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A Marriage Of Convenience

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Title: A Marriage of Convenience

Author:  Sara B.

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Keywords: Alternate Reality Alternate Time Frame      

Category: Mulder/Diana (Implied past relationship) MSR

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Summary: It is the dawn of the twentieth century.  Fox Mulder is the disgraced and banished son of William Mulder a captain of industry and his socialite wife Teena.  Dana Scully is the intelligent and opinionated spinster daughter of Captain William Scully, the owner of a large shipping business which has fallen on some financial difficulties, and his charming wife Margaret.  William Mulder offers to insure the solvency of Captain Scully’s business but at the cost of a precious commodity.

Disclaimer:  The recognized characters in this story belong to C. Carter and Co., Fox and the wonderful actors who breathed life into written words, most notably G. Anderson and D. Duchovny who were able to make us believe in the improbable.  The story belongs to me.

Gratitude: To Kim Knight, my Beta Bud.  Thank you girl.  Dennis for just being my Dennis.  To C. C. and Company, who created the X-Files.  Lastly to the readers who, I hope, will enjoy this so much they will be compelled to send me feedback that will feed my pitiful ego.  Ok, how about you just write and tell me if you read these introductions?

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Author’s Notes: I have no idea why this story came to be, it just happened.  I only hope it makes sense.  The love scene was written with my proverbial hands over my eyes so who knows what came of it.  Don’t misunderstand I am no prude but I never thought I could write a love scene (maybe I didn’t).

May 12, 1904

Dallas Texas.


Dana Scully disembarked the railway car with the aid of Mr. Skinner.  Mr. Walter Skinner was Mr. William Mulder’s agent.  She suspected he was here not only to accompany her but to act as a mediator between father and son.


They were finally here.  The trip, though long, had been comfortable in Mr. Mulder’s two private railway cars complete with servant and chef.  The long days had given her time to understand and accept what was inevitable.  She was on the way to be married to a man whom she had not met nor even corresponded with.  Assuming she met with his approval.


Everything she knew about Mr. Fox William Mulder had come from third parties.  She’d not even been given a picture of the man.  Such is the fate of an over educated twenty-five years old spinster from a well to do family who’d had some bad luck.


Her father was William Scully formerly of the United States Navy, Captain Retired and the owner of Scully and Sons Shipping out of Chesapeake and Boston.  The firm was floundering a bit due to two over active hurricane seasons where three ships and all the hands had been lost.  Insurance had paid but Captain Scully insisted on taking the burden of the families of the men who’d been lost.  Where once he could afford to indulge the whims of his youngest daughter he now needed to focus on the best course of action for survival.  Who had ever heard of a woman doctor anyhow?


Enter William Mulder.  The Mulder’s were a well established wealthy family from Massachusetts with holdings in oil, railroad, cattle, sugar, mining (gold, silver and coal) and shipping, to name only a few.  Mr. Mulder learned of the difficulties Scully and Sons was experiencing and offered a solution, a merger he’d called it.  Dana had not been present for the conversation between the two fathers but Melissa, her ‘well married’ an older sister, had.  Mr. Mulder’s son, who’d been sent away to Texas several years earlier, needed a wife.  Melissa told her that Mr. Mulder would guarantee Scully and Sons if Dana and Fox married.  Or, in the event that Fox rejected her and his agent determined she’d made a proper effort he would lend the company the money needed.


Before the papers were signed, Mr. Mulder insisted that she be examined by his physician.  She’d been poked, prodded and submitted to untold indignities.  The examination was not only to determine her health and determine her ability to produce offspring but to ensure she was a maiden.  Apparently she’d been determined to be healthy and as far as the other was concerned, she’d never even been kissed let alone ‘touched.’


Dana had been bartered, as you would be a piece of property, chattel.  Her father had presented it to her as ‘her choice.’  But she understood there really wasn’t a choice.  Yes, she understood and accepted but that didn’t mean she liked the arrangement.  She didn’t blame her father.  He really had no options.  If she’d declined, the family may have lost Scully and Sons.  Even if the business survived, Mr. Mulder could have him blacklisted and he’d lose the business anyway.


Truth being what it was she felt sorry for young Mr. Mulder.  Sorry that this hadn’t transpired while her elder sister was still eligible, for Melissa was a renowned beauty and she was a master at all the womanly arts.  In short she was everything Dana was not.  Fox Mulder would have to settle for the much inferior copy.


Missy had married well and moved in the same society as the Mulder’s.  She’d been able to introduce herself to the Mulder’s other child, a daughter, Samantha Kingman.  Through this contact Dana now knew that the reason Fox Mulder had been sent away was to avoid a scandal.  Mr. Mulder discovered that his son had formed an attachment to the wife of Mr. Carl Spender, a man even more powerful than William Mulder.


Diana Spender was Carl Spenders’ second wife and was twenty years younger than he.  She had been known to ‘attach’ herself to many of the younger affluent men.  There had even been whispers that she had seduced her own step son, Jeffrey Spender.  With her reputation William Mulder had been tempted to let the flirtation burn out on its own but Spender was a feared business associate who could ruin businesses with only a few words before his morning coffee.  He hadn’t blamed his son, Fox, but he had to do what was best for all concerned.


Missy also found out that Fox Mulder was known to be highly intelligent and well read.  He’d been sent to England to study and graduated with honors.  According to his sister, his temperament was moderate and those in his acquaintance could only recall a few examples of him displaying temper.  It was through his innovations that the ranch, The Bar Triple X, went from merely surviving to being one of the most successful in Texas.  He was also behind bringing in the geologists who discovered oil on the property. 


By all accounts young Mr. Mulder was still infatuated with Diana Spender.  He’d resisted all measure of inducements to marry any of the local eligible Texan socialites.  Which is why his parents pursued such a desperate undertaking by approaching the Scully’s.  It was also why Mr. Skinner had been sent along to persuade young Mr. Mulder to accept this final offering or be prepared to be disowned. 




It all started a mere two months earlier with Mr. Mulder’s proposition.  This was the culmination, standing next to the towering and imposing Mr. Skinner waiting for her future to be determined.  During those two months she’d been questioned, insulted and examined.  Every part of her personal life had been investigated.  She could still recall the sting of Mr. and Mrs. Mulder rejoicing when their investigator reported that ‘Miss, excuse me, ‘Dr.’ Scully does not have any, shall we say, attachments.’  Like there could be another result.


Through it all she remained stoic yet positive.  Her sister held her after the humiliating physical examination.  Her mother and father had been so upset they rarely looked at her.  They feared she hated them, as if she could.


Now the time approached.  She’d endured it all and this long and lonely train trip with only the stoic Mr. Skinner for company.  Still, her fate remained uncertain.  Mr. Fox Mulder may take one look at her and send her away.  Why wouldn’t he?  She was small with freckles and red hair that couldn’t be tamed and to top it off, she was smart.  Extremely smart when it came to books and logic, she had never been bested in any of her studies.  But she was also stupid.  Yes, where men were concerned Dana Scully was as dumb as they came.  She’d lost many a beau because she wouldn’t or couldn’t submit to their supposed superiority.  Dana could speak on any number of subjects and, unfortunately, she seemed unable to not talk about them.  She’d even been known to discuss politics.     


She also didn’t seem be able to master any of the ‘feminine arts.’  The ability to flirt was not in her make up.  She couldn’t laugh unless something was funny and she could never tell the little lies that boosted a man’s ego.  No Dana Scully was doomed because she was honest to a fault and forthright.  She had long ago decided she would live a solitary life.  She once thought she may take to the order but decided her countenance was not compatible for a ‘Bride of Christ.’  She decided to be a maverick and talked her father into allowing her an education, one not open to women, she would be one of the first.  She fought every step but she’d earned a medical degree, number one of her class.  Several of her professors told her that she had changed their minds about women in medicine.  She knew she’d never be allowed to practice, no hospital would accept her for an internship but she thought she could establish a laboratory, do research and write articles and books on her findings. 


A tall, thin young man wearing overalls and a large ‘cowboy’ hat approached the duo and tipped his Stetson toward her.  “Mr. Skinner, sir, I’m Dub, Mr. Mulder sent me to fetch you to the ranch.  He sends his apologies for not meeting you his self but sumtin come up.”  His drawl was charming but he stared at Dana and unnerved her, as if he was sizing her up.  “Let me take your bags.  He said to tell you he’d send Tucker to pick up the trunks tomorrow.”


Dana heard the unspoken.  It had not been decided if there would be reason to have her trunks taken to the ranch. 


The chaise was first quality and had all the equipment for comfort but these Texan roads would not be mastered.  Only her extreme efforts kept her seated, and even then Mr. Skinner had to tug her arm to keep her from landing on the floor boards, twice.


Some while later they arrived at the ranch.  The house came into view and she was impressed by its size and grandeur, this is not what she expected from a Texas ranch house.  Standing in front she had the impression of being watched.  She may not see him but she was sure he was watching her.  She looked up and saw a curtain flutter.




Fox Mulder stood in his bedroom at the window watching for the carriage that would bring his parents latest attempt to ensure the Mulder name did not die with him.  He didn’t know much about this woman, only what Samantha had written.  Her name was Dana Scully and she was 25, never married, never engaged.  Her father’s business was in trouble and his father would bail it out if they sacrificed their daughter on the altar of Mulder.  She was supposed to be intelligent and well spoken.  Samantha had recently been in contact with the woman’s sister.  From this allegiance she discovered that Dana Scully had been given a University education.  Not one of those women’s colleges but Harvard.  Her father must be a very forward thinking man and she must be a formidable woman.  Which, no doubt, explained her spinsterhood.  She was probably a large specimen.  


Samantha also made mention of Diana Spender.  She took great pains to tell him how she was now being escorted by Michael Berringer after leaving Paul Knightly.  He knew that everyone still thought he was in love with Diana and he saw no reason to correct them.  The truth was that she had been the first woman he’d slept with.  He was young and thought that if she went to bed with him it had to be love.  He was not that naive anymore.  He’d discovered that Diana had a long line of former lovers and broke it off with her before his father’s ultimatum.


He was not overly ‘experienced’ but he had sampled a few of the local ladies.  There was also that British woman, Phoebe Greene, who was passing through on her way to Juarez.  She taught him things that he doubted that any of the strumpets at Hooley’s Saloon even knew about.  She’d done things with her mouth that still stirred him just remembering.  All of it taught him that sex was just sex, it felt good, relieved tensions but it wasn’t love. 


Samantha wrote that their father made Miss Scully submit to a thorough medical examination and that she was a virgin.  Hell, they had thought of everything.  


Overall it wasn’t Miss Scully that really interested him.  He was bored and wanted something to distract his mind.  The locals were nice enough but mentally they were less than stimulating.  He knew that Walter Skinner was accompanying the young woman.  He and Walter had always been friends.  Walter, fifteen years his senior, was intelligent and articulate.  For a short while Fox would have someone around who could stimulate his much neglected intellect.


The carriage came into view, stopping in front of the portico.  He’d instructed Dub to stop the carriage far enough away for him to see Miss Scully as she alighted the conveyance.  Walter stepped out and held his hand to aid the other occupant.  A gloved hand took Walter’s, followed by a beige hat and suit.  He couldn’t see her face or even her hair.  Walter dwarfed her as she stood next to him.  God, she must be tiny.  Suddenly she looked up and he backed away slightly.  He saw a slight smile creep on her porcelain face and even from here he saw she had the deepest blue eyes he’d ever seen.  She was beautiful.  This was a ‘mail order bride?’  He couldn’t imagine why she’d never married.


Mulder reached the landing between the two floors and watched as one of the housemaids, Maria, helped Miss Scully with her things.  She must have sensed him because she looked at him and he felt as if she were sizing him up.  He proceeded down the stairs.


“Fox!  You are looking well.”  The two friends embraced before turning toward Dana.  “Fox Mulder let me introduce you to Dana Scully.”  His impression from the window had been favorable but now, close up he was flummoxed.  She was beautiful and she had a head of glorious red hair that curled slightly.  Her mouth alone deserved sonnets written about it and those eyes!


Dana held out her hand to Mulder and he took it in a limp half-hearted manner. “It is a pleasure to meet you Mr. Mulder.”  Her voice was a sweet alto that danced over his ears.


“Likewise Miss Scully I assure you.  You’ve had a long journey.   I’ve arranged for your room readied and a bath to be drawn for you.  Maria will show you to your room.”  He looked around then back to her. “You didn’t bring a maid?”


“No Mr. Mulder.”  She was slightly embarrassed.  He came from a background where every woman had a ‘Ladies Maid.’  Her family had always been ‘comfortable’ but the women did for themselves except on special occasions and then they made do with a ‘Parlor Maid.’   He saw the look on her face and realized his mistake.  “I’ve always pretty much done for myself.”


“Very admirable Miss Scully.  If you’d like Maria can assist you.”


“If she doesn’t mind I would appreciate it.”  Mulder almost laughed.  Maria was a servant she couldn’t mind, but it touched him that this woman cared about how a servant might feel.  In perfect Spanish she asked “would that be all right with you Maria?”  The young woman just nodded at Dana not really understanding why she was being asked.




Walter and Mulder sat in the study with a couple of Whiskeys.  “She’s not what you expected is she Mulder?”


“Not at all.  What’s her story?”


Before Walter could answer there was a huge commotion in the entrance hall.  One of the workers, Raul, was carried in by three others.  They put the wounded man in one of the side chairs; he was holding his left arm.


Dana came running down, her hat and coat missing and her hair, having been released from its bindings, flowed freely down her back.  Mulder was speechless.  She ran to the injured man and checked his arm. 


Walter and Fox stood to the side.  “Unless I’m mistaken, you are about to see her story demonstrated.”  Fox looked from this slip of a woman to his friend.


“Get on the floor.”  The man just sat there not understanding why this woman was ordering him around.  “I said get on the floor.  Lie flat on your back.”  He looked to Mulder who nodded then he did as she instructed.


Dana removed her shoes and put her socked feet in the juncture of the man’s arm and torso.  Then she started some rotation movements with his arm mumbling to herself.  A few moments later an audible pop was heard as the arm moved back into the socket.  “Now keep it in a sling for at least a week, then have it checked.  I suggest two glasses of whiskey before bed.”  This earned her a huge smile from the man.


The hallway emptied and only Mulder, Walter and Dana remained.  “You’re a doctor?”  He couldn’t hide the awe from his voice.


“Harvard, graduated last spring.  Never worked on anyone before, at least no one that was alive.”  She turned to face him.   “They wouldn’t let me do a residency in the hospitals” she explained.  They were standing a mere two inches from each other.  The height differences were even more pronounced since she was without shoes and Mulder found himself hovering over her.  Suddenly she became shy.  “I had better get to that, ah, better get back” and she was up the stairs.  Mulder watched her every move.


“She really is something Fox.  A real find.”  They headed back to the study to resume their discussion.  “I’ve spent a lot of time with her, not to mention this train trip, and I had to keep myself in check.  I’m telling you right now Fox if you send her back I’ll be asking for her hand.”  Mulder was stunned, Walter Skinner was a widower and had sworn he would never marry again.  


“She really has made an impression on you.”  Mulder responded.


“At first I only spoke with her when I couldn’t avoid it.  After two days I found myself seeking her out to talk.  She has a fine mind, equal to yours Fox.”


In her room Dana was mentally yelling at herself.  I’m not here an hour and I blew it.  I might as well not even bother having my case unpacked.  Mr. Mulder will have me back at the station tonight. 


Maria insisted she take the bath while she lay out her evening clothes, Dana’s one decent dress that she had with her.  Everything else was in her trunks that were at the station.  Well no problem she’d be with them shortly.




Dana and Maria did her hair and then she dressed.  When Maria declared her presentable, she descended the stairs.  She reached the bottom step as the two men exited the study.  She took Fox’s breath away.  Her dress was a pale robin egg blue and her hair was adorned with several matching beaded ornaments that held it in place.  He wanted to rip them out and watch the hair cascade down. 


Dinner started out quiet but then the two old friends started talking about mutual acquaintances and various business items.  Several times she almost joined the conversation but she was able to stop herself in time.  Missy’s admonishments rung in her ears ‘don’t intimidate him Dana; for once keep your mouth shut.’


With the plates cleared, the servant was preparing to serve dessert when Walter excused himself claiming fatigue from the journey.  Mulder and Dana were alone.


“You certainly are a quiet one.”  He tossed at her.


This was it.  She couldn’t sell him a ‘bill of goods’ without him knowing the truth about her.  “Not usually but everyone told me to keep my mouth shut.  It always gets me in trouble.”


Mulder stared at her for a moment then started to laugh.  “Please Miss Scully, Dana talk.  I’m starved for intelligent conversation.”


“Just remember you asked for it.  What would you like to talk about?”



The Grandfather clock in the hall rang out twelve and they both looked startled.  They’d talked for five hours straight.  Every subject he brought up she matched him.  They knocked theories back and forth.  He volleyed.  She parried.


“I’d better be getting to bed.  Poor Maria is probably wondering what happened to me.  Not to mention cursing me because she can’t go to bed until I’m ready.”  They were walking up the stairs side by side.  He escorted her to her door, making a mental note to move her to a room closer to his tomorrow.  Somehow he knew Walter would not get his opportunity to marry this woman.  He took her hand and kissed her fingers.




The odd couple spent the next three weeks getting to know each other.  Mulder was fascinated with this woman.  Dana Scully was an alluring mixture of confidence and insecurity.  She was beautiful yet she didn’t seem to realize it.  She was quick witted and quick minded.  The first night she’d been reticent about voicing her opinions but once he’d convinced her he wanted to hear her views she no longer held back.  He soaked up everything she said like a sponge.  Her stories of her fight to be allowed to study medicine incensed him.  She argued that men could never empathize with ‘female’ ailments and that they tended to assume all women were subject to hysterics.   


He told her of his experiences at Oxford and his innovations that he’d instituted on the ranch.  Mulder surprised himself with his need to impress her.  She was his for the taking yet he wanted woo her. 


He’d sent for her trunks the second day and had them placed in the room next to his.  If she questioned the change of location she made no mention of it to him.  The room was connected to his with a sitting room separating them.  It had been designed as a suite for the couple who would one day live there.  It looked like the rooms would be used for their intended purpose.




Three weeks had passed and in three days Walter Skinner would be on the train returning to Boston.  The question remained whether he would be making that journey alone.  He sat in the study going over all of his arguments as to why Fox should marry this woman.  The only real argument he had was that if Fox didn’t marry soon his father was disinheriting him and removing all support.  That really wasn’t much of a threat since Fox had a large inheritance from his maternal Grandmother, but you worked with what you had.  


Mulder walked in and watched his friend for a moment.  He knew Walter was preparing for a massive assault.  Little did his friend know his sales pitch would not be needed.  Fox Mulder had already decided.  He wanted Dana Scully.


“You can put all that stuff away, it won’t be needed.”  Mulder chucked Walter on the shoulder. “There is nothing you can say to change my mind.”  His exterior looked stern but inwardly he was chuckling at his friend.  “I’m afraid she will never be Dana Skinner.” 


Walter Skinner was generally happy for his young friend but there was also a stab of disappointment.  He’d been joking when he told Fox about his attraction however his friend would never know how close to the truth it had been.


“Have you told her yet?”  Walter asked.


“No I want to do that this morning.  I’ve sent for her to meet me here.”  He handed Walter an envelope.  “I would appreciate it if you would take care of those for me.  I’ve sent telegrams to all the interested parties.”


Walter read the list, “consider them done.  This is good Fox, very good.”




Dana walked into the study to find Fox drinking coffee.  She was more nervous than she’d ever been.  Even more than when she had to face Dean Hubbard and explain why she should be allowed to study medicine.  Fox and she seemed to have a real connection, at least she thought so.  His opinion may be different.  Today she would find out.  He rose and indicated for her to take the seat opposite his.  If his demeanor was any indication she would be packing her trunks and heading back east with Mr. Skinner.


“Dana.”  He started, but stopped to gather his thoughts.  “I don’t know how to say this.”  He looked at her.


“Don’t worry about it, I understand.”  Tears were forming in her eyes that she refused to let fall.  “I’ll go up and start packing.”  She rose and he grabbed her wrist to halt her retreat.


Mulder looked at her with sincere humility.  He’d hurt her.  “Dana no!  I’m so bad at this.  Please sit down.  You will need to pack those bags but not for the reason you think.”  He took a small box out of his pocket and opened it to reveal a lovely sapphire and diamond ring, the band was of an intertwined ivy.  “I had this made for you.  But I want this marriage to be between us and not Dana the dutiful daughter who’s trying to save the family business and Fox the disgraced son of a scion of industry.  If it can’t be that way turn me down, I’ll make sure my father makes good to Scully and Sons.  It has to be just Fox and Dana.”


A choked “yes” was her only response.  She found herself in his arms.  He looked into her eyes and without warning he claimed her mouth with his own.  It felt like nothing he’d ever experienced.  When he released her, he saw her color was high and her eyes cast down.


“Dana I’m sorry I couldn’t stop myself.”  He pleaded.


“No Fox I’m sorry.  It’s just I’ve never kissed anyone other than family before.”  He loosened his grasp but still held her arms.


“You are jesting right?”  Her head shook.  He started towards her again, “if that was your first kiss you are going to kill me once you’ve had a little practice.”  Again he took her mouth.


“Another thing.  We are going back east for the wedding.  Our marriage is going to be a celebration, something to be proud of.  Our families will be there and all the so called important people.  I don’t want this to be the dirty secret wedding between a disgraced son and the daughter of a down on his luck father.”


Dana just stood up and started for the door and Mulder didn’t know what to make of it.  “Come on Fox we have to pack.”  She said holding her hand out to him.  




The trip back had been exciting and anxious.  Fox had not been back east in three long years.  Samantha and her family visited him twice and his parents came out once, more to judge how his innovations were working on the ranch than to see him.  He held no doubts that his parents loved him but the wound caused by his rashness was still raw.  There had been resentment on both sides.


This time when he saw his father there would be more than resentment in the air.  This time Fox wanted to truly thank his father for sending Dana.  He never thought he could ever feel so strongly about a woman after Diana Spender.  The feelings he once held for Diana Spender paled to how he felt toward Dana.  


He’d sent telegrams to his parents and hers.  The one to his sister told her to arrange for a complete wedding wardrobe for Dana.  Walter arranged for their wedding trip.  He wanted to show her Oxford and all the wonderful English and Irish country sides he’d fallen in love with.  The wedding would be in one month and he wanted it to be perfect.  It didn’t matter for himself but no one would pity Dana. 


The trip back was so very different from the one to Texas.  They laughed and exchanged stories and seemingly never ran out of things to discuss.  Walter had never considered himself mentally challenged but he had trouble keeping up with the twosome.  There were times they seemed to have created their own form of communication.  They’d look or touch and they would need no words.  They would finish each others thoughts.  The intimacy between them was enviable.  Walter had loved his Sharon and they had been close but he’d never seen a couple so in tune with one another.  He could only guess what would happen after the marriage.


The train arrived and their families boarded the Mulder private cars.  The duo was separated by loving embraces from family members but their eyes never strayed from the other for more than the few seconds it took to be polite.  Introductions were made and Fox startled Capain Scully by formally asking for Dana’s hand in marriage.  Mrs. Scully and Mrs. Mulder both cried.


The couple was given a moment to say goodbye before their families separated them.  It would be one of the few quiet moments they would have until after their wedding.


Following dinner, Fox sat with his parents and Samantha and her husband.  He told them about Dana.  It was obvious to all how taken he was with the little slip of a woman.


Suddenly his father’s face turned serious.  “Fox, son, I hate to have to bring this up but I have to.  You know that Mr. Spender is an old and valued business associate of mine and it would not be prudent to exclude him from the nuptials.” Fox could see the pain this caused his father.


“It isn’t a problem.  The Spenders will be warmly welcomed.”  He laid his hand on his father’s arm, “there is no need for concern.”  William Mulder saw the truth in his son’s eyes.  Diana Spender held no claim on his son’s heart.   




Two weeks later the Mulders held a ball in honor of Dana Scully and to officially welcome the Scullys.  Fox and Dana stood next to each other in the receiving line flanked by their parents.  All of the ‘Who’s Who’ were in attendance. Many trying to hide their awe of the striking couple, but failing miserably.  Fox tall, handsome and proud, Dana small, classical beauty and a mane of Titian hair. 


Several mothers were heard to query how a woman the likes of Dana Scully had slipped by their eligible young sons.   The first time Fox bent and whispered to Dana, “it only proves what fools they are.”  His words were rewarded with her blush of embarrassment.  He stood a little taller each successive time.   


Dana and Fox exchanged pleasantries with the throng but by mutual unspoken agreement kept the details of their meeting unspoken. It was only known that Dana had made a visit to Texas.  If anyone knew the true nature of her visit they kept it to themselves.  They were chatting with Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Lighthem when they heard the announced arrival of “Mr. and Mrs. Carl Spender, Mr. Jeffrey Spender and Mr. Alex Krycek.”  They looked up in unison.  Diana was still beautiful but her face had hardened since Fox had last seen her.  She still held herself in that haughty way that telegraphed her disdain to everyone for everyone.  The way he once found irresistible until he realized that was all she was.  Diana had no depth and she had no feelings beyond her own enjoyment.  What Diana mostly enjoyed was humiliating her husband.


Dana felt Fox stiffen and she looked up at him only to find him looking at her with an unspoken question in his eyes.  They had never discussed it but he was certain she knew of his relationship with Diana.  He was worried she’d be hurt but all he saw in her face was acceptance and love.  She nodded to indicate she knew and understood and he relaxed.  He heard his father talking to Spender then presented the couple to Fox, Dana and her parents.  An uncomfortable moment went by before anyone spoke and it was Dana who broke the spell.  “It is lovely to meet you.  Mrs. Spender may I say that dress is truly spectacular and you look amazing in it.  I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say you just took our breaths away.”  She gave the older woman a broad smile that, to the unknowing, oozed sincerity but Fox could tell she was playing Diana.   “I’m completely overcome by jealousy.”  Her words were met with a smile from Diana and a knowing sneer from Carl Spender. 


Diana’s dress was spectacular as in it was a spectacle.  It was the type of dress a woman who feared her age was catching up with her and her moments as the center of attention was coming to a close would wear.  Too much lace, too many beads, the color of Madeira and a neckline that made one fear a false move would expose her abundant breasts.  The phrase ‘Harlot of Babylon’ ran through Fox’s mind as he wondered how had he ever found Diana appealing. 


For her part Diana looked Dana over and clearly found her lacking.  This was not lost on either Fox or Dana and when she sensed Fox was about to say something Dana giggled.  He looked at her for a moment and joined in.  Mr. Mulder smiled and explained they did that all the time.  The Spenders moved on.  Alex Krycek took Dana’s hand and kissed it.  His words dripped compliments but lacked any real sincerity, being said more for Mr. Mulder than for the couple.


Soon the introductions were complete and Fox and Dana had to open the first dance.  Fox had the foresight to sign up for every one of Dana’s dances on her card.  He did save one for her father and another for his but all other dances belonged to him.  He knew it was a breach of protocol but he would be damned if he let anyone steal her from him, even for a few moments.  Besides they had not had but a few stolen minutes with each other and he needed to talk to her.  Nothing major or earth shattering, just their usual banter.  If he was really persuasive he may convince her to go out on the patio with him.  He could be very persuasive when it was something he really wanted, and he knew Dana was less than his toughest audience.


Most of the guests thought his eccentricity endearing but Diana Spender steamed with her fury.  The few dances Fox wasn’t sharing with his little redhead he saved for their mothers.  She wanted some time with the one young man who had left her.  She was always the one who ended her flirtations except for Fox.  He had already broken off their relationship before his father interceded.  No one before or since had left her before she was done with him.  She needed a plan.  She turned to her latest plaything “Alex be a dear and break in on the loving couple.”


Alex was a lovely young thing and she’d seen many of the young debutantes fall for his charms and she was sure little Miss Dana Scully would be no exception.  Diana watched him approach the couple and place his hand on Fox’s shoulder.  They parted slightly but never let go of their hands.  Fox looked at Dana and a smile played on his lips as she shook her head no.  Alex was visibly stunned as he returned to Diana’s side.  “The lady said no.” 


Diana Spender missed the look of satisfaction her husband gave her.  It wasn’t often his wife was disappointed and when it happened he reveled in it.  He didn’t know why he hadn’t just sent her away.  She was just a whore in French designer clothes, but that had been what first attracted him.  He’d tolerated her little peccadilloes as long as she didn’t embarrass him but lately she’d been getting less careful.  Her displays more overt and obvious.  It was time to make some changes, changes Diana Spender would not like. 


Fox led Dana to the patio where they just sat quietly for a few moments until Dana broke the silence.  “I’ve missed you.”


“I know what you mean.  I’m really starting to regret not just sending for the nearest preacher.  I don’t think we’ve had five minutes alone since we got back.  I can’t wait for our honeymoon.”  He saw Dana blush wildly.  “Oh, Dana you know I don’t mean that.”  Realizing what he said he started to back peddle until she hushed him with a gentle kiss.


“Don’t Fox, I know exactly what you mean, you want it to be just us again.  I want that too but I guess this ‘preparation time’ is our payment for our future.  I think we need to go back in before we are missed.”  She saw his downcast look and said “I completely agree but we owe it to our families.”  Dana stood and held her hand to him and added, “and it is a lovely party.  If only we could get rid of all those blasted people.”  He couldn’t help himself he let out a belly laugh. 




The next two weeks were filled with fittings, luncheons, teas, dinners, the theater and parties.  Finally it was their wedding day.  The cathedral was filled and flowers were everywhere.  Fox looked out from the little room they had him stashed in with Walter Skinner, his best man.  The site that met him reflected nothing of he or Dana.  This was a show for masses; they had said their vows in his office back in Texas.  They had let their mothers and sisters dictate everything for this wedding except for one thing.  It was the order of the day to have no less than six bridesmaids and at this Dana balked.  She only wanted her sister Melissa to stand with her.  The women coaxed and cajoled but on this she was adamant.  They tried to get Fox to convince her but he refused. He agreed with her.


Walter walked up behind him. “So any cold feet Fox?” 


“Not a chance, I’d give myself a hotfoot if I could get this thing over with sooner.”  They both chuckled.  “I never knew I could ache for anyone the way I ache to be with her.  Dana is like a fever and I never want to recover.”


The priest entered forestalling further discussion.  “Mr. Mulder, Mr. Skinner it’s time.”  He lead them to the alter.


Fox looked out at the sea of faces.  His parents, Samantha and her husband were in the front pew on the left and Dana’s family was in the first two rows on the right.  The third row on the left held only two people, Carl and Diana Spender.  There was something different about Diana.  It took him a moment to realize her air of superiority was missing.  That look that made even the haughtiest doyen cower was replaced by the distinct look of defeat.  He also noticed that none of her usual hangers on were present, even Jeffrey Spender sat a row further back and much to the left.  The duo seemed to be in their own bubble.


The music changed and the audience turned to the rear.  Melissa started down the aisle.  Her dress was the palest of blue and fashioned in the latest style.  She carried a bouquet of White Orchids and Blue Forget Me Nots.  When she reached the alter the music changed again and the congregation rose from their seats.  There she stood in the doorway on her father’s arm.  The entire room faded from Fox’s view, everything but her.  Her dress was one shade off from pure white.  There were beads shimmering in the glow of the candles.  Her vibrant hair and lovely face were covered with the sheerest lace veil topped off with the Mulder family tiara.  They met in front of the alter.  Her father placed her hand in Fox’s and uncovered her face.


Fox and Dana exchanged their vows and were pronounced man and wife.  The few who knew the circumstances of their ‘courtship’ knew that what had started as a marriage of convenience ended as a true love match.




Fox and Dana were anxious to be alone but they both knew they had to stay for a reasonable amount of time.  They just wanted to be done with it and be on their way.  They took a multitude of photographs to mark this day.  Dinner consisted of all the finest New England had to offer and the Champagne flowed freely as the horde toasted the couple.  Not that either would remember much of it later.


Then they mingled and somehow got separated from each other.  William Mulder found his son seated next to the potted plants at the rear of the ballroom.  He patted his Fox’s right shoulder.  “Who knew it would work out so perfectly.  You actually seem to like one another.”


Fox smiled at his father, if he only knew how well they ‘liked’ each other.  “I’ve been meaning to talk to . . .”


Fox began but his father continued. “Fox, son I have to tell you something.  Rumor has it that Carl Spender is sending his wife away.  They say that the intent is to move toward divorce.  I just now heard this and I want to know if this affects your feelings towards Dana.”  William Mulder was completely unprepared for the response his son gave him, a deep, delicious belly laugh.


Fox noticed his father’s consternation and contained himself.  “I’m sorry I was just laughing at the irony.  I had been sent away because, well because, and now Mrs. Spender is being sent away for what I suspect much the same reason.”  Fox gave his father a knowing look.  “I can only hope that it turns out as well for her as it has for me.” 


William Mulder mulled over his son’s words for a moment.  “Do you mean that Fox, this, Dana is what you want?”


“I’ve been trying to tell you since our return.  I wanted to thank you and providence for my good fortune.”  The two men hugged and Fox couldn’t resist a joke, “if only I could get this close to my bride.”


William pulled away and looked at Fox just smiling.  “I think there is something we can do about that.  You’ve taken pictures, you’ve eaten, given and received toasts all that is left is to cut the cake and toss the bouquet.”  He looked around for a moment till he saw William Scully and waved him over.  “Bill I have an anxious bridegroom here.” Fox’s face reddened furiously.


Bill Scully clapped him on the shoulder lightly, “I felt the same way on my wedding day and every time I returned from a voyage.  The women had their way planning this event.  Now I think it’s time the men got it moving.”  Pointing at William Mulder, “you get yours and I’ll get mine and the caterer and we’ll meet by the cake.”  Turning to Fox, “and you young man go find that bride or yours.”


Fox spotted Dana speaking with several ladies and he took a moment to watch.  He could tell whatever they were saying was disturbing her.  He cleared his throat to announce his presence and was rewarded with a look of joy mixed with relief from Dana.


“Excuse me ladies but I have been sent to retrieve my lovely bride so we can cut the cake.  Dana” he extended his arm, taking her leave of the well meaning but terrifying women.


“Thank you for getting me out of there.”


“I saw the look on your face.  What on earth had you so scared?”  Dana didn’t respond but her cheeks turned crimson and she lowered her eyes.  “So it was that type of conversation?  Dana believe me everything will be fine.  We are meant to be together and together we will work out what we need to.”




Dana stood in front of her mirror waiting for Maria to aid in her undressing.  Once the cake had been served she’d tossed her bouquet which caused a minor stir when it landed on the head of Diana Spender.  The woman had not been amused.  Then they were hustled to their suite of rooms up stairs.  The reception was a blur of well wishes, massive amounts of food, even more champagne and cake.  Sometime they had eaten but Dana had no idea what or when.  Her nerves were on edge. 


Her training had taught her the mechanics of lovemaking and her mother and sister tried to explain but they left her more confused than anything.  The women at the reception were too willing to share their horror stories about their wedding nights.  One woman quoted Queen Victoria ‘close your eyes and think of England.’  Could the old queen have actually said something that crude?  She’d tried to disengage from the conversation but the women would not let her leave.  What they had told her made her shiver from fright.  Surely the act could not be as horrid and disgusting as they portrayed or humanity would not have survived.  Having decided on spinsterhood she’d never examined the issue and now she felt very ill prepared.  She was not naive enough to believe that Fox’s relationship with Mrs. Spender had been platonic or even that she was the only one.  Even if she ever had believed something like that it would have been dispelled the moment she met that barracuda.  She knew that was an unchristian thought but she honestly couldn’t think of any less horrible description.  She just hoped he wouldn’t be disappointed.


The door opened but instead of Maria it was Fox, dressed in his night clothes.  “I sent Maria away, this was one pleasure I wanted for myself.”  Dana just stood there stunned at his boldness.   His hands brushed her cheek as he turned her head up to steal a kiss.  “Have I told you how much I love you?  How beautiful you are and how much I have been dying to do this?”  Without hesitation he pulled the pins from her hair and watched as it cascaded down her back.  “That first day when you worked on Raul your hair was down.  Every time I saw you after I wanted to release it from its bindings.”


His hands traveled to the bodice of her wedding gown and he hesitated until she nodded.  He stripped layer after cumbersome layer until his prize was revealed.  She stood naked before him.  She wanted to hide herself but didn’t.  He couldn’t take his eyes from her.  This was his, her high proud breasts, slim waist and wide hips.  Fox regretted the few misbegotten relationships he’d had before.  He took her hands and placed them on his dressing gown.  “Remove my clothes now.”  Dana’s hands shook more with each article.  She was down to his pajama pants when she halted.  Her face revealed her tension and he lifted her chin to look in his eyes.  “It’s just me, don’t be afraid.”  She continued, he moaned when she accidentally brushed his erection.


“Oh! I’m sorry.”  She was sure she’d hurt him.


“No, Dana that was not a moan from pain.  You can brush me there anytime.”  Fox lifted her up and carried her to the bed and climbed in after her.  His hands and lips explored her body and she nearly exploded just from that.  Fox worked his way up her body.  He avoided her center saving that for later.  He ravished her naval and lavished her breasts, her body arched in response.  He reached her face and looked into her eyes. 


Suddenly something was released from inside her and he found himself on his back.  Dana replicated his movements, tentative at first but gaining confidence with each new mewl and groan.  She kissed and nibbled and watched as his penis bobbed and twitched with her ministrations.  She was strangely proud that she could illicit these responses.  When she reached his penis she kissed the tip and Fox hissed his pleasure which emboldened her so she licked then she took him in her mouth and he nearly jumped from the bed.  She bobbed her head three times before he grabbed her and pulled her up.  It felt too good and he needed to cool down for a moment.  He kissed her while his fingers fondled her pleasure point.  Another finger entered her slowly, halting when he felt resistance.


“I know it will hurt Fox but go on,” she panted.  He fingered her lightly and when she reached her pinnacle his other finger pushed past her maidenhead bringing her pleasure and pain. Dana screamed in response.  He gentled as she came down and he kissed her repeatedly as her breathing stabilized.


Fox positioned himself between her legs, their eyes locked as he thrust into her, as he captured her mouth swallowing her scream.  They moved together her pain lessening with each thrust.  He felt her walls contracting around him and he exploded with a growl, bathing her vagina with his seed.


He tried to move to the side when his convulsions subsided but she hugged him tighter reveling in his weight.  Fox looked at her with lidded eyes and a crooked grin.  “I have to move so you can breath.”


“I don’t care, I love the way you feel.  I love you.”


The couple woke late the next morning after a night of lovemaking and gentle conversation.  This was the beginning of their life together.





Victoria Mulder-Kinney, Michael Mulder and James Mulder sat in the sitting room outside their mother’s bedroom.  They had been holding vigil for the last three days.  It was only a matter of time before she would be gone.  The arrangements for her funeral and final resting place had all been made.  She would lie next to their father for all eternity.  Her beloved Fox had preceded her by six months.


Dana Katherine (Scully) Mulder had accomplished much in her long life.  She’d been one of the first women medical doctors, a leader in the suffragette movement.  Her efforts were pivotal in bringing decent wages and health care to the local populace.  Through it all her Fox was right there with her.  He had become a captain of industry when his father passed on. 


Fox Mulder was known as a man of intuition and foresight. His innovations were legendary throughout the business world.  He, along with several other forward thinkers, saw the need to preserve our heritage.  He petitioned for the creation community and national parks.  When the crash hit Wall Street his holdings were never touched. 


Fox and Dana Mulder were a team.  Before his death they never spent one night away from each other.  They considered their greatest accomplishment was their family.  Their three children grew up in a loving happy home.  Each child was given the freedom to pursue their interests.  They all attended college and married well, not for position but for love.  Their grandchildren visited Grandmama Dana and Grandpop Fox frequently.  Fox and Dana Mulder had a happy and fruitful life together.


Dana Mulder let out with a gasp and she was gone.


She watched as the children went to the bedside.  Looking at the body in the bed she said to no one, “just look at that old bag of bones.”


The familiar weight of his hand was on at her back.  “Hey, I’ll have you know that is the woman I love.  So don’t go around saying bad things about her.”


She turned to see him smiling.  He looked just like he did the first time she’d seen him those many years before.  “Fox, I’ve missed you so much.”  They were in each other’s arms.  “That wasn’t very nice to leave me behind.”


“I know Dana but I didn’t exactly have a choice.  It’s so good to feel you again.  You are so beautiful.”  Her visage reflected in his eyes and she too looked as she did years earlier.  He leaned down and they kissed with the passion of a lifetime. 


Holding hands they walked away from the tableau playing out behind them.



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