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Assisted Suicide 3

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Title: Assisted Suicide

Author: Sara B.



Rating: Over 15

Category: Alternate Universe, Case file, MSR 

Spoilers: Travelers and Trevor

Feedback:  You want to do it, I know you do.  Come on it is so easy!

Summary:  M.E. Dana Scully comes across several unexplained deaths that can only be suicides.  The problem is that the instruments of death are missing from the locked rooms and the bodies are placed on the bed.  Enter Fox Mulder, FBI profiler.  They meet and work together on the case and find out that they have an almost mystical bond.  Oh, yes, Frohike gets some action too.

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Disclaimer:  The recognized characters are used Without Prejudice and are the property of C. Carter, Fox and the wonderful actors who breathed life into written words, most notably G. Anderson and D. Duchovny who were able to make us believe in the improbable.  No Infringements of these copyrights are intended, and are used here without permission.  The story and before unknown characters belongs to me.  Places and names are fictitious.  They tell me DC is real but seeing what comes out of there makes me think I’ve been lied to.

Gratitude: To Kim Knight, you are the best, thank you – read the author’s notes girl.  To my Dennis, enough said.  To CC and Company, who created the X-Files.  Lastly, but my no means least, to the readers, you make this hobby of mine have meaning.

Author’s Notes: This story is dedicated to KimK and is an early birthday present to her.  Kim is always there for me to give a little nudge or a slap at the back of my head when needed.  Kim loves Alternate Universes so I created one just for her. 

Assisted Suicide 3:  A Time of Pregnancy and Marriage

Sara B. 01/06


Mulder and his long time partner Reggie Perdue were waiting for AD Skinner to return so they could start the meeting.  Skinner had been busy and hadn’t had a moment to himself all day.  So when Mulder and Purdue came in he begged a few minutes to visit the restroom and get some coffee. 


Mulder just sat in the chair smiling.  Reggie noticed he’d been doing that a lot lately.  It started when he began seeing that little red head, Dana Scully, Dr. Dana Scully.  She was definitely good for Mulder and Reggie, for one, was glad to see Mulder happy. 


That witch of an ex-wife of his put him through the ringer.  Reggie would never forget the bedraggled Mulder who ended up on his doorstep the night it was over between them. 


They’d solved that case in California a lot sooner than expected so they were able to head home early.  Mulder didn’t even call his wife, he wanted to surprise her.  They hadn’t been married all that long but Reggie knew they were having some serious problems. 


They were reporting to Patterson back then and the man was a frigging slave driver; and he was particularly hard on Mulder.  It was generally understood that the bastard wanted to break Mulder; damned near succeeded, with a little help from Mulder’s wife.


They were waiting for their plane and Mulder was busy on the phone making reservations and ordering flowers.  Mulder had driven to the airport so he dropped Reggie off before heading home.  Three hours later Mulder was at Reggie’s door looking like he’d finally cracked and smelling like he’d been tossed into a keg of stale beer. 


The only thing Mulder said was that it was finally over with Diana.  To this day Mulder never told him what happened.  Reggie had his suspicions but he never knew for sure and he sure as heck wasn’t going to ask. 


Mulder immediately went on a bender, not liquor, women.  He became a serial one night stander, never seeing any woman more than once.  Thank goodness that didn’t last very long; Reggie hated fielding those ‘day after’ phone calls.  It got so bad that Reggie told Mulder that if one more bimbo called he’d give them Mulder’s home number and address. 

Reggie didn’t know if Mulder quit the circuit or if he just gave them phony numbers.  He suspected that it was the former more than the latter. 


He did know that she showed up a few years later and Mulder and Diana reconciled for a short time.  Mulder was miserable the entire time. 

Reggie never quite understood why Mulder tried the reconciliation but he suspected he felt guilty about not paying Diana enough attention during their marriage.  Or at least that was how Diana maneuvered him.  Reggie couldn’t recall Mulder smiling once the entire time.  Again, he didn’t know what ended it but he was damned glad when it was over.


The next time Reggie heard anything about Mulder’s dating life was when Mulder, himself, told him about Dana Scully.  Reggie had just returned from vacationing with his wife, Renee’s, family in Key West.  He walked in on Monday morning in his post vacation stupor and was shocked to find that Mulder hadn’t arrived yet.  That only happened when Mulder had been sent to the field.  He checked his e-mail for some indication as to where Mulder was and found nothing; he picked up the phone to call Skinner when Mulder came through the door.  It took one look to see that something monumental had happened during his absence.  Mulder looked rested and he was smiling, not just a cursory twitch of his lips, but a real smile that lit up his eyes. 


Reggie hadn’t even had to ask because Mulder just blurted it out.  “Reg, I met her.  I thought I was in love before but I have to tell you it was nothing like this.  Her name is Dana. . .”  Mulder went into all the details of how they met, how wonderful she was and beautiful and everything that every man says when thinks he’s in love.


Reggie was terrified.  He was so afraid Mulder was going to get hurt again.  Hell, he’d only been gone for two weeks and Mulder was head over heels.  That couldn’t be good.  But it was good and a year later it still was. 


Mulder introduced them that same day at lunch and she turned out to be everything Mulder said she was, even a bit more.  He watched their interaction during the meal.  They acted like they’d known each other for years not just days.  It was spooky.


They were nearly inseparable.  When Mulder and he were in the field, Mulder would call her at least three times every day no matter what they were doing.  Morning, noon and night he called his ‘Scully.’  He also called her whenever he was blocked; it always worked.  There was something about the little redhead that relaxed Mulder and that would let the genius flow.


Reggie was pulled from his musings by Mulder.  “See anything you like?”  Busted, Mulder’s smile broadened and Reggie coughed to cover his embarrassment at being caught staring.  Luckily Skinner chose that moment to walk in. 


“Sorry about making you wait.”  He barely got seated when the intercom



“Yes,” he answered.


“Sir, I hate to disturb you but there is an emergency call for Agent Mulder.”  His assistant, Kim, said.


Skinner put the call on speaker.  “Hello, to whom am I speaking?”  Skinner asked.


“My name is Grace Moore and I’m. . .”


She didn’t get to finish when Mulder pounced.  “Grace, what happened to Scully?”


“Mulder, don’t worry.  She’d kill me if you worried about her.  She was writing her notes from the latest autopsy and she fainted.  I called for help and she darned near took my head off when they carted her out of there.  I’m waiting for word.  She’s at George Washington.”

Mulder was out of the room before she could finish, Reggie and Skinner were in fast pursuit.



Mulder found out from the admissions desk where her room was.  The trio met Grace just outside Scully’s room and she and Mulder hugged each other.


“They won’t tell me anything,” Grace told them tearfully.


Skinner started to turn, “I’ll see what I can find out.”


“No, Mulder is listed as her next of kin.  They’ll tell him.”

They went to the floor nurses station.  After checking Scully’s file the nurse told Mulder about Scully’s condition.


“Dr. Scully was brought in after she’d been found lying on the floor of her office.  Her vitals were good and Dr. Tern ordered to keep her for observation and if nothing happened she’d be released.  Unfortunately, she started having bouts of nausea followed by severe vomiting.  Dr. Tern ordered that she be admitted.  We’ve got her on fluids and we’re waiting for the results of her blood work.”  The nurse put her hand on Mulder’s shoulder.  “We don’t know anything yet so don’t just worry yourself sick.  She’s in there and I think she really would like to see you.  I was talking to her while I took her vitals and she’s kinda stuck on you.”


A smile played at Mulder’s lips in spite of himself.



Mulder took a deep breath and entered Scully’s room.  Her eyes were closed and at first he thought she was sleeping but her hand reached out for him.  She scooted over to make room for him on the bed.  “I love you, Mulder.”


“I love you too, Scully.”


“Did they tell you anything?”


“Only that you fainted and started vomiting.  Scully, tell me.  Have you had any other occurrences?


“I’ve felt a little queasy for the last three or four days, but you knew about that.”  He nodded; they thought she was coming down with the flu.  “I just finished the report on the Terrance autopsy and I got up to get some coffee.  The next thing I know I was on a gurney.  I think I owe Grace a big apology.”


“You just being okay will be enough,” Grace said from the doorway.  “Is it all right for us to come in?”


“Sure, I didn’t know you were all out there.”  Scully was waving them in.  “Grace, I’m so sorry for being angry.”


“Angry, you were not angry, you were mad.”  She reached down and took Scully’s hand.  “I love you, girlfriend, but you get to explain to Melvin why his love muffin won’t be too receptive tonight.”

Mulder’s face scrunched up. “Grace!  Too much information!”  The room erupted in laughter.


“That’s what I like to see.”  Dr. Tern came into the room.  “Dana, could I speak to you privately?  I have the results of your blood work.”


“Would it be okay if Mulder stayed?”  She asked.


“So this is Mulder?”  The doctor offered his hand.  The other three slipped from the room and closed the door.

Mulder and Scully just held each other.  Dr. Tern took a moment to review the file.  “Dana, Fox, take those worried looks off your faces.”


“It’s curable?”  Mulder ventured.


“I’d say that Dana will be back to normal in about seven and a half months, give or take a week or two.”  Dr. Tern saw from their faces that they didn’t follow.


“Dana, you are a doctor and as such you know that nature often makes fools out of doctors.”  Still they seemed to not understand and Dr. Tern drew in an exasperated sigh.  “Congratulations, Dana, or maybe I should say mom, you too, dad.”


Mulder mumbled, “Mom and dad.  Oh, God!  Are you saying. . .”  Mulder turned to Scully ready to hug her for dear life when her look of fear stopped him.  She was remembering Jack Willis’ reaction.  He spoke softly, “Dana Katherine Scully, I love you and,” his smile broadened, “we made a baby.”  He placed his hand gently on her stomach.   


Her eyes searched his and whatever it was that she needed to see must have been there because she hurled herself to him.  Scully kissed the side of his face then whispered, “We made a baby.  You created a miracle Mulder; our miracle.”


The doctor cleared his throat.  “With your history we are going to have to be really careful.  I’ve already contacted your Gynecologist, Dr. Fields, and told her about this.  She wants to see you tomorrow at 10:00.


I don’t see a reason to make you stay the night as long as you won’t be alone.”  He cocked his head toward the door.  “I’m going to let the others in here.  I think you might want to brace yourselves for some serious hugging.”


Grace led the trio and saw the looks passing between the two people sitting on the bed.  The way they were acting she new it wasn’t bad news.  “Stop gazing at each other and tell us.”  Grace demanded good naturedly.


Mulder spoke, “hey Grace, you ready to be a Godmother?”


“Godmo. . ., Dana!”  She ran to the bed.  “My girl is having a baby.  Wait till I tell my boys.”  There was a twinkle in her eyes.  “So, do we just assume Mulder here is the father?”


“That’s proud papa to you!”  Mulder’s eyes never left Scully’s face.  “Isn’t she amazing?”  Mulder knew he was laying it on a little thick but he needed her to know that he wasn’t like Willis.  He wanted this baby almost as much as he wanted its mom.


Skinner and Reggie just stood watching, complete shock had overtaken them.



Mulder got Scully settled in bed then went to heat up some chicken broth.  The smile had not faded from his face.  Pictures of a little redhead prancing around in a tutu or a tall dark haired baseball player kept running through his mind.  He’d never thought about children until he met Scully.  Even before she’d told him about her first pregnancy and what that bastard Willis did he’d envisioned having children with her. 


But before this baby gets born there is something else that needs to be done. 


Mulder put the tray over her slight body and sat next to her.  “You know, Scully, now that you’ve made me a dad you’re going to have to marry me.”


“Is that so?  You expect me to make an honest man of you?  Well, I suppose if we have to, we have to.”


He leaned over and kissed her. 


“Thank God.”  He got up and grabbed something out of his suit coat then moved back to the bed.  “I’ve been carrying this around for weeks.”  He held out a jeweler’s box that obviously carried a ring. 


Mulder sat at the side of the bed and opened the box to reveal an antique rose gold ring with four emeralds surrounding the center diamond.  “It was my great-grandmother’s engagement ring.  I was going to get you something new but Samantha reminded me about this one.  When I got it out of the safety deposit box and saw it I knew this was our ring.”


Scully had not said anything and Mulder started to get worried that he’d made the wrong call.  He closed the box, “I’ll get. . .”


“No!  I’m sorry I just,” she took hold of his hand.  “It’s just that if I were to pick out a ring that is just what I’d pick.  That is our ring and if you don’t put it on my finger right now you will have one very upset pregnant woman on your hands, and I don’t think you can take that.”


“Scully, I do have one request.”


“Hmm,” she was too busy admiring the ring to really care.


“I want to be the one to tell your brother Bill.”


“Mulderrrr,” Scully mock growled.  “Only if I get to watch.”



Scully moved to sit on the couch and Mulder steered her to the bedroom.  “Scully, you know what the doctor said.  Bed rest until she tells us otherwise.”


“Mulder, what am I going to do?  I can’t afford to not work.  I’ve got some savings but . . .”


“What is this ‘I’ crap?  This is a ‘we’ thing and ‘we’ can afford for you to be out of work.  Now stop worrying, you know what Belinda said about stress.  Now, get in that bed and take a nap.  Byers is coming to stay with you and I’m meeting the others to get started packing my things.  Most of my clothes are already here so the only thing I really need to bring is my fish tank.  The rest is going into storage.  I made all the arrangements while you were being examined. 


“Oh, do you want to invite your folks over on Sunday for dinner so we can spring the news on them?”  Mulder was putting on his “happy” act because Scully had been down since she was told she would need to stay in bed most of the time.


“I don’t think I will be up for cooking,” Scully said quietly.


“Then it’s a good thing I know all the best take-out.”


Scully just reached her arms out and Mulder went to her.  “You are something else.  Do you know that, Mr. Mulder?”


“We aims to please.”  He kissed her nose.  “Now call your folks and then take that nap.”



Mrs. Scully held her husbands hand tightly.  Fox met them at the door and told them that Dana was lying down and would be out later.  Immediately her mom radar kicked in and she was worried despite Fox’s exclamations that there was nothing to worry about.


Twenty minutes later Dana walked ‘gingerly’ out of the bedroom.  Fox was at her side the moment the door opened.  Margaret and Bill watched the procession and their anxiety grew.  Mulder made sure she was settled then sat on the arm of her chair and the pair looked at each other and held hands.  It was Bill who spoke first.  “You’re getting married!  That’s what all of this is about; you are getting married.”  They knew that Mulder was for all intents living with Dana.  They didn’t fully approve of the living arrangement but they did approve of the couple and they knew it was only a matter of time before they were married.


Mulder and Scully faces broke into huge smiles.  “That covers one announcement,” Mulder said.  “The other is really a surprise and,” he looked at Scully.  “She’s amazing, she really is.  We just found out that Scully and I are going to be parents in a little over seven months.”


Maggie Scully grabbed her husband.  “Dana, this is wonderful.  How, I know that after that,” she stopped she didn’t know if Fox knew about Dana’s miscarriage.


“Mom, it’s okay, Mulder knows everything.  I told him on our first date and he didn’t go running and screaming from me.”


“Just like I told her about my finding my ex-wife in bed with her best girlfriend.”  Mulder’s face turned serious.  “I know that you would have liked us to have been married first but I hope you see this as the great gift we do.”


It was Bill’s turn to say something but first he looked at his wife and she nodded.  “Dana, Fox, I’m about to tell you a family secret.  Bill and Melissa were not born eighteen months after we were married they came six months after we got married.  We tacked on a year so none of you would ask questions.”  While Maggie blushed Bill just laughed at the shocked faces of the young couple.  “Young people always think they are the first to discover sex.”


“Bill, that will be enough.  Now, we have a wedding to plan!”

Dana explained she didn’t want anything too fancy.  Mulder explained about Scully’s condition.


“Would you like to have it at our house?”  Bill offered.  “We can accommodate a decent number and it won’t be too taxing for Dana.  Hell, I’ll roll her down the aisle in a wheelchair if it will help.”


Everyone was amenable to the idea.  So that was settled.  Maggie said she would call Father McCue and they would decide the date after they knew the good Father’s schedule. 


Bill Scully beamed at the duo for a moment then asked, “Fox, I know you are half Jewish so would you want a Rabbi to co-officiate?”


“I don’t think so; my religious training was quite lax.  But before I say a definitive no I want to check with my mom.  She’s never followed the faith all that closely but she may like to, well you know.”  He hoped they did.  “Her father had insisted that we have all the rights for my marriage to Diana but he’s gone now.” 


It was Dana who decided, “Mulder, if you really don’t care I would like to have a Rabbi officiate with Father.  It just seems right.”  He nodded.


“Good, that’s settled.  Now, one last obstacle.  About that first marriage, you are divorced and the woman is still living?”  Maggie didn’t want to sound too nosy but Father McCue needed all the information.


“I was married before and legally I am divorced and I presented Diana with the ‘get’ so the marriage is dissolved in the faith.  My grandfather Kuiper insisted.”  His arm tightened around Scully.  “I think I’m grateful he was a bit of a stickler.  I can get you copies of all the documents if you want?


Maggie, Bill, I do have one request and I hope you don’t take this wrong but I really would like to do this.  Bill Jr. has given Dana a hard time in the past and this last year he has taken every opportunity to make us aware that he looks down on our lifestyle.  I would like to be the one to tell him.  I hope it will build a bridge so that we can move on.  Do you have any objections?”


“Fox, I think that would be a good thing.”  Maggie spoke for both she and her husband.  “Bill Jr. can be too rigid in his thinking.”

Bill interrupted.  “Though it seems to be a do as I say not as I do sort of thing.  I’ll bet none of you knew that he and Tara cohabitated before they were married.”  Maggie gave her husband a quizzical look and he just shrugged knowing he’d have some explaining to do later.


Mulder looked at Scully and they gave each other smiles, this was information he could use to his advantage. 


“Now for the really big issue,” Bill began, “are you two still going to call each other Scully and Mulder after you’re married?  Because I’ll tell ya, it’s kinda annoying when he calls out Scully and nearly everyone in the room responds.”



Scully’s doctor was allowing her more time out of bed but she still couldn’t stand for long lengths of time.  Three weeks earlier her parents showed up at her door to take her and her wheelchair shopping for her wedding outfit.  At first she balked because she thought it was a little silly, since she and Mulder were hardly strangers to each other, but once she got to the bridal store she got into the mood. 

Not only did she find the perfect dress, simple but elegant and her dad said, ‘from my fatherly perspective you look too damned sexy and I should ban you from buying such an outfit,’ but an entire bridal wardrobe.  Shoes that somehow managed to be sexy but still only had the small heel her doctor insisted, lace topped hose, a nice cream colored travel suit and a, not very virginal, nightgown her mom insisted she get.  ‘Fox would bite his leg off if he had to just to get to you dear.’


All her purchases were at her parent’s home just waiting for Friday when they would be needed. 


The last month had been a blur; starting with her fainting spell, finding out she wouldn’t be able to work for the duration, telling everyone and all the planning.  Who knew that a small, simple affair would be so involved?  Flowers, invitations, food, beverages, hotel reservations, renting chairs and all the rest of it.  They had accomplished a lot in a month.


After they told her parents, Scully insisted they tell his mom and dad.  She’d only met them once but she’d spoken to them quite often in the last year.  She’d found them cool but polite.  Mr. Mulder, Bill, tended to drink a little heavily and Mrs. Mulder, Teena, avoided things that were unpleasant.  Mulder’s sister Samantha was a lot like her brother and Scully liked her a lot. 


Scully got permission from her doctor for them to take the train to Massachusetts to visit.  She didn’t like it but she was relegated using a wheelchair whenever they went anyplace so when the Mulder’s saw Mulder pushing her they were extremely concerned; she hadn’t been in a wheelchair when they’d last met.  Mulder had to assure them repeatedly that it was only a temporary thing but they only stopped fussing when he blurted out, “it’s only until the baby comes.” 


They all stood motionless in stunned silence which Scully broke with a nervous, “surprise!”  


Overall, the weekend had been a success and Mrs. Mulder was thrilled that Mulder had given Scully her grandmother’s engagement ring. 


Sunday afternoon Mrs. Mulder shooed the men out and the three ladies went into her library.  While Samantha and Scully watched, Teena opened a wall safe and pulled out a jewel case.  Inside was a rope of exquisite pearls; the Kuiper pearls.  Teena handed the case to Scully. 

“Dana, those have been in my family for generations.  Every bride, with one exception, has worn them on her wedding day and I hope you will continue the tradition.”  Scully later learned that the bride who hadn’t worn the pearls was Diana. 



Scully moved to her parent’s home Wednesday.  Both she and Mulder were unhappy about not being together and Scully was really pissed at herself for agreeing with her mom on the necessity for it so they could see to all those last minute bride things.


She could hear her mom saying, “Dana, you do not want to be home while the men take Fox out for his bachelor party.  Besides, there is the matter of your bachelorette party.”


Dana’s bachelorette party consisted of a combined bridal and baby shower.   By the end of the evening, Dana had pulled in quite the haul.  Everything from a bassinet and enough baby outfits to take him, or her, to college if she could find a way for him, or her, to never grow, to sexy lingerie that made her blush just holding the stuff. 


Around ten, Maggie whispered that Fox was on the phone asking to speak with her.


Scully picked up the receiver and heard raucous laughter and loud gyrating music in the background. 


“Mulder, I thought you were supposed to be having your last night of debauchery?”  She chided him.


“Scully, I’ve missed you all day.  I tried to convince your mom to let me visit for a little while.”


“I can only imagine her reply to that.”


“You got it, and then some.”

”So the party not interesting?”


“Scully, when a man has everything he ever wanted everything else is just flotsam.”


Scully couldn’t help but sniffle.  “You know, I just might have to keep you.  I did get some very interesting presents.  At least I think you will think so.”


“Oh, do tell.”  Scully could almost see the lascivious look on his face.


“You’re just going to have to wait till I can give you a show.”


“You are a cruel woman.”


“But you love me anyway.”


“You’ve got that right.  Scully, this is so lame.  I don’t want to be here.”


“Where is ‘here’ exactly?”  She asked.


“Michael’s on fourth, why, you gonna send in the cavalry to rescue me?”


“Mulder, Michael’s has a little alcove near the rear.  I’ll bet that if you go there you will find dad and maybe a couple of others nursing some water downed drinks talking.  Maybe even playing cards.  Now hang up and go check.  I love you.”


“Love you too.”  Mulder wandered to the back and found his dad, Bill Mulder, Bill Scully Sr., AD Skinner and Reggie Purdue and a pack of cards just like Scully said. 


“Can a bored out his skull bridegroom join?”


They all gave him knowing smiles and Reggie moved over a chair.  “I thought you were supposed to be sowing your last wild oats?  Won’t you be missed?” 


“Those guys in there are so wasted that I’m not even sure they remember who I am.”


Skinner spoke up.  “I never did understand these bachelor party things.  They just seem like a lot of trouble for a bad hangover on the one day you should remember.”


“Not to mention the other inconveniences if things go too far.”  Bill Scully added.



Mulder stood by in front of Father McCue with Reggie at his side.  The string quartet started and Grace appeared in the doorway.  Scully had been torn between Grace, her dearest friend, and her sister, Melissa or Missy as they called her, to stand up with her.  Missy was the one to make the decision.  She realized that she and Scully’s relationship was strained the last couple years so she bowed out. 


Grace made her slow progress down the aisle and took her spot.  The music changed and everyone rose.  Scully and her dad stood in the doorway and Mulder feared he was going to faint; Scully looked magnificent.  She had her hair up and it was adorned with small flowers.  Her dress was understated sexy and he saw the hint of a bump at the tummy.  The Kuiper pearls were strung four times around her neck then cascaded down her back.  Mulder realized the dress must be backless or nearly so.


They reached the make-shift alter and Captain Scully kissed his daughter as he placed her hand in Mulder’s.  In deference to Scully’s condition, they were seated during the ceremony.


The ceremony, itself, was a lovely conglomeration of their two religions ending with Mulder stepping on the glass then the Rabbi and Priest presented the couple to the audience. 


Mulder and Scully sat and watched all the people.  She wanted to mingle but her doctor only allowed the walk down the aisle and one ‘slow’ dance with Mulder. 


People came up to them with their well wishes.  Mulder got up to go get them some more food while Scully remained.  Suddenly a woman she didn’t know sat next to her.  She was dark, beautiful and she was glaring at Scully. 


“I’m sorry; you must be from Mulder’s side.”  Scully extended her hand but the woman ignored it.


She huffed at Scully’s comment.  “I guess you could say I’m from the Mulder side.  I’m Fox’s wife.”


Scully thought it as the same time she heard Mulder say, “Diana?” 


“Hello, Fox.”  She turned toward Mulder and Scully knew her presence had been dismissed.


“What the hell do you think you’re doing here?”  Mulder demanded, trying desperately not to let his anger get out of hand.


“I just got back from Europe and I saw the announcement in the paper.  I just had to see who my replacement was.”


It was Scully who continued.  “Interesting, since there wasn’t an announcement in the paper yet.”  Diana just shrugged her shoulders but added no further comment.


Mulder moved to his seat next to Scully and placed his arm around her shoulders possessively.  Scully didn’t need the stress and he was sure Diana was here to cause trouble.  “I think you should leave now.  You’ve had your fun, now just go.  This is our wedding and I don’t want you to spoil it.”


“Fox,” her nasal voice pleaded.  “I don’t want to spoil anything.  I found out you were getting married and I, I don’t know, I just needed to see.”  She pushed past Scully to put her hands on his chest.  “One dance, for old time’s sake?  Please.”


Mulder smiled, hearing the insincerity under the innocent request.  How had he ever been fool enough to be taken in by her?


“I will only be dancing one dance this evening and that is with my wife.”


Diana snickered and rose, taking Mulder’s hand with her.  She looked back when she realized he hadn’t stood.


“I said my wife,” Mulder pulled his hand from Diana’s grasp.  “You are not my wife, you never really were.”


Reggie and Skinner chose that moment to arrive.  “Anything wrong?”  Skinner asked.


Mulder turned back to Scully.  “No, but Diana will be going.  Would you mind escorting her to the door?”  Both men took a side and gently, but firmly pulled her to the exit.


Diana opened her mouth to say something but Reggie stopped her.  “This is beneath even something like you.  You blew it a long time ago Diana.  You didn’t want him when you had him so just let him be happy.  Dana makes him happy.”


Diana was watching the door close in her face before she recovered from Reggie’s words.  She turned and stormed to her car.  This was not over.  Little miss thing was not taking her place.  And who the hell ever said that Fox deserved to be happy?


Scully looked at herself in the mirror.  Where did she ever get the nerve to buy this nightgown?  She turned to look at the back view then back to the front.  Whew!  It left little to the imagination.  Parts of it were so sheer that it just looked like her skin had changed color.  She moved to take it off then stopped herself. 


It wasn’t like Mulder had never seen her naked, because he had, many times; many, many times.  Besides, she had nothing else in the bathroom to change into.  So it was either this, which just made her look naked or actually being naked. 


She pulled her shoulders back and moved to open the door. 


Mulder was sitting on the couch facing the fireplace.  He readjusted his robe and pajama bottoms at least a dozen times.  He’d originally had the pajama tops on too but one look in the mirror and he decided ‘dork’ was not a good look on him.  He couldn’t believe how Diana tried to spoil their wedding.  He was so mad he almost spit.  It was Scully’s quiet confidence in him that gave him the strength to stand up to that woman.  What had he ever seen in that woman? 


He would never forget how Scully salvaged the celebration for him.  Reggie and Skinner were pulling Diana away and he sat next to Scully.  She gently placed her hand on his arm and whispered, “I have to say, your taste in women has definitely improved.  If I do say so myself.” 


He couldn’t help himself from laughing his fool head off.  “God, I love you.”  He stood and held his hand out.  “Care to dance, lovely lady?”



The sound of the bathroom door opening brought his mind back to the present.  Scully was standing in the doorway.  The bathroom light backlit her so she was more shadow than substance.  She moved slowly toward him and . . .  Mulder’s conscious mind stopped completely.  She was the most beautiful sight he’d ever laid eyes on.  Without thought as to how he got there he suddenly was in front of her and lifting her gently in his arms.


“You, Mrs. Mulder are, God, are there even words to describe how truly beautiful you are?”


Mulder laid her on the bed and joined her. 



Scully was unpacking the last box.  It was the only box they’d let her pack and now it was the only one they let her unpack.  Her condition and her pregnancy girth made everything difficult.  She was no longer bed ridden but she was under strict orders not to do too much.  Mulder watched her like a hawk.


Mulder’s parent’s wedding present was a Georgetown townhouse.  It had taken three months to complete the renovations and another to actually move but now they were here. 


She looked around the room and fell in love with the old place again.  It had three floors above ground and the lower level that used to be the servant’s area back in the day. That is where the kitchen, laundry and an assortment of odd little rooms, which at one time must have been bustling with activity, were.  This floor had the dining room, front parlor, sun room, and library. Off the back, was a glass enclosed porch.  They were using the library as their bedroom until the baby came.


The next floor had the master suite and three other bedrooms.  The one closest to the master suite was done up as the nursery.  The top floor had once housed the servant’s quarters and was still in need of renovation.  Scully wasn’t sure what to do with it so for now the rooms were empty except the odd thing here and there.  She was thinking of making an apartment out of it for visiting relatives.


A knock on the door startled her.  Mulder had gone out to get something for lunch and she wasn’t expecting anyone.    


Slowly, she made her way to the door while the knocking got increasingly insistent.  She opened the vestibule door and saw through the front glass; Diana.


Cautiously she opened the door just enough to speak through.  “How may I help you?”  She asked, uncomfortable with being confronted by this woman again. 


“You can get the hell out of my way.”  Diana pushed the door back and strode passed Scully, nearly knocking her down in the process.


Scully moved to follow and Diana turned on her.  Diana looked at Scully’s bulging middle.  “So that is how you trapped him.  I suspected it had to be something like that.  There was no way Fox would want something like you.”   She looked Scully up and down. 


“Fox appreciates beautiful women. . .”


Further comments were ceased when they heard Mulder say, “One of the few things we had in common.”  Neither woman heard him come in.  He walked to Scully and took her in his arms.  “You jealous I finally found one?”  He kissed his wife and smiled.  “Go dish out lunch, this won’t take long.”


They watched Scully waddle toward the dining room. “Explain yourself, Diana.”  He reached in his pocket and pulled out his cell phone.  “Tell me why I shouldn’t have you arrested?”


She slithered toward him in a manner he once saw as sexy.  He moved away and put the phone to his ear.  “Yes, this is Special Agent Fox Mulder of the FBI.  I have a trespasser in my home.  Her name is Diana Fowley.  I have reason to suspect that she has been stalking my wife and me.”


“You won’t get away with this Fox.  I swear, you’ll see, you will see and so will that little twit you are married to.”  She stormed out of the house just as the police sirens were heard in the distance. 


One of the policemen was someone that Mulder had worked with before, Sergeant Dan Michaels.  Mulder related the story and told them about Diana crashing their wedding.  “Also, I think it would be interesting to know how she got this address since you just moved in.”  Then he recommended that Mulder and Scully file a complaint so that something would be on file.


Mulder came back into the room with their heated up lunch.  “Mulder, do you really think it’s necessary to file a complaint against her.  I mean don’t you think it will make her madder?”


Mulder took Scully’s hand.  “I think it’s just wise to be careful.”  He moved to her side.  “You said that she almost caused you to fall.  I don’t want to take any chances.”



Scully was resting and Mulder was holding their new son, William Fox Mulder.  They named him after both of their fathers.  He couldn’t take his eyes off of the small bundle in his arms. 


“He’s beautiful, isn’t he?”  Scully’s tired voice interrupted his thoughts. 


“He really is, Scully.”  Suddenly he couldn’t stop the tears from streaming down his face.  “Thank you, Scully.”  He choked out.  “Thank you for William, for being you and for loving me.  Just, thank you.”


“Thank you too, Mulder.  I really feel that if not for you this,” she took the baby’s tiny fingers in her hand.  “This little miracle would never have happened.”



The nurse noticed the dark haired woman watching the newborns.  She seemed to be interested in the Mulder child.  There was something about the woman that bothered her.  Her eyes looked almost manic.


Frohike caught up with Mulder as he was entering the hospital.  Mulder had gone home to shower and change.  He’d hoped to be taking his little family home today but Scully’s labor had been really difficult and with all the problems she’d experienced during the pregnancy her doctor wanted to keep her a day or two.


They got to the nursery and saw William’s bassinette was empty.  “Must be with Scully.”  Mulder said, unconcerned.


They entered Scully’s room and saw that William was not with her.  Frohike placed the flowers he’d brought on the dresser.  Mulder gave him a look and excused himself.  Frohike kept Scully occupied while Mulder checked on William.



William was missing.  Skinner had two agents on the hospital video tape.  The staff was keeping Scully sedated so they didn’t have to tell her until it was absolutely necessary.  Mulder was going out of his mind. 


Skinner walked up to Mulder and Reggie, who’d come to help anyway he could.  “Mulder, Reggie the examination of the video showed Diana Fowley taking William. 


Mulder sank to the chair with a deep wail.  Reggie put his hand on Mulder’s shoulder and shook him.  “Mulder, you’ve used that brilliant mind of yours to solve any number of crimes.  Now use it to get your son back.”  Mulder looked up at Reggie.  “Where would she go?  How did she get out of the hospital?  Come on, Mulder.”


His voice was weak but Reggie knew the look in Mulder’s eyes.  This was going to be good.  Mulder turned to Skinner, “did they see her leaving the building on any of the videos?”


Skinner pulled out his cell and called the techs.  “No, they checked all the tapes of the exits and didn’t see her.  Does this mean she’s still on the premises?”


“I think so.”  Mulder hit his head, why hadn’t he thought of having someone watch the baby?  “Sir, call security and get blue prints of the hospital.”



They’d searched the hospital but it was luck that allowed them to locate Diana and William in less than an hour.  A maintenance man had gone down to check a pipe that had been repaired two days earlier and he heard a child crying.


Diana was sitting in the hospital laundry.  William was crying and she couldn’t get him to stop. 


Mulder approached cautiously.  “Diana, give him to me.”


“Fox!  I got our child.  See, now you can have this child and me too.  You no longer have to pretend to love that woman.  I know she trapped you but now you can be done with her.  We can be together again, just like it’s supposed to be.”


She was delusional but he knew he couldn’t risk upsetting her further. 


“May I hold him?” Mulder tried to keep from sounding desperate.


She looked perplexed; her eyes darted between William and Mulder.  Mulder used her momentary confusion to move closer, ever cautious of his child.


“I think he looks like me, don’t you agree, Fox?”  Mulder nodded and held out his arms and tenderly took William; the child stopped crying immediately.  As soon as Mulder secured the baby Reggie and Skinner descended on her and Mulder walked away oblivious to Diana’s screamed taunts.



Mulder walked into Scully’s room just as she was waking.  William was snuggled into his shoulder.


He handed him to Scully and she took him to her breast where the child greedily gorged himself on his mother’s milk.


“Mulder, what’s wrong?  What happened?” 


Mulder sat on the bed and watched his two most loved people and said a silent thanks to whoever watched over them.


“It was Diana. . .”  He relayed the day’s horrors.  By the time he finished so had William. 


Skinner and Reggie came in as Scully finished righting her gown.  “Diana Fowley is in custody.  She’d convinced herself that William was her baby, hers and yours, Mulder.”



Mulder stood over William’s crib just watching him sleep; something, that Scully pointed out, had quickly become his favorite nighttime activity.  Scully’s voice beckoned him from their room.  Mulder picked up the baby monitor and said quietly, “I’ll be right there.”  Another look at their child and he wanted to cry.  They’d almost lost him. 


Today he’d testified in Diana’s competency hearing.  She was found to be unable to stand trial due to mental instability.  Three days after the incident in the hospital Mulder had been called to her apartment.  Diana’s walls were covered with pictures of Scully and he.  Scully’s face was cut off and Diana’s was glued on.  She must have been stalking them for nearly a year; even before the pregnancy.”


Records showed that she’d returned from Europe fifteen months earlier.  Further examination produced documentation from three separate Private Investigators.  The dossiers they found included Skinner, Reggie and his wife, the entire Scully family and Scully.  The whole mess sent a chill through him just thinking about it.


“Mulder,” Scully’s lilting voice drifted down the hallway.


Mulder entered their room and saw the light from the bathroom through the partially opened door.


“Scully, you almost done in there?”


“I’ll be out in a minute.  Did I tell you I took Will in for his check-up?”  She asked.


“Oh, I forgot about that.”  Mulder was a little angry with himself for forgetting.  He started pulling down the coverlet from the bed.


“The doctor said that everything is fine.  He’s right where he’s supposed to be.”


“That’s great, Scu. . .”  Mulder’s words were choked off as he looked toward the door to see Scully standing there in the gown she wore on their wedding night.  “Sc. . .” he paused and tried again.  “Scully?”


“I went to the doctor today too.”  She answered his unasked question.


“Oh, really?”  Mulder was starting to catch on.


She answered with a saucy smile and move toward him. 


“Ooooh, rea. . .” Mulder started but this time his words were cut off by Scully’s lips as she pulled him to her. 



Mulder surveyed the damage.  His clothes were tossed in all directions.  Scully’s magnificent nightgown was down for the count.  It would have to be retired but it will always hold a place of honor in the Mulder-Scully household.


Scully’s limp body was slung over his limp body like a silk blanket.  He picked up the remnants of the once beautiful gown.  Scully reached out and fingered the gentle fabric.  “I’m sorry about the nightgown, Scully.”


“I’m not.”  She replied as she dropped the bits of torn gossamer. 


“Scully?”  He questioned.


“It gave its life for the greater good.  Wouldn’t you agree, Mulder?”  She began climbing down his torso, trailing wet kisses as she went.  “And this promises to be even better.”


Mulder dropped the gown and answered with a very inarticulate “Gunh.”


“Just reminding you of another favorite nighttime activity, Mulder.”




“Yeah, talk to me, baby,” she teased.





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