, she didn’t complain.”  Scully discovered that somehow Mulder had insinuated himself into her embrace with his head nuzzled to her breast. 


“We were together for three months when things changed.  She started introducing kinkier and kinkier elements into the sex.  One night she brought this massive dildo and tried to shove it up my ass.  I refused and she jumped up, dressed and left.  I didn’t see her for three days.  I never did find out where she went then or any of the other times she pulled stunts like that.”


Scully kissed the top of his head and he leaned up and smiled. 


“It ended when I came home from a lecture and found her in bed with two of my soccer friends.  I knew she’d cheated on me before but never in our home, never in our bed.  At least that I know of.  Looking back it was all sex and no substance.”


They held each other for a long time, neither of them speaking until Mulder kissed her tenderly.  “I’m sorry I hurt you.”


“I’m sorry I overreacted.  Mulder, you are not the only one who felt like time had turned back.  During my residency I fell hard for one of the instructors, a renowned cardiologist.  He was older, obviously, and he was confident, a fountain of knowledge and he was admired all over the world for his expertise.”




“I found out later.  I’d just finished my rotation and he asked me out.  Me, plain Jane, runt of the litter, Dana Scully, and Dr. Daniel Waterston was interested in me.  We started dating but no one knew it.  He told me it was because he’d been my instructor that we needed to keep it quiet.


“We hadn’t, you know,” Scully closed her eyes in embarrassment.  “He was presenting a paper at a very prestigious conference in California.  It was a real honor for him and he arranged for me to accompany him.”


Mulder pulled her tighter against him.  “Tell me, tell me what happened.”


“I had my bag packed and my first class ticket, we were to meet at the airport.  I got to the gate and he was there in the arms of this absolutely gorgeous woman while a teenage girl looked on.  The woman was tall, blonde flowing hair, perfect figure and sporting a huge wedding and engagement ring; Mrs. Daniel Waterston.  I just stared at them until he saw me.  He didn’t even react.”


“What did you do?”


“I went to the counter and asked how I could get my bag back and cash in my ticket.  When he got back to the hospital the next week he pursued me until I had to report him.”


“What happened to him?”  Mulder wiped her tear stained cheek.


“Nothing, they told me it was my word against a world renowned doctor?  I found out then that he did this sort of thing all the time.  I was just another name on the tally sheet.  I was saved further humiliation by the FBI recruiting me where I met this guy name Fox Mulder who is the love of my life.”


“And you are mine.  Scully, we missed our flight but maybe we can catch the next one.  What do you say, are you game?”


“Call the airline.  I’ll call the hotel and extend our reservation.”



Mulder walked off the elevator smiling and looking more relaxed than anyone had ever seen before.  Reggie followed him into his cubical. 


“Good vacation?”


“The best, absolutely the best.”  Ted and Jerry joined them


“So, you and Dana, did you make up?”


“We did more than make up.”  Mulder raised his left hand where his ring finger sported a yellow gold ring with two rows of stones.  The top row had tiny diamonds and the bottom sapphires.


“You got MARRIED?”


“Engaged, she asked me to marry her.  Scully arranged for dinner in our room.  We finished our coffee and she opened a bottle of Champagne then actually got on one knee and proposed.”


“How’d you respond?”


“I scooped her up and dragged her to bed, then a couple hours later said yes.”


“What about that Inspector Greene?”  Reggie needed to know.


“Who?  No, seriously somehow she found out where were staying and casually dropped by.  Though I have to say it was obvious she didn’t know Scully was with me.  I answered the door and was really shocked to see her.  She planted a kiss on me and saying something about how she knew I couldn’t resist her when Scully sauntered in from the bedroom wearing my mostly unbuttoned shirt and a very satisfied smile, I’m proud to say.  Phoebe nearly fainted when Scully invited her to the wedding.”


“Another thing, she told me the answer to the Ice House Challenge.” 


“Give,” Ted demanded.


“What do you remember about it?”  Mulder asked.


Ted answered for all of them, “the door was jammed from the inside and Mr. Frank Miller was hanging from a rafter about eighteen inches off the floor.  There was no chair or any other object in the room that he could have stood on.  There were three windows broken but they all had bars secured on the inside and no one could pass through the gaps.  Also, they were eight feet off the ground.”  He continued on describing the suspects and their motives.  The others acquiesced to the accuracy when he finished.


Jerry added, “One more thing.  Rosenthal made a big deal about it being August.”


“So what are your guesses?”  Mulder inquired.  His friends gave their guesses and their reasoning.  They were all well founded and all entirely wrong.


“Maybe this will help, you all seemed to have forgotten the crime scene was in an ice house.”  The information was received with looks of impatience.

 “Think about it.”  Mulder started counting off the clues on her fingers.  Frank Miller was hung and there were no chairs of anything else around that he could have stood on.  It was a hot August day and the building, an ice house, had a broken windows that couldn’t have allowed access to or from the building and the door was barricaded from the inside.”  The men all just stared at her.  “You forgot that there was a large water stain on the floor.”


“No!”  Reggie shook his head, “you have got to be kidding: suicide?  The bastard broke the windows, slung the rope over the rafter, stepped on a block of ice and waited for the damned thing to melt?”


Incredulously, Ted asked, “who would have guessed that?”


“Rosenthal and my Scully,” Mulder claimed proudly. 



Mulder and Scully stood behind the closed doors.  She looked at him,

“Have I told you how handsome you look, Mr. Mulder?”


“Nothing compared to you, Mrs. Mulder.  Scully, you look incredible.”


Captain Bill Scully’s voice boomed through the speakers.  I take pleasure in introducing you to Mr. and Mrs., also known as Dr. and Dr., Fox Mulder.”  Mulder and Scully entered the reception hall to the happy greetings of their guests.


Captain and Mrs. Scully and Mr. and Mrs. Mulder escorted the newlyweds around the dance floor to the Wedding Couple’s table.  They were three quarters of the way around when Mulder saw table thirteen.  He broke out laughing and pulled Scully closer.  When they sat down he leaned into her, “you’re a cruel woman, Mrs. Mulder.  Don’t bat those baby blues innocently, you know exactly what I’m talking about; table thirteen.  Your gay cousin Mike and his life partner, in stunning matching outfits no less, Brenda, Christina, Margie, Irene and Wanda, five gorgeous lesbians, and Phoebe Greene?”


“Don’t worry, Mulder, Phoebe will be fine.”  Scully said with all sincerity, “Irene has a thing for skanks.”