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His Betrayal

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Title: His Betrayal

Author: Sara B.


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Spoilers:  None                                                                    

Category:  MSR – Established relationship, angst, slight case file

Rating: Adults themes

Summary:  Scully walks in on Mulder in bed with another woman.

Disclaimer:  The recognized characters are used Without Prejudice and are the property of C. Carter, Fox and the wonderful actors who breathed life into written words, most notably G. Anderson and D. Duchovny who were able to make us believe in the improbable.  No Infringements of these copyrights are intended, and are used here without permission.  The story and before unknown characters belongs to me.

Gratitude: To Kim Knight, you are the best, thank you.  To my Dennis for just being who he is.  To CC and Company, who created the X-Files.  Lastly, and certainly not least, the readers.

Archive: I’d be honored.  Please keep my name attached and let me know where it will be.  Thank you.

Author’s Notes:  Do you ever have a day when your muse just nags at you to write something.  I swear my muse, Denise, uses me as her own personal amusement writer.  Don’t tell her but I think she has a little attention deficit problem.  Whoops here she comes! Shhhhh!  We’ll talk later.


This story is dedicated to Dev, she knows why.

His Betrayal

Sara B. 5/2005


Mulder reclined on the motel bed staring at the ceiling.  The mattress’ lumps were realigning his spine but his mind was busy elsewhere.  He’d hurt Scully and this time he wasn’t sure if she would forgive him, or even if she could.  He knew he could never forgive himself even if he could figure out what caused it all.


He still didn’t understand how it happened, how he could betray her in such a way?  Just when they’d finally moved forward with their relationship.  They’d given into each other not out of desperation but simply because they loved and needed each other.


So why did he end up naked in bed with an equally naked Special Agent Jennifer Todd about to betray the woman he loved?  They didn’t have sex, Scully walking in put a damper on his ardor, but he’d been ready and seemingly very willing.  He had no memory of how he and Todd got in that position but the memory of Scully standing there with her smile fading and her blue eyes filling with tears would forever haunt him.


Jennifer Todd was everything he used to want in a woman.  She was tall, had long flowing brown hair with long legs and large breasts.  Everything Scully wasn’t.  Jennifer Todd was the dream woman of the less enlightened Fox Mulder.  The Fox Mulder that didn’t realize that beautiful woman came in all shapes, sizes, hair color and bust size; that a woman’s true beauty was her mind, her compassion, her loyalty and how she loved.


Now he may have lost Scully and he still had no idea why.  He didn’t remember anything until Scully came through the door.


Sure he’d found Todd beautiful but he wasn’t attracted to her.  She was beautiful in the abstract way that some celebrities and models were; nice to look at but not for everyday; not reality.  Scully was his everyday, his reality; she was his everywoman and his only woman.


Once he’d regained his senses he tried to follow her but she’d gotten away.  Mulder tried calling her but she didn’t answer until two hours later.  The background noise told him she was at the airport. 


“You’re leaving, Scully?  Come on give me a chance to explain.  I don’t know how I ended up in bed with her.  The last thing I remember was having a drink with her at the bar across the street.  That’s all until you walked in.  I swear, Scully!  You know me, Scully!  You - know - me. . .” his voice trailed out.


“They’re calling my flight,” she then clicked off. 



Scully sat in the airport bar nursing the same Vodka Tonic for the last two hours.  Two hours of dealing with traveling businessmen whose tan lines belied their hastily removed wedding rings; two hours where the vision of Mulder and Agent Todd’s naked bodies played behind her eyes in nightmarish fashion.  Damn, none of this made sense.


She sat back and replayed the last five days.


Skinner requested they supply some much needed aid in a case.   Over the last five months eight men had gone missing for a week then they returned with no memory of what had happened. 


Each one had gotten up, kissed their significant other goodbye and went to work.  They put in a full day then headed home, only they never arrived.  That is until exactly one week later when they would drive up as if nothing had happened.  Each man had been interrogated and examined but none of them were able to give any information and nothing turned up in the medical tests. 


Last week the eighth man, Mr. Michael D. Vickers, returned home.  Mr. Vickers is thirty-nine years old.  Has been married to Trinity Vickers, nee Tyler, for fifteen years and they have three children, Robert (13), Tamara (11) and Vincent (10).  By all account the marriage was sound with no undue issues or concerns. 

Physically, Michael Vickers looked very similar to all the other victims; good looking, Caucasian, tall (six foot to six foot three), athletic build with dark hair. 


Besides the physical similarities, there didn’t appear to be any other common factors; all were college graduates, but not from the same schools, each was a working professional, but not in the same fields.  They belonged to different social and economic classes, three were married with children, two were married with no children, one was divorced with custody of his two children, one was single and one was gay.  They didn’t frequent the same restaurants, places of worship, grocery stores, health clubs or anything else.  The only commonality was their physical characteristics. 


The last memory every victim had before arriving home was stopping at a bar for an after work drink but none of the bars had been the same.


Each of the men was given physical exams once they returned but the tests produced nothing anomalous.  They all appeared to have been fed well and were well rested.  There was no sign of torture or drugging of any type.  Neither was there any indication that the men had been subjected to any testing.  There was one small notation that their testosterone levels were elevated but not significantly.  It was as if they just ceased to be for seven days.


The investigation was going no where and Skinner was recalling them.  They had provided as much help as they could and he wanted them on another case.  Scully was thrilled with the news and she couldn’t wait to tell Mulder.  She opened the connecting door to his motel room and, God, the image seemed to be burned on her corneas; Mulder and Agent Todd lying in bed naked.  Jennifer Todd was everything Mulder was attracted to.  She had everything that Scully didn’t possess.  It had taken her a moment to realize what she was seeing and when she did she fled, straight to the airport for the first flight out. 


She waited in the bar nearest her gate for her departure time.  Forty minutes before her scheduled departure Scully moved to the gate area.  Her phone had rung repeatedly since her escape from the motel but it wasn’t until she was in line to board the plane that she answered.  Their conversation was mostly one sided with Mulder doing the talking, pleading really.  When his voice trailed off she only answered, ‘they’re calling my flight,’ and clicked off.


His last words nagged at her.  ‘You know me, Scully!  You - know - me.’  She thought she did, she knew she did, but. . . God, it just didn’t make sense!


Scully got to the podium and was handing over her ticket when she realized that all the victims looked like Mulder.  “Oh my God,” she exclaimed, she grabbed her ticket and ran toward the exit.  Why hadn’t she realized it before?  He’d even told her he’d stopped for a drink!



Scully arrived at Mulder’s motel door and pounded.  “Mulder it’s me, let me in now!”

He opened the door within seconds.  They looked at each other for a moment then Scully threw her arms around him.  Mulder was stunned but he wasn’t going to argue. 


Scully pulled back, “we have to take you to have some blood drawn.”


“Scully, what are you talking about?”


“Agent Todd, that’s what I’m talking about.  Mulder did it ever occur to you that your physical appearance matches that of the victims?”  Scully watched as his eyes lit up when he processed what she was saying.  “The victims didn’t remember anything past stopping for a drink on the way home.  I think something was given to them, something that wore off by the time they were returned.  I think you were given that same thing and I’m hoping it hasn’t had time to wear off.”



Scully watched the technician through the entire process.  She’d reserved a sample of Mulder’s blood to take to the Gunmen, ‘just in case.’


Mulder and Scully were seated off to the side; his eyes never strayed from her face while hers kept a close watch on the tests.  Mentally, she was willing them work faster. 


The Senior Lab Tech walked over to them shaking his head.  “Agent Scully these results are very disturbing.”  He looked at her then to Mulder.  “We’ve never seen anything quite like this before.  The substance in Agent Mulder’s blood has properties of Rhohipnal where the victim shows loss of memory and lowers their inhibitions but displays none of the paralyzing properties.  I think this had to be administered more than once to maintain its potency; it appears to be breaking down in Agent Mulder’s system.”


The man looked at the charts and continued, “this other substance is what really concerns me.  It appears to act similar to Viagra but with significant differences.  And it is at a disturbing level in Agent Mulder’s system.  The potency of this drug is without comparison.  The drug seems to have a trigger or time release property.  The victim is able to lose his erection once he orgasms but it only takes the least provocation to illicit, well, shall we say ‘a response’ from him.  It is like a super Viagra and the affects may last for several days, possibly a week, maybe more.” 


The partners exchanged a look that the technician missed because he was examining the charts.  “Whatever this substance is it ‘is’ a male date rape drug and it needs to be controlled and in my opinion eliminated.  It is a wonder none of the victims suffered a heart attack.”


Mulder turned to Scully, “we have work to do and I think we both know where to start.”



Mulder and Scully sat in front of A.D. Skinner’s desk.  “I want to congratulate you on a fine piece of work.  With your findings the Tremont Prosecutor’s office assured me that former Agent Jennifer Todd will be prosecuted for eight counts of kidnapping, eight counts of rape and one count of attempted rape of a Federal employee.  Additionally, she will face charges of possession of an illegal substance.”  Skinner droned on about Todd’s background in chemistry and that her motivation was to create a rival for the male potency drugs currently on the market.  She was using the men as her personal ‘clinical test.’  Neither of his agents was paying much attention as they had other issues on their minds.  Mulder was too busy watching Scully fidget with discomfort and trying hard not to display his pride at being the cause of it; even if it had been artificially ‘enhanced.’


Skinner gave them Monday off and told them to make it a three day weekend then dismissed them. Scully tried desperately to appear to be her usual professional self but she was not fooling Mulder, but he had his own discomfort to deal with.  The duo entered the elevator, Mulder stood at the back wall and Scully stood in front of him with about two inches separating them.  He gently tugged her back against him and when her backside came in contact with his front she let out a startled intake of breath that she immediately covered with a, fake, cough.  When the last of the occupants exited the car leaving Mulder and Scully alone she turned to him and smiled.  “God, Mulder, I can barely walk now and we have at least two more days of this.”


Mulder’s smile disappeared, “I’m sorry, Scully.   I know that I’ve been demanding . . .”


She put a finger to his lips.  “Shush, Mulder.  This is not your fault and it isn’t like I’m complaining.”  She stopped and gave him a devilish grin, “I know that if the situation were reversed you’d be right there to help me, right partner?”


Mulder’s face broke out into a huge grin as he nodded.  Then in his most wheedling voice, “you know Scully it is Friday and Skinner gave us Monday off.  No one will notice that we left a little early.  By my calculations you won’t need to walk until Tuesday.  We can stay in bed all weekend while you help your partner work through his little problem.”


“That problem ain’t so little, Mulder.  Stop on the way for some Astroglide and you have a deal.”    



Sara B.

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