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Where's Scully?

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Title: Where’s Scully?        

Author:  Sara B.  E-Mail:

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Spoilers: None - Set after Mulder and Scully are reassigned to the X-Files

Category: Angst (slight - tiny - minuscule)    

Rating:  All Ages

Summary: Sometimes you need someone else to point out the obvious.

Archive: If you want it just let me know.  I would be honored 

Gratitude:  Kim, my beta, my friend, my child.  Dennis, who sees me through life and all its challenges.  The readers.

Disclaimer: The characters in this story belong to C. Carter and Co., Fox and the wonderful actors who breathed life into written words, most notably G. Anderson and D. Duchovny who were able make us believe in the improbable.  The story belongs to me.

Where’s Scully?   

Sara B. 2004

Mulder led the trio into the office. Scully sat at the little table that she’d scrounged up to serve as a desk reading something on the Laptop’s screen. She welcomed the guys warmly. Frohike greeted her in his usual smarmy way. They both knew it was a joke and they were comfortable with it.


Scully really liked the three Geeks. She always thought of herself as a geek so to her it was a bond of like creatures, so to speak. As soon as the pleasantries were done, she turned off her machine and made her exit citing a previous engagement.

Frohike noticed the shy way she’d acted when telling them.  Her obvious disappointment as she looked at Mulder when she realized he wasn’t going to ask her about it.

After she left, Mulder was showing off the newly returned office. He was so busy pointing out this and that he failed to notice that Frohike was taking his own little tour.

When he finished Mulder asked “so what do you think?”

Langly and Byers both gave words of encouragement but Frohike remained silent. “One precinct yet unheard from.  Come on Frohike spit it out.” Mulder was grinning.

“Where’s Scully?”

“She left.  You watched her go out the door.  Surly you remember.  Don’t you?” The amused Mulder placed his hand on Frohike’s brow.

“No Mulder, I’m asking in this office where is Scully? I see you everywhere but I don’t see one thing, besides her laptop that says Agent Scully works here. She doesn’t even have a space for her medical books.  Hell she has a lopsided table not a desk. AND she doesn’t have a nameplate on said table nor on the door. So I repeat Mulder where is Scully?”

Mulder looked around the office. He started pointing a few times but stopped each time as he realized it wasn’t a Scully thing. Suddenly his left hand went to his hip and he buried his face in the right. Shaking his head the guys heard him mumble “you incredible ass.”


>< >< >< >< >< >< >< >< ><

Two weeks later:

Scully opened the office door, Mulder sat at his desk reading some magazine. He gave her a perfunctory greeting but never really acknowledged her. She shrugged it off just like nearly every other morning. She removed her coat and walked toward her ’area’. The sight made her step back two paces and look around to Mulder. This time he was standing behind her with a huge grin and a bouquet of flowers.

“Mulder, I don’t understand.”

“About time don’t you think?”

Stunned Scully walked over and sat down in her new chair in front of her new desk that held her new nameplate that read simply “Special Agent Dana Scully MD” She turned toward Mulder and smiled.                             




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