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Title: Dreamscapes

Author: Sara B.



Rating: Good for all

Category: Angst, Character death (twice)

Spoilers: Sleepless, Amor Fati: The Sixth Extinction

Summary:  Dreams and Nightmares do come true.  Who and how Diana Fowley was killed.

Feedback:  Pretty please!

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Disclaimer:  The recognized characters are used Without Prejudice and are the property of C. Carter, Fox and the wonderful actors who breathed life into written words, most notably G. Anderson and D. Duchovny who were able to make us believe in the improbable.  No Infringements of these copyrights are intended, and are used here without permission.  The story and before unknown characters belongs to me.

Gratitude: To Kim Knight, you are the best, thank you.  To my Dennis, enough said.  To CC and Company, who created the X-Files.  Lastly, but my no means least, to the readers, you make this hobby of mine have meaning.




Sara B. 01/07


Dana Scully felt herself being roughly tossed onto a hard chair.  Her hands and feet were bound and her head was covered with a cloth bag of some sort and a gag was in her mouth. 

She’d been asleep in her own bed when the attackers overtook her.  She’d listened carefully and made mental notes during the transportation.  There were at least two and most probably three assailants.  Once they had her subdued, one of them slung her over his shoulder and they took her down the stairway and into a waiting van.  She’d tried to remain alert and by the time they arrived at the destination she knew they’d crossed two bridges, passed four churches, crossed some rail tracks and drove by a small airfield.

Someone pulled the gag from her mouth and forced a water bottle to her. It made her sick at how grateful she was the small consideration.  When she finished drinking, the gag was reinserted.

Scully smelled damp earth and felt a dirt floor beneath her unshod feet.  She could hear people walking around but no one said anything.  A few times she heard a woman giggle and she detected a perfumed scent that was familiar to her.

A door opened and a few moments later she heard someone else tossed on a chair very near her left side.  Some long moments passed when she smelled someone standing next to her and suddenly the bag was removed from her head.

The abrupt brightness of the room caused her eyes to water and she had to squint until they adjusted.  She turned to see who’d been brought in next to her and saw Mulder was sitting in the seat next to her and on his other side was Diana Fowley.  Mulder’s head moved side to side to see both women but when he stopped he was facing Fowley, and Scully, once again, felt abandoned by the man she called partner.  Scully realized she hadn’t heard them bring Diana Fowley in but then maybe Fowley had been the first to arrive.  But then she looked at the other occupants of the room and saw no other women besides Fowley and herself.  Still, that didn’t mean the woman she smelled and heard earlier hadn’t left without her hearing the door or she may have left when they brought Mulder in.  It might not have been Fowley but the knot in her stomach led her to believe it was.

Scully took a moment to examine her fellow prisoners.  While she was wearing her pale blue pajamas and she was barefoot, Mulder was wearing jeans, tee-shirt and boots and Fowley had on a long black negligee with only lace covering her breasts.  No wonder Mulder kept looking at her.  Scully mentally pictured him offering her a dollar to go away like Bill used to do when he was trying to make time with Delia Winters when they were stationed in Italy. 

Suddenly, Mulder seemed to realize Scully was there and turned toward her but she turned her face toward the front.  She could see out of the side that his eyes begged for forgiveness.  Scully huffed, or the best she could do considering the circumstances.  Surely Mulder realized that her disdain was the least of their problems at that moment. 

The door opened and, led by a cloud of smoke, CGB Spender walked in, followed by Alex Krycek and a bald man who looked like a Neo Nazi.  Scully took note of the man’s tattoos and ventured that many were from prison ‘artists’.

“Agents,” Spender addressed the trio, “this is not the lucky day for one of you.”  He stubbed out one cigarette and lit another.  “Agent Mulder, you get to choose; Agent Scully or Agent Fowley.”

Scully got agitated and fought against her bindings.  Spender motioned to the man standing next to her and her gag was removed.  “You seem to want to say something, Agent Scully.”

“He does not get to chose, I do.  Let them go and keep me,” Scully said defiantly.  Mulder started to thrash but Spender ignored him.

“This is unexpected, please explain.”

“I’ll tell but it isn’t for you I’m doing it; this is for Mulder.”  Mulder’s eyes were riveted on her profile because she refused to look at him.  “I’ve lost dearly for my work on the X-Files, for my work with Agent Mulder.  I have little left to give except my life.  What has not been taken from me by you, Spender, was thrown away by Agent Mulder.  Recently I’ve discovered from his actions that he does not respect me or trust me.  He chooses to believe lies over truths because of his own personal interests.   My respect and feelings for him have been destroyed by his own actions and that,” her voice gave way and she choked slightly.  Scully cleared her throat and finished, “That is a loss I do not want to live with.”  She tossed her head back defiantly, “I do ask that my family is given my body so they will not forever wonder what happened to me.”

Spender’s eyes softened as he listened to her and everyone in the room felt an admiration for the diminutive woman.  Spender moved toward her and ran a finger down her cheek.  “If only you were my ally and not my enemy.  You are so far superior to the woman who claims allegiance to me.  Right, Diana?”

Mulder twisted to see Diana’s face at Spender’s accusation.  He saw her look of arrogance change to horror and Mulder finally knew that Scully had been right about her all along.

Spender walked back to his chair and his head hung slightly.  One would almost think he regretted his next words, “take her but be careful with her.”  Two goons grabbed Scully and one moved to throw her over his shoulder.

“No!  If you remove my leg bindings I will walk.  I give my word I will not cause any problems.”

“Release the bindings and remove Agent Mulder’s gag.  Do you have anything you would like to say to her, Fox?”

“There is nothing I’d want to hear from him,” Scully said coldly.

“Scully,” Mulder called to her but she didn’t pay him heed. “Scully, this, we can’t end like this.”

This time she turned.  “This is not the end.  We ended when you followed the lies of a cheap whore and didn’t believe me or in me.  Mulder, this is just the end of my body, you killed my soul in a dirty warehouse in front of three friends when you refused to see the facts.  Goodbye, Fox Mulder, may you live in the hell you’ve created for a long painful time.”  She turned back to Spender, “I’m ready.”

“So be it.”  Spender motioned for the guards to lead her out.  He did not hide his admiration and respect.

“SCULLEEEEE!” Mulder screamed until he was gagged again.

“What a fool you’ve been, Agent Mulder.  Agent Scully gave you all the facts but you ignored her and placed your belief in the viper.”  He took a long drag on his cigarette before continuing.  “Do you want to know when Diana became one of us?  No?  I’m going to tell you any way.  She came to us, not the other way around.  She came and told us about you and how she could seduce you into submission and get you to abandon your quest.  Do you know why she betrayed you?  Money, pure greed.  Our Diana here is a wealthy woman and she has you to thank.”

Mulder looked over to Diana and he could see by the look in her eyes it was true.  A young uniformed guard came into the room and spoke quietly to Spender.  “Good, good, they’re all set up and ready for us.  Mulder and Diana’s chairs were turned and they faced a curtained wall.  “Open it!”  Spender shouted.

The curtain parted and revealed Scully affixed to a cross.  Her back was to them and her pajama top was ripped up the back.  A man with a hood over his head approached holding a cat-o-nine-tails in his hand.  He was twirling it around then branded her flesh with it.  He repeated until her back was crossed with numerous bloodied lines. 

A door opened and five men walked in with rifles.  They lined up and took aim.  Spender motioned for the curtain to be closed.  “Bravery such as hers deserves to be respected.  You, Fox, do not deserve to witness this.”

Someone began to yell commands, “ready, aim, fire.”  The room reverberated with rifle fire.  Mulder slowly opened his eyes.  He was facing Diana, her head hung in an unnatural position and he saw red dripping down her bosom. 

He looked to Spender and saw the curtain was open and Scully was being led out of the room.  She was beaten but still alive.

“I said it was an unlucky day for ‘one’ of you, did I not, Fox?”


Diana Fowley jolted up from her bed gasping.  Her body was covered in sweat and her breathing was labored.  She threw her head back and released nervous laughter.  ‘A dream,’ she thought, ‘a damned nightmare.’  She tossed the covers back and rose. 

Diana poured herself a glass of water and returned to her bedroom.  As she crossed the threshold, the smell hit her first then she saw the light from a lit cigarette.  An all too familiar figure moved into the pale moonlight filtering through the window.  

“Hello, Diana,” his smoke ravaged voice was filled with an eerie glee that made her blood run cold.

“Sir, I swear, I did not help Scully to find Fox.”

“Oh, I know that, Diana, do not trouble yourself on that matter.  I arranged for the keycard to be delivered to Agent Scully.  Now, Diana, you look a little cold, why don’t you get back into bed and cover up.  We wouldn’t want you catching a chill.”

Diana moved to the bed and covered herself.  “You looked quite startled when you woke, a bad dream perhaps?”

“It was a nightmare, sir,” she began to relax and she leaned back into the pillows.

“I figured, you seemed so relieved when you finally woke.  It must have been bad one.”

She only nodded and he continued, “yes, to see yourself shot in cold blood must have been a shock to your system.”

“It really…” she looked at him in horror.  She hadn’t told him her dream, yet he knew.

“Did you really think it was only Fox Mulder’s dreams that I could manipulate?”  The man’s grin showed his evilness.  “Foolish of you.”

Suddenly Diana Fowley’s mind filled with graphic scenes of horror.  She tried to scream but her throat had closed up and no sounds came out.  She tore at her neck and left gouges in her skin.  She was terrified and nothing she did gave her any relief.  The pain she saw in her mind manifested on her body.  Stab wounds, gun shots, strangulation and more she felt as it they were being inflicted on her.

Somewhere she heard his voice say, “goodbye, Diana, pleasant dreams.”  His malevolent laughter filled the air; it was the last thing she ever heard.


The next morning an anonymous call was placed to the DC 911 center to report a dead body in the Watergate apartment of Special Agent Diana Fowley of the FBI.  Later a trace of the call revealed it was placed from a prepaid cell phone and untraceable.


Dana Scully waited for Mulder to open his door.  He stood there with his tie hanging, his shirt half buttoned and a Yankees baseball cap to cover his bandaged head.  She wanted to flee but she couldn’t, she had to tell him about Diana Fowley…