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Married Life

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Title: Married Life

Author: Sara B.



Rating: Over 14

Category: Romance and Marriage

Spoilers: None Really

Feedback:  You want to do it, I know you do.  Come on it is so easy!

Summary:  Its moving day for Mr. and Dr. Fox Mulder and Scully has a special housewarming gift for her husband.  Pure unadulterated smaltz and I refuse to apologize!

Archive: I would be honored, just let me know.

Disclaimer:  The recognized characters are used Without Prejudice and are the property of C. Carter, Fox and the wonderful actors who breathed life into written words, most notably G. Anderson and D. Duchovny who were able to make us believe in the improbable.  No Infringements of these copyrights are intended, and are used here without permission.  The story and before unknown characters belongs to me.

Gratitude: To Kim Knight, you are the best, thank you.  To my Dennis, enough said.  To CC and Company, who created the X-Files.  Lastly, but my no means least, to the readers, you make this hobby of mine have meaning.

Author’s Notes:  I have no idea where this came from and it is certainly not down my usual paths.  I dedicate this story to everyone who has love in their life.

Married Life

Sara B. 10/05


Scully wiped her hands on the dishtowel and walked into the living room.  This was their last night in this apartment.  Most of the furniture had already been moved to the new place.  Will was staying at her mom’s place during the move so tonight it was just the two of them. 

She never thought she’d ever outgrow this lovely old place but she had.  First came Will with all the trappings that come with a child.  Then Mulder moved in and brought his own bits and pieces, or at least what they could squeeze in.  What had once been enough for her to get lost in now felt cramped; hell, it didn’t just feel cramped, it was cramped. 

Three months earlier, Mulder came tromping in and after tripping his way through the maze of toys to kiss her, he announced he'd sold his mother and father's New England homes, along with his mother's condominium. It was time to start looking for their home.

He kept the family vacation homes in Quonochontaug, Lake Tahoe and Hilton Head.  She still couldn’t believe the wealth he’d inherited. 

This was the first time he’d touched any of his inheritance.  He did tap into the trust fund his grandfather Kuiper had set up for him to fund his cause and to keep him in expensive clothes.  She also suspected the trust fund had been used to help some of the people they’d run into along the way and she was sure the Gunmen had benefited on occasion.  Other than that he lived on his salary. 

This was still the case.  The only exception was that now his salary was greatly increased since Kersh fired him.  Kersh, himself was fired a month later when certain associates of his came to light.  With Kersh gone, the FBI immediately offered Mulder his job back but he declined.  At Scully’s encouragement Mulder had started writing and things looked really promising.  Also, he found out he loved to be home with Will. 

He also agreed to work as a consultant for the FBI when they needed him.  Turned out they needed him a lot and what they used to take for granted they now forked over a cool $1000.00 per day to get.  The newly promoted Deputy Director Skinner said ‘A bargain at twice the price.’

They found a house almost immediately; it was huge.  She’d tried to steer Mulder to some smaller places but he’d been insistent.  Now she was glad he had.  They closed on it two days earlier and now Mr. and Dr. Fox Mulder had one hell of a great house.

They’d worked so hard to get here but they were here and she was going to hold on if she had to kick and scream to do it.  For the longest time Mulder was so pessimistic and kept waiting for the ‘other shoe to drop.’  Tonight she was going to drop that shoe, but she didn’t think he’d mind it at all.

Mulder was sitting on the floor when she joined him.  “Hey, there pretty lady.  How’s about you planting that luscious little rump right here in daddy’s lap?”  She sat down and wiggled her bottom.  “Promises, promises.  I hope you plan on keeping them?”

“When have I ever broken a promise, Mulder?”

He was just about to pour the wine when he noticed the ‘wine’ was actually sparkling grape juice.  He looked at her with his patented ‘what gives’ look.  She just smiled and leaned into him.  “Just pour, Mulder.”

He shrugged.  He knew Scully and she would tell him when she was darn good and ready, not a moment before.

Scully stretched a little and Mulder nuzzled her neck, he was rewarded with a low moan.  “This is the last night Scully.  Are you sad?”

“There was a time, not that long ago really, I thought I’d live the rest of my life in this apartment.”  She turned and captured his lips.  “But sad, not in the least.  I have you and Will.  How could I be sad?”  She tucked herself into his neck, sniffed then sighed.  Mulder smiled, for some reason Scully always did that and it amazed him how erotic it was.

“You know,” Mulder placed a kiss on her head, “I always regretted that you didn’t have the wedding you always wanted.  We never got a honeymoon either.  I was thinking that maybe next year we could slip away for a couple weeks.  Just the two of us.  Will could stay with your mom.”

“Mmm mmm, sounds delicious but I’m afraid next year is out of the question.”  Scully kissed his jaw.  “And who said I didn’t get the wedding I wanted?  You were the groom and that is all that mattered.  You know I was never one for tulle and lace.”

“Scully, why can’t we get away next year?  Will will be old enough to be away from us for two weeks.”

“Oh, Will will defiantly be old enough, that isn’t the problem.”  Scully’s hands were starting to work on his shirt buttons.

“Then?”  Mulder panted out.

“We’ll be at the mercy of our latest miracle.”

Mulder pushed her back slightly and he had a confused look on his face.  “I don’t . . .” Suddenly the light went on in his eyes.  “Scully!  When?”  He pulled her into a tight hug

“Do you remember that ‘research’ we did for chapter fifteen?”

“Oh, God yes.”

“All I can say is thank God you will be here for the second trimester this time.”  She saw the tears tracking down his cheeks and kissed them away.  “I love you, Mulder.”

“Back at you, Red, back at you.  Now about chapter twenty three. . .”






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