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Fall of Diana Fowley, The

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Title: The Fall of Diana Fowley

Author: Sara B.



Rating: Over 16

Category: AU, M/O and the beginnings of M/S

Spoilers: None

Summary:  Diana Fowley and Fox Mulder are partners in both work and play (TRUST ME WILL YOU), until he calls things off.  Diana reflects on her position.

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Disclaimer:  The recognized characters are used Without Prejudice and are the property of C. Carter, Fox and the wonderful actors who breathed life into written words, most notably G. Anderson and D. Duchovny who were able to make us believe in the improbable.  No Infringements of these copyrights are intended, and are used here without permission.  The story and before unknown characters belongs to me.

Gratitude: To Kim Knight, you are the best, thank you.  To my Dennis, enough said.  To Anne and Twilight for your insights. To CC and Company, who created the X-Files.  Anne M. thank you for convincing me to take the EWWWWW factor out.  Lastly, but my no means least, to the readers, you make this hobby of mine have meaning.

Author’s Notes:  This story was inspired by a posting at Haven by 2shy who asked ‘What would have happened if Diana never went to Europe? *I think that would be ever shippy's worst nightmare.* Where would Scully fit-in?’ This is my interpretation


The Fall of Diana Fowley



Diana Fowley looked over to her partner’s, and until two weeks earlier her lover’s, desk.  As usual it was a mess of files and paper lightly seasoned with sunflower seed husks.  She sat at her desk in all its pristine efficiency and wondered at how different yet alike they were.  Mulder was all passion and energy and she was the one who channeled him. 

She checked the clock and noted he would be there within a half hour.  She hadn’t been able to sleep so she came in extraordinarily early and, once she got there, she realized she had nothing to do but wait.  They were starting a new case today and the meeting with Skinner was scheduled for eight.  It was a dangerous thing when a woman like her had time for idle thoughts.

Her mind wandered to her apartment two weeks earlier.  They’d had dinner and were settling in for, what she thought would be, another night if lovemaking.  Fox had been preoccupied and antsy all day and it carried over into their evening.  She didn’t press him because she knew he’d tell her sooner or later.

“Diana, I can’t do this anymore.”

“Do what, what can’t you do?”

“We’re partners, good partners but we’re not good as lovers.”

Fox’s words stunned and humiliated her.  She’d wanted to lash out but a deep breath gave her time to think her strategy.  She moved close to him and placed her hand at that spot on his upper thigh that never failed to get his attention, she was happy to note it didn’t fail this time either.  “Fox, you’ve never complained,” she whispered in his ear.  She saw his eyes glaze and she felt triumphant.

“No, Diana, we’re good at the mechanics, great even, but being lovers is more than the physical and we don’t have that.  We don’t talk, unless it’s work related.  We don’t go out or even stay in and just spend time together watching a ballgame, listening to music or watch old movies.  Nothing, we work and we screw, sometimes we have dinner.”

The evening didn’t improve and ended with Fox leaving and her getting a call from her superiors telling her she needed to correct the situation or she’d be facing the consequences.  In her line, the consequences were dire and rarely did one survive to make another mistake.  Right now her only saving was the alliance she’d struck up with the smoking man.  It was an unpleasant association but a greatly needed one.  With him she traded access for protection.

She’d been chosen because physically she was exactly what Fox Mulder looked for in a romantic partner.  They’d taken great pains to educate her in all things Fox Mulder.  Fox liked classic literature so she became erudite in classic literature.  He was fascinated, no, obsessed with the occult and paranormal so she became an expert.  Psychology, Redskins, Yankees and Knicks: she could fake interest in almost everything he took an interest in. 

They manufactured the standard ‘accidental’ meeting a few weeks after he graduated from Quantico.  It happened at a crowded diner during the lunch rush.  Fox Mulder was alone at a table for two and she asked if he wouldn’t mind if she shared his table.  He was reading some notes, but a few minutes after she sat down, he put his work away and they began to talk and she could attribute it to her scent.  Her mentor gave her a large bottle of some obscure perfume and said it was Fox’s favorite.  She was having problems getting him to notice her so she reached across to take the salt and pepper, making sure her perfumed wrist moved near his nose; Fox Mulder immediately took notice. 

The rest was history as they say.  They traded the usual information and they, well he, couldn’t believe all the similarities and shared interests.  Both worked as Special Agents of the FBI, both had degrees in Psychology and strong interests in the paranormal.  She’d had to stifle her laughter after Fox commented it was like they were designed for each other – well, at least he was half right, one of them was.

The early days of the assignment was easy, her mind was on the role playing and she was amply compensated by Fox’s libido.  But as time moved on she had a harder time keeping up the fašade.  Maybe she’d gotten complacent; maybe she’d started resenting that she had to hide her true interests?  Actually both were true but she hadn’t realized she’d let things slip as much as they had until Fox confronted her and ended their personal relationship.

Diana had been called on the carpet that same night; she needed to fix things and fix them fast.  The past two weeks she’d initiated a subtle but aggressive campaign and she’d had every reason to believe that during this new case Fox would succumb.  That is until she noticed that another agent was going with them.  It was a Pathologist from Quantico, a Dr. D. Scully.  But then again, Fox and she worked so closely that they might freeze the good doctor out and things just might work out as originally planned.

The ding announcing the arrival of the elevator brought her back from her thoughts.  Fox walked in and greeted her then they went to Skinner’s office for their final briefing.



Mulder and Diana waited for AD Skinner to finish his call.  “Yes, I understand… No, Dr. Scully, that is more important than attending this meeting.  Agent Mulder can update you on the plane; just meet them in the airport waiting area…… Yes I’m looking forward to meeting you also.  Goodbye.”  Diana silently cursed the missing doctor because now instead of delicately seducing Fox during the flight, she’d be forced to sit alone while Fox filled this Scully in on the latest developments.

The AD turned to the agents, “as you heard, Dr. Scully cannot attend this meeting.  She’s been detained but I’m sure you can relay any pertinent information, Agent Mulder.”  Diana was only half listening but her mind snapped to attention when she heard Skinner refer to Dr. Scully in the feminine.  This is not good, she thought, not good at all.  The rest of the meeting was a mystery to her, since her mind raced and didn’t allow her to actually listen.



Diana and Mulder sat in the waiting area for flight 1226 to California.  She pretended to be reading a fashion magazine but all the while she watched her partner.  Mulder spent his time on one of his favorite hobbies, people watching.  They had been there about ten minutes when a petite, redhead walked over. 

“Excuse me; are you Agents Mulder and Fowley?” 

Diana took in the woman who had to be Dr. Scully and almost laughed.  She had nothing to fear from this creature; Fox Mulder would never find her attractive.  God, she was so small he might not even see her.  The tension drained from her with the fierceness of a tidal wave.

Mulder stood and extended his hand.  “I’m Fox Mulder and this is Diana Fowley.  You must be Dr. Dana Scully.  I’ve read some of your findings and I have to tell you, I’m impressed.”

Scully took Mulder’s proffered hand and looked up and smiled and Diana Fowley’s heart sank.  Dana Scully was a lovely woman and Fox Mulder was definitely interested.  It was as if they were alone in the crowded airport.  Diana interrupted, “nice to meet you, Dr. Scully,” and the woman graciously returned the sentiment but within a moment Mulder and Scully were once again only tuned into each other.

Mulder and Scully were busily reviewing the case and Diana was surreptitiously watching them over her magazine. 

“Dana!”  A woman’s voice yelled and Scully jumped up.  She’d just gotten to her feet when a very young woman hurled herself into Dana Scully’s arms.  “I can’t do it; I can’t go back to my apartment.”

“Shh, shh, you don’t have to.  Take my key and stay at my place.  When I get back I’ll take you apartment hunting; check the listings while I’m gone.  And call me anytime.  If I don’t answer leave a message and I’ll call when I can.  You can always call my Mom too.”

The young woman’s sobs subsided and when she pulled back she smiled at Scully.  “Dana, I’m sorry to be…..”

“Don’t, you have nothing to apologize for.  Now, go get the things you need and move them to my place.”  She pointed and the woman giggled shyly and left.  Scully watched her go and then sat back down.  Without looking at her companions, she explained, “Stella was assaulted in her home by three men.  She attends my Mom’s church and she introduced us.  Mom thought it would be easier for Stella to talk to me.”  She turned and looked at them.  “That’s what I was doing this morning when I should have been at the meeting.  The police caught two of the suspects and Stella had to identify them in line-ups.  She couldn’t face it alone.”

“That was kind of you.”  Diana saw the admiration in Fox’s face and her heart sank again.

“I would have cancelled from the trip if she needed me to.  Oh, that reminds me.”  She pulled out her phone, “Mom, Stella’s moving to my place while I’m gone.  Would you and Ahab….. yeah, thanks.  Well, the fridge is a little empty; I let it go since I was going away.  Love you and give my love to Dad.”

Diana watched Mulder as he tried not to gaze at the little intruder.  One would think she was imparting the answers to all the mysteries of the world instead dictating a shopping list.  ‘This could be a problem,’ Diana thought idly.



From her vantage point of the seat across the aisle Diana watched the interaction between her partner and the ‘brilliant redhead’, as Fox described her.  She had to give credit where it was due and Dana Scully was brilliant, she was surely a match for Fox Mulder in intelligence.  They were intellect and insight; it was a heady combination and for the first time Diana Fowley began to seriously worry. 

She watched with apprehension as Fox couldn’t seem to keep his hands off Dr. Scully.  Little touches, his fingers brushed hers when they turned a page or pointed to something in the report.  At one point, Diana’s jaw almost dropped when he brushed a wayward hair behind her ear.

For her part, Dana Scully didn’t seem to have a problem with Fox’s ministrations.  She seemed a little unnerved at first but soon she just seemed to accept them without question.

There was something more that bothered Diana, something in the way Fox was acting.  Oh, she was bothered by his attentions to Dr. Scully but that wasn’t what caused her unease.  There was something in his attitude but she couldn’t put her finger on it, yet. 



They landed, gathered their luggage and checked in at the car rental desk.  They exited the bus at their car and stowed their bags, then Fox Mulder did something he’d never once done during their partnership.  Dana Scully climbed into the back seat, leaving the front for the partners.  Diana turned when Fox addressed her.  “Diana, I’m a bit tired,” he tossed her the keys, “would you mind driving?”  She stared at him as he climbed into the back seat next to Scully.  By the time Diana got seated Fox had taken Dr. Scully’s laptop and put it in the front passenger seat and the ‘couple’ was once again engrossed in deep conversation.  Diana’s stomach lurched with deep rooted anxiety. 

Diana pulled into the motel’s parking lot and before she could turn off the engine, Mulder was out of the car heading toward the office to check them in.  He returned a few minutes later and directed her to their rooms.  The trio exited the car and headed for their rooms.  Surprisingly, Mulder had gotten three, not two as both of the women had expected. 

They reached Dana Scully’s room first then Mulder’s and last Diana’s.  Diana entered her room and the first thing she noticed was the connecting door was on the wrong wall, the one away from Mulder’s room.  It didn’t take her long to realize he’d given the room that connected with his to the redheaded doctor.  It was then she understood what was bothering her; it was clear that Dr. Scully didn’t know them but Fox knew the good doctor.  Things were beginning to fall into place. 



Diana took a moment and straightened her clothes then went to confront Fox.  She knocked but it was unheeded, so she moved to Dana Scully’s room and tried there.  The door opened seconds after her knock and Dr. Scully welcomed Diana warmly.  Fox was sitting at the table and Diana caught the look of guilt that flickered across her partner’s face.

“I was just going to have Mulder call you, Agent Fowley; we were looking for places to eat.  Do you have any preference?”  Diana smiled at the younger woman.  She didn’t have anything against her and, from her little knowledge of the good doctor, she found her pleasant and she rather liked her.  It was Fox she was vexed with.

“Fox knows all my preferences,” she paused for the implication to sink in before adding, “for food.”  Diana tried to see if she’d unnerved the woman but saw nothing; Fox, on the other hand gave her a venomous gaze.



The trio returned to the motel after dinner and Diana wished Dana Scully a good night then told Fox she needed to speak with him before he turned in.  She let them into her room but Mulder showed no sign of sitting; instead he seemed anxious to leave.  She was not about to make this easy on him.  “Fox, sit down.”  He moved to the table and took a seat.  “So, Fox, tell me.”

“Tell you what?”  He asked affecting his most innocent demeanor.

“When did you first run into Dr. Dana Scully, no, wait, let me tell you.  It was about three or four weeks ago, not too far before you decided to end our non working relationship.  Am I right?”

“I hadn’t spoken to her until the airport but you’re right I saw her before.  You went to that conference in Philly and I decided to complete some of my mandatory annual education.  I decided so late that I didn’t have too many options, so Kim got me into ‘the Psychology of Forensics’ and Dana Scully was the lecturer.”

“I take it she impressed you on several levels.  She’s not exactly your type, now is she, Fox?”  Diana regretted the sarcasm that seeped into her voice.

“Diana, if this is some jealous snit just quit it.  Dr. Scully is very qualified and she’s highly regarded by her peers.  She really had nothing to do with my breaking off our relationship.”

“Oh really,” Diana snarled.  “So, explain why she’s here.”

“I had her checked out and found out that she was interested in field work but her superior has been holding her back because she’s the best they have.  I talked to Skinner and he said he’d see what he could do.  The first I knew that she would be working with us was at that meeting.”

“And I’m supposed to believe you had nothing to do with it?”

“To be honest, Diana, I don’t care what you believe.  Our relationship ran its course and if you were honest, it had been only sexual for a long time and even that had gotten pretty perfunctory.” 

Diana watched as Mulder rose and he left her sitting there stunned.  No sooner had the door latched when her cell rang; it was her other alliance, the much less enjoyable one.

His smoke ravaged voice made her cringe, “for once I must agree with our rash young friend, Diana.  I do believe you’ve overstayed your usefulness in all ways.”  She didn’t miss his implication.  “Your transfer papers are waiting for you on your return.”

She was desperate, “I’ll get him back, give me until the end of this case and I can guarantee Fox Mulder will be begging to return as my lover.”  Diana knew only too well what happened when this organization no longer needed you.

“Even if that were true, what you fail to understand is ‘I’ have no further use for you, we have established other lines of access that are less, bothersome.  You are being recalled to DC tonight.  You have a reservation on flight 0521 leaving at ten-twenty.”   Before he hung up he added with all maliciousness, “I wonder how the good Dr. Scully is going to like the new assignment waiting for her in DC?”

Diana Fowley stared at the now silent phone and knew her destiny was set.  She gathered her things and called a cab.  She then wrote a note to leave at the desk for Fox.  She was walking by Dana Scully’s room and heard the voices of a man and woman and she paused to listen.  There was an intense argument going on but she heard no anger in their tones.  Suddenly Fox broke out laughing, “Scully, I haven’t had this much fun in a long time.” 

“You think fighting about a case is fun?”  Diana heard the humor mixed with incredulity in Dr. Scully’s voice.

“It’s a whole lot better than having someone agree with everything you say no matter how farcical it is, believe me I know.”

Diana now understood where she’d failed.  She changed her mind and slipped the note under his door just as her cab arrived.

Diana sat in the waiting area for her plane.  She willed her cell to ring, for Fox to call her, but it remained deadly silent.



Fox Mulder found Diana’s note as he stepped out his door in the morning.  Outside his door lay the local newspaper and the headline read ‘Flight 0521 Explodes Midair – No Survivors’.  Mulder looked around and saw that no other door had a newspaper.