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She Hides Behind Her Face Part One

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Title: She Hides Behind Her Face

Author: Sara B.


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Disclaimer: The characters in this story belong to C. Carter and Co., Fox and the wonderful actors who breathed life into written words, most notably G. Anderson and D. Duchovny

who where able make us believe in the improbable.  The story belongs to me.

Spoilers: One Son

Category: Angst, A Little Alternate Reality

Rating: Over 13 - naughty words

Summary: Frohike tells Mulder what he needs to hear.

Archive: I would be honored. Keep my name attached and let me know.

Gratitude: To Kim Knight, for all she does and her unending support.  To Dennis for who and what he is.  To you, the readers.


She Hides Behind Her Face

Sara B. 2004


Tuesday 7:20 pm Percy’s Pub:


Mulder and Frohike sat at the booth in the back of the bar.  Neither was anywhere near drunk, in fact, they’d both had burgers and sat nursing the same pitcher of beer for over two hours.  If the place had been busy they’d have been kicked out ages ago. Percy’s was not on Washington’s beaten path and only got busy during the weekends and Monday night Football.


This was the first time they’d been together since Scully and the guys had pulled up the ‘evidence’ on Diana Fowley.  Frohike wasn’t quite sure why he was here except that Mulder had been his friend for a long time and he felt he had to give him a chance.  If he’d known the topic of conversation was going to be what a bitch Scully was being he didn’t think he’d have bothered showing up.


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Five Hour Earlier:


The phone rang and Frohike picked up “Lone Gunmen.”


“It’s me, turn off the tape.”


Frohike shut off the machine and spoke “go ahead Mulder.”


“I wondered if you would meet me at Percy’s later.”  Mulder sounded chagrined.  It had been several weeks since the confrontation as Mulder thought of it.  He needed to talk to someone about his problems with Scully.  He first thought of Diana but if Scully ever found out that he’d spoken to Diana about them he’d be toast.  That left the only other one he ever confided in, Frohike.  They’d been close right from the start and he was the one who got him through his divorce.  He only hoped the man would come.  “I have a problem and I need to talk about it.”


Mulder’s heart skipped a beat when he heard the little man say “what time?”


>< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< ><


Percy’s 7:25 pm:


Mulder was having a tirade about Scully.  Complaining that they’d been fighting a lot lately and that no matter what he said she took the other side.  The subject didn’t matter, she just opposed everything.  Frohike for his part sat silently and let the younger man go on, his turn would come later and when it did Fox Mulder was going to listen.  Not only was he going to listen, Frohike was going to ensure he heard and comprehended too.


“I just don’t get it and I’m not the only one who’d noticed, Diana was commenting on it earlier.” So Mulder was still seeing Diana, he’d have to make sure that none of them divulged any real information to Mulder.  “Yeah,  Diana came in to ask my opinion on some case and Scully walked in.  She didn’t say anything just went to her table grabbed something and left.  She never came back and she didn’t answer her phone.  What do you make of that?”


Mulder looked at Frohike waiting for an answer.  Could Mulder really be that obtuse?  Frohike let out a breath.  “Mulder what did Scully really see when she entered the office?”


“Well, Diana and I were talking,” he paused as in thought then added “Diana was brushing hair from my forehead.  Do you think it was that, Scully’s jealous?”  Mulder’s eyes lit up with mischief and delight.


Frohike chuckled “reign in the ego boy, this is so much more than jealousy.  Dana walked in on you talking to a person she doesn’t trust.  A fact that she confronted you with not too long ago and presented you with evidence to back up her suspicions.  Evidence that you scoffed at.”  He could see Mulder’s attitude changing.  “Don’t you dare pull your shit on me Mulder.  If you don’t want to hear what I am going to tell you I will walk out of this bar right now and before you can hit speed dial I’ll have our phone number changed and we, not one of us, will speak or help you again.  Unlike Dana Scully, I don’t have her, seemingly, unlimited patience for you or your crap.  Now, what do you say?”


Mulder was visibly shaken and just nodded.  Frohike took that as an indication to continue.  “Dana saw you talking with Diana after you knew that she didn’t trust her.  She saw the person she most respects and admires disrespecting her and dismissing her claims.  You gave no credence to her instincts or her talents as an investigator to stay away from Diana or even look into our findings.  You were flaunting that woman in her face and in her territory.”


“You asked if Dana was jealous, hell yes she is.  She had to earn the trust you placed in her time after time. But simply by her presence Diana Fowley is deserving of your trust?  You give no reasons beyond that you ‘know her’ and expect that to be enough.  Not once have you ever given Dana the benefit of just taking her word because it was ‘her; word.  Earlier you said something about you having earned the benefit of a doubt, well hasn’t she?  How many times does she have to pass your tests and how many times do you think you can pull your trust back before she gives up?  If the information we showed you had been about anyone else how would you have reacted?  What if it had been Scully?”  Mulder blanched. “If it was Skinner keeping you from seeing Cassandra Spender what would you have done?” 


“That night,” he paused for a breath and continued only when he was sure that Mulder understood what night he referred to.  “That night you told her she was making this personal and I have to tell you that was probably the most arrogant and insulting thing I’ve ever heard anyone say.  You of all people know that it is personal.  You lost your sister yes, but Scully lost hers too and she knows that this side of death she won’t ever see her again.  She also lost a daughter and months of her life were stolen from her during which she endured unknown horrors that she still suffers nightmares about.” 


“Her health has been compromised beyond a point that conventional science can understand, beyond what SHE can understand even with all her training.  But probably the worst is that her future was stolen from her when they took away her ability to have children.  Do you even begin to understand how all that has to affect her?” 


“But does she go around moping or complaining do you see her giving up or,” he watched Mulder’s face closely to see his reaction to his next words “giving in?”  Frohike knew Mulder had almost done exactly that and waited for his reaction.  Frohike was not disappointed; Mulder looked stricken recognizing the selfishness of his actions that night.  “Can you comprehend how she feels to hear you defend Diana Fowley to whom the only thing done to her was a promotion?”     


 “Does anyone outside Dana’s small circle even know what she’s sacrificed for this cause?  No because she hides behind her face, her beautiful face.  She’s trained herself to control her reactions so that outsiders only see the stoic Special Agent Dana Scully M.D., but for those of us who know her, who are privileged to be let in, it’s all there, in her eyes.  One look in those eyes and you see the hurt, anger and sometimes even despair.”  His unspoken accusation hung in the air ‘have you stopped looking Mulder?’


“You claim you know Diana Fowley, maybe you do; maybe you don’t.  You do know Dana Scully, or at least you used to.”  Frohike paused and looked at Mulder closely, he thought that at least some of what he said got through but he had one more kick in the pants for the younger man.  “Mulder in the not too distant future you are going to have to make a decision.  Who do you want by your side?  You can’t have both women and if you choose Diana let Scully go.  She deserves so much more than just being your sidekick.”  Frohike stood up grabbed his jacket and left without another word.  He hoped that what he said would have an impact on Mulder.


Mulder watched Frohike leave the bar.  He pulled out his phone and hit speed dial.  Scully picked up on the second ring.  He only hoped she would listen.



Sara B.


She Hides Behind Her Face Part Two

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