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Title: Reunions

Author: Sara B.



Rating: Good for All

Category: Pre X-File, AU

Spoilers: Pilot

Feedback:  Bring it on!

Summary:  A short interlude in the young lives of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully

Archive: I would be honored, just let me know.

Disclaimer:  The recognized characters are used Without Prejudice and are the property of C. Carter, Fox and the wonderful actors who breathed life into written words, most notably G. Anderson and D. Duchovny who were able to make us believe in the improbable.  No Infringements of these copyrights are intended, and are used here without permission.  The story and before unknown characters belongs to me.

Gratitude: To Kim Knight, you are the best, thank you.  To my Dennis, enough said.  To CC and Company, who created the X-Files.  Lastly, but my no means least, to the readers, you make this hobby of mine have meaning.

Author’s Notes:  This story nagged at me all through my morning shower.  With a few notable exceptions, I am not a great fan of meeting as children scenarios but this thing held on like a vise and refused to leave me alone till I wrote it.  Gee-pers some stories can be so pushy!



Sara B. 02/06  


They were all standing behind the fencing waiting.  Today their dad would be home from a six month cruise.  Tonight they would stay in a motel and tomorrow they would head out for Grandma and Grandpa Scully’s.  Their mom was doing her best to keep her brood in check while tamping down her own anxiety. 


Maggie Scully looked over her family: Bill Jr. and Melissa were bickering, as usual, and little Charlie was demanding her attention.  Only Dana remained quiet, sitting next to the fence reading.  But then that the norm; Dana was the pensive one. 


Maggie noticed a young boy and girl standing about thee or four feet from her Dana.  The girl busied herself watching the ship but the boy couldn’t take his eyes from Dana.  He seemed to be a bit timid but it was obvious he wanted to say something.  Dana looked up, saw the boy and smiled, which he returned shyly. 


“I have that book; it’s one of my favorites,” he said quietly.


“My dad gave this to me, it’s a little hard for me but I’m determined to finish it.”  The boy moved closer and sat down next to Dana.  “My dad is second in command under Captain Palmer.  What does your dad do?”


“My dad isn’t with the Navy, he’s in the State Department and they were on some special assignment.  My name is Fox,” he pointed over at the girl he was with, “that’s my sister Samantha.”


“I’m Dana, those two over there are my brother Bill and my sister Melissa and that one is my younger brother Charles.  Everyone else calls him Charlie but I call him Charles.”  


Maggie Scully noticed a very well dressed woman watching Dana and the boy so she walked over to her.  “Excuse me, are you his mother?”


The woman turned and regarded her coolly.  “Yes, Fox is my son.  I’m Teena Mulder.”  The way it was said Maggie was sure the woman expected her to know the name. 


Maggie Scully, we’re waiting for my husband, Bill.  We’re all excited; this has been a long deployment.”


“I wouldn’t know, my husband isn’t with the crew.  He and his colleagues only joined the ship two weeks ago.  Bill, my husband, is with the State Department.”


Maggie had heard Fox tell Dana this but she didn’t mention it.  For some reason this woman seemed to need to feel superior.  She felt it didn’t really matter so why not just let it go.  “I could tell your family was not typically Navy.”  The woman looked back questioningly.  “Your clothes.  You and your children are the best dressed family here.  No one in the Navy could afford such beautiful clothing.” 


Teena Mulder was obviously pleased with Maggie’s comments and a little of her coolness dissipated.  “I don’t know how you manage with four children with your husband gone so often.  I have problems with my two while Bill’s gone for any length of time.”


“We manage.  Bill Jr. takes his ‘man of the house’ duties to heart and little Dana over there,” Maggie pointed to the two children sitting next to the fence, “she’s my quiet one so she rarely gives me trouble.  The other two just sort of fit in the cracks.”


“Fox, that’s an unusual name,” Maggie offered more in an effort to engage the woman in conversation than real curiosity.


“I suppose it is,” Teena replied without offering further explanation.




Fox watched their mothers talking.  He hoped his mom wouldn’t say or do anything to upset Dana’s mom.  His mom could be very cutting with her remarks.  So far they seemed to be getting along well.  He turned back to Dana.  “So, how old are you?”


“I’m eight but everyone thinks I’m older.  My sister says I’m an old soul, whatever that’s supposed to mean.”


“I’m ten, I’ll be eleven next October, and they say the same thing about me.  How do you like being a Navy kid?”


Dana smiled at him and her whole face lit up.  “You’re a nice person, Fox Mulder.  You mean Navy brat.  It’s okay but lonely.”  She saw the question in his eyes and answered it before he could give voice to it.  “We move a lot.  That isn’t a problem for Missy and Bill because they’re ‘out there’ and people take to them easily.  Charles is too young to really be bothered but I don’t think he’ll have any problems.  But me, I’m quiet; my daddy says I’m intopectem or something.  I don’t make friends easily.”


Fox liked this girl.  She seemed so much closer to his age than she actually was.  “We’re friends.” Fox said quietly and she smiled again.  “And I think the word is introspective.”   Dana repeated the word back to him slowly.  


Suddenly the excitement level of the people around notched up.  “What’s happening?”  Fox asked.


“They’ve signaled that the men will be coming ashore soon.  My dad will be one of the last to get off.  We need to move back or we might get hurt.”  She could tell he didn’t understand.  “The families get excited and sometimes they don’t realize they’ve just plowed over you.  Come on.”


Dana and Fox joined their moms and siblings near the back and slightly separated from the rest.  Fox realized they were holding hands, it felt comforting.




The group watched as the men disembarked.  Maggie knew that her Bill always came ashore last but she loved watching the reunions and she couldn’t hide her excitement.  Teena Mulder stood next to her, showing all the emotion of someone standing in the checkout line. 


A moment later a young woman came over to Mrs. Mulder and said something quietly.  Teena then turned to Maggie and asked, “Maggie, this is our Au Pair, Nina.  Would you like her to watch your children while she tends to mine?  It might make it easier for you and your husband.”


Maggie was taken aback.  First, she couldn’t even conceive of keeping her children from greeting their father and Bill would hate it.  Second, she wasn’t quite sure what an Au Pair was but she suspected it was a glorified name for nanny.  She declined graciously saying she wouldn’t subject that on anyone. 


The woman moved to take Samantha and Fox but the boy wouldn’t let go of Dana’s hand.  Teena seemed embarrassed at his stubbornness.   Maggie interceded on behalf of the two children.  “Those two seemed to have bonded quickly.  Why not let them enjoy it for now.”  Dana and Fox moved closer to each other. 


Thirty minutes had passed when three men exited the gangway dressed in civilian suits.  Maggie knew that one of the men was Bill Mulder.  She suspected it was the man in the center.  He was tall and lanky like young Fox.  She was quite surprised when she discovered it was the much shorter and slightly stocky man on the right.  Maggie watched the reunion and was startled by the coolness of it all.  She was used to the gushes of joy and unbridled kisses that military families displayed when the men returned.  “The rich are different.”  It wasn’t until Dana and Fox looked up to her that she realized she’d said it out loud.  She looked at Teena to see if she’d heard.  If she did, she made no outward reaction.  


“Dad!”  Bill Jr. screamed and three of her children went running.  Dana alone held back still holding Fox’s hand. 


Fox turned to Mrs. Scully and said, “I’ll watch her if you want to go.” 


“Oh, Fox, thank you.  But I think we’ll both be going in a minute.”


Over the din they heard, “Maggie, get over here and bring Starbuck with you!”


“I have to go now, Fox.  I won’t ever forget you.”  Dana squeezed his hand and she was gone.


Fox called after her, “I won’t forget you either!”  He knew she heard him when she turned and waved.




Dana Scully’s hand was poised to knock on the door while inside Fox Mulder was bent over a light-box examining slides.  The two shared one thought, “I remember, do you?




Reunions 2