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Every story has a rating to indicate the age appropriateness.  Please act accordingly. 
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Crossroads Featured Author - April 2006

For your reading pleasure . . .

A Gift of Love: Mulder's Story

A Gift of Love: Scully's Story

A Gift of Love : Paul's Final Gift


Rating: Mid Teens

Category: M/Angst, S/Angst, M/F Married (stop – do not worry), S/O Married (I told you, don’t worry), MSR

Spoilers: Companion Pieces.  References to the Fowley eps.

Summary:  Mulder is a fool.  Diana is duplicitous.  Scully is hurt.  Mulder marries Diana and Scully leaves.  Mulder and Scully meet a while later and Mulder is single but Scully is a newlywed. 

Several years later they are reunited.

A Marriage Of Convenience


Spoilers: None

Keywords: Alternate Reality Alternate Time Frame      

Category: Mulder/Diana (Implied past relationship) MSR

Rating: Adults Only - anyone underage please leave now.  Thanks

Summary: It is the dawn of the twentieth century.  Fox Mulder is the disgraced and banished son of William Mulder a captain of industry and his socialite wife Teena.  Dana Scully is the intelligent and opinionated spinster daughter of Captain William Scully, the owner of a large shipping business which has fallen on some financial difficulties, and his charming wife Margaret.  William Mulder offers to insure the solvency of Captain Scully’s business but at the cost of a precious commodity.

A Time to Heal


Spoilers:  One Son       

Category: Angst MSR

Rating: Over 17           

Summary:  When did Scully and Mulder become lovers?


Acting and Reacting


Spoilers: Two Fathers/One Son, Agua Mala, Monday, Arcadia and Alpha (there is also a hint towards the Unnatural, which has not happened yet, that is so slight you may miss it)

Category: Angst and slight MSR

Rating: Over thirteen for language

Summary: He needs to know and she needs to tell

After Burn


Spoilers: Fire

Category: Angst M/S Friendship – Partnership building

Rating: Over Thirteen

Summary:  Mulder and Scully resolve the tensions created by what occurred during Fire.

An Educated Change of Opinion


Rating: Good for All

Category: MSR

Spoilers: Biogenesis Trilogy, Millennium, Je Souhaite

Summary: Bill Scully gets drunk, and then is arrested for murdering and dismembering a prostitute.  Who gets him out of trouble and what does he learn along the way.

An Object of Obsession


Rating: Good for All   

Category: MSR, Angst, Humor

Spoilers: COPS

Summary: What if a man takes an interest in Agent Dana Scully after seeing her appearance on COPS?

Another Brick in the Wall


Rating: Good for all

Category: Angst, MSF, tiny element of MSR

Spoilers: One Son, The Unnatural

Summary:  Mulder lets Diana Fowley interfere with an investigation and Scully is hurt.  He is given a taste of his own medicine when a man from Scully’s past accompanies them on another investigation.  They both end up learning a lesson and a little about how their actions affect the other.

Assignment, The


Rating: Adults

Category: Slight Casefile, S/A, M/A, MSR and Humor

Spoilers: None (unless you count a certain White House scandal)

Summary:  Mulder and Scully are assigned to a security task force and go undercover to a reception for a foreign dignitary.

Assisted Suicide 1

Assisted Suicide 2

Assisted Suicide 3


Rating: Over 15

Category: Alternate Universe, Case file, MSR 

Spoilers: Travelers and Trevor

Summary:  M.E. Dana Scully comes across several unexplained deaths that can only be suicides.  The problem is that the instruments of death are missing from the locked rooms and the bodies are placed on the bed.  Enter Fox Mulder, FBI profiler.  They meet and work together on the case and find out that they have an almost mystical bond.  Oh, yes, Frohike gets some action too


Barron's Does Take Out


Rating: Teens and older for use of bad language and a hint (very minor) of naughtiness

Category: M/Angst, MSF - MSR

Spoilers: None

Summary:  Scully tells Mulder what she really thinks of him.

Bathrooms and Other Benefits 

Bathrooms and Other Benefits 2: More Benefits

Bathrooms and Other Benefits 3: Beneficial Dividends


Rating: Mature – over sixteen

Category: AU, M/F (Past), M/O (many others) sex, S/O (Past), M w/Daughter, S w/Son, MSF, Angst, MSR – I think that covers it.

Spoilers: None

Summary:  Fox W. Mulder:  Psychologist, considered radical but well respected.  Divorced father of six year old Samantha Jane Mulder.  Mulder’s ex-wife, Diana, left him soon after Samantha’s birth.  She has no relationship with either Mulder or their child.  Mulder is so bitter from Diana’s treatment that he’s embarked on a serial dating vengeance, ‘screw ‘em then loose ‘em’ is his current philosophy.

Dana K. Scully:  Pediatrician extremely well respected and well liked.  Widowed mother of six year old William James Dorsett.  Her husband, James, was killed in a hit and run car accident while racing to the hospital to get to Dana for the birth of their son.  She doesn’t date very often, okay, never.

Samantha Mulder and William Dorsett meet at school and become the best of friends.  It is through them that their parents meet.  And that, my friends, is where the fun begins.


Bee Stung Lips 


Rating – Okay for everyone

Category: Pure unadulterated MSR

Spoilers: None

Summary:  Mulder learns the art of looking at a woman.


Rating:  Just a couple of bad words – including the mother of all bad words

Category: AU – MSF - MSR

Spoilers: Tooms, Humbug, Fire and maybe some bits and pieces of others.

Summary: This Mulder and Scully are not on the X-Files; in fact the division does not exist.  That isn’t to say there isn’t some weirdness happening.  This is a look at how things may have happened if Samantha had never been taken.  Pure smaltz!


Birthday Surprises


Spoilers: None

Category: MSR - Pure Mind Candy

Rating: Good for All Ages

Summary: Mulder’s birthday, hangovers and surprises.  

Blevins' Secret


Spoilers: None

Category: Angst

Rating: Over sixteen - language

Summary:  Where does Blevins fit in?

Blind Date


Rating: Good for all

Category: AU, Angst, MSR

Spoilers: None

Summary:  Mulder has a blind date that ditches him but sends her best friend, Dana Scully, in her place.  That is where the fun starts. 

Bough Breaks, The


Rating: Good for everyone

Category:  Angst all around MSF hints of MSR

Spoilers: None

Summary:  Scully suffers a breakdown when Mulder ditches her.  Frohike proves himself as Scully’s protector and confidant. 


Can You Ever Go Home Again?


Spoilers: None

Rating: Ok for all ages  

Summary: Mulder cannot deal with his life with William and Scully and leaves.  Does he find what he’s looking for?  Can he go home again?

Case Closed

Case Closed 2


Rating: Over thirteen

Category: Other PoV. Other Angst, Humor

Spoilers: Every episode that either Mulder or Scully faced death

Summary:  Someone walks into a bar with a tale of woe.


Circle Ends


Rating: Over sixteen   

Category: UA, S/A, M/A, M/O (not descriptive), MSR (all the usual suspects)

Spoilers: Biogenesis

Summary:  Mulder and Scully finally start getting somewhere in the romantic area and Mulder freaks and bolts.  They are separated and miserable.  Fate causes them to work together again but not as Field Agents.  It doesn’t take long for old emotions to reappear and wounds to get heeled.  Oh, and Mulder decides to move from his beloved dumpy apartment.



Darkness Returns


Rating: Mid Teens – few bad words

Category: Angst, MSR

Spoilers: Sometime after Dead Alive but before Scully gave birth

Summary:  Diana Fowley returns to putrefy Mulder and Scully’s lives.  Scully’s pregnant and sees Mulder with Diana in a cozy setting.


Deafening Silence


Rating: Over 16
Category: Angst MSR Major Fluffiness
Spoilers: None
Summary:  Mulder and Scully had a BIG fight and they haven’t spoken to each other since.  Mulder wants to break the stand off but it’s Scully who says a mouthful.

Delayed Reception


Rating: Good for all

Category: AU, M/Angst, S/Angst, a touch of MSR but this is not a romantic story

Spoilers: The Beginning, Triangle, TGWSC, Tithonus, One Son, the Biogenesis Trilogy 

Summary: Mulder tunes into Scully’s thoughts as she visits him in the hospital upon her return from Africa.  He isn’t happy with what he finds there and he has to deal with it.

Dinner and a Movie


Rating: Over sixteen

Category: S/A, M/A, MSR, Fluff

Spoilers: None

Summary:  Mulder and Scully begin to take the next step in their relationship but not all goes well.  Their friendship suffers and Mulder realizes by trying to hold on to what they have by moving forward he may have done exactly that.



Rating: Good for all

Category: Angst, Character death (twice)

Spoilers: Sleepless, Amor Fati: The Sixth Extinction

Summary:  Dreams and Nightmares do come true.  Who and how Diana Fowley was killed.


Eavesdropping - One

Eavesdropping - Two

Eavesdropping - Three


Rating: Good for all (a few naughty words)

Category: UA, M/A, S/A, Later parts MSF, MSR

Spoilers: The End, The Beginning

Summary:  Mulder accidentally overhears a conversation and, as we’ve all been told, he doesn’t hear things about himself that he’s comfortable with. 

Edge of Reason


Rating: Over the age of thirteen – just a teeny tiny itsy bitsy bit of naughtiness at the end.

Spoilers: One Son, Biogenesis

Category: AU, Mulder Angst, Scully Angst, MSR

Summary: Scully and the Gunmen have left D.C. to work with a group called Freedom Fighters.  Mulder is partnered with Diana Fowley when he is affected by the Alien artifact.  Will Scully and the guys come back to help?



Rating: Over 14 – Foul Language

Category: Angst, MSR

Spoilers: None

Summary:  Mulder’s returned but he’s so cold and removed that Scully doubts her place in his life.  Is it over for them?

Empty Chair, The


Spoilers: Miniscule reference to ‘The Red and the Black’ 

Category: M/S Married, M/O UST, William - Major angst warning

Rating:  Over seventeen 

Summary: Mulder and Scully are married but is Mulder cheating on her?  What is Scully going to do? 

Explosive Developments


Rating: Good for all

Category: M/A, MSR

Spoilers: None

Summary: Mulder and Scully are in a relationship.  Scully is seriously hurt and Mulder blames himself.


Fall of Diana Fowley, The


Rating: Over 16

Category: AU, M/O and the beginnings of M/S

Spoilers: None

Summary:  Diana Fowley and Fox Mulder are partners in both work and play (TRUST ME WILL YOU), until he calls things off.  Diana reflects on her position.

Finders Keepers


Rating: Good for All

Category: M/Angst, S/O (seemingly), MSR

Spoilers: None

Summary: Mulder always made sure everyone knew that Dana Scully belonged to him; the only problem was he didn’t seem to know it himself.    

Finding His Truth


Spoilers: None

Category: Slight MSR

Rating: Anyone over thirteen

Summary: Just a little morning musing

First Kiss of Morning


Rating: Teens – Adult themes, nothing overt

Category: MSR (big, sloppy romance)

Spoilers: None

Summary:  Early morning interchange between Scully and Mulder.

Forget Me Not


Rating – Over thirteen a few naughty words

Category: S/A, M/A and MSR

Spoilers: One Son with a little The Unnatural tossed in and references to Arcadia, Aqua Mala and Alpha

Keywords: Angst all over the place – it is just dripping everywhere, MSR

Summary: Scully suffers from a rare form of amnesia (so rare I’m not sure it exists in real life).  Mulder is the problem and the solution.  Sorry but that is all you get.

Rating: Over sixteen – Adult themes – nothing overt
Category: Angst MSR Mulder/Diana (hinted)
Spoilers:  The Beginning, One Son, Biogenesis, Sixth Extinction, Sixth Extinction Amor Fati, all things
Summary:  Love Found, Love Lost, Love Loses and Love Wins - Sometimes you need to traverse a mine field before you can go home. 


Rating: Okay for everyone

Category: Third person point of view

Spoilers: Nothing

Summary:  A woman watched a couple.


Happy Pappy


Rating: Over Thirteen

Category: MSM with Children, Diabetics watch out!  There’s enough saccharine to send you into a coma.  

Spoilers: None

Summary: Scully is pregnant and William is having his

fifth birthday and Mulder and Scully are celebrating with a party.   

Hide In Plain Site


Spoilers: The Truth

Category: Angst (tiny), Humor (hopefully) and

MSR (definitely)

Rating: Over seventeen

Summary: Scully has a plan for their future.  How will Mulder respond?

His Betrayal


Spoilers: None 

Category:  MSR – Established relationship, angst, slight case file

Rating: Adults themes

Summary:  Scully walks in on Mulder in bed with another woman.


Ice Queens Have Feelings Too


Category: Angst MSR

Rating: Adults - language only

Summary: An oblivious Mulder has his ‘eyes opened’by a third party.

Inconvenient Pregnancy


Rating: Over 14 – Adult themes and bad language

Category: AU, Angst, Mulder/Other, MSR

Spoilers: Season 6

Summary:  Diana’s pregnant and there is no question that Mulder is the Father.  The real question is who is the mother?

Indroducing Dana Scully 


Spoilers: None - Pre X-Files

Rating: All Ages

Summary: How did Dana Scully get chosen to work with Fox Mulder?


Last Ditch Effort


Rating: Major BAD language – young ones close your eyes

Category: Mulder/Angst, Scully/Angst, S/Other, M/Other (nothing really specific), MSR

Spoilers: Season Six and En Ami

Summary: Mulder finds out how choices can really screw you up.  Can the future help correct the past?

Last Night in Arcadia


Rating: Good for everyone

Category: Mulder angst, UST (tiny)

Spoilers: The End, FTF, The Beginning, One Son, Arcadia

Summary:  Mulder reflects on the cause of the rift between Scully and he the night before they return to DC from the case in Arcadia.

Leap Birthday


Spoilers: None

Rating – Over 17 – adult, non graphic love making and naughty words

Category: S/A, M/A and MSR

Summary: It is Scully’s birthday and Mulder forgets, or maybe not.  There is the appearance of a very special cake and an even more special present (and I’m not talking about Aunt Olive’s).

Leap Birthday 2 Not Exactly Martha Stewart 


Rating: Mature themes

Category: Humor (with any luck) MSR.

Spoilers: My earlier story ‘Leap Birthday’ and you should read that one first.

Summary:  Mulder decides to make the anniversary of their partnership special and tries to make up for his earlier faux pas.  How does it work out?  Well, we know he ain’t exactly a domestic God.

Learning to Work For It


Rating: Good for anyone

Category: Angst

Spoilers: Hint of the aftermath of One Son, Reference to Arcadia

Summary:  Skinner ponders on why Mulder and Scully are not in sync and tries to fix it.


Lectures Part 2


Spoilers: Host

Category:  AU – MSR Rating: Good for all

Summary:  Dana Scully works and Quantico, Fox Muldar is the star profiler and Reggie Purdue things they need to be introduced.

The Little Things


Rating:  Over Thirteen - Small non graphic reference to sex   

Category: M/Angst, MSM

Spoilers:  One Breath

Summary:  Scully is in a coma and Mulder remembers the little things.


Making of a Family - X-Files Style

Making of a Family - X-Files Style Part 2

Making of a Family - X-Files Style Part 3

Making of a Family - X-Files Style Part 4


Rating: Over sixteen – a few bad words and some non descript sexual references

Category: AU, M/O, SA, MA, MSR

Spoilers: None but when I wrote this I thought of it as being an alternate of season seven.

Summary:  Mulder meets a woman in a bar and things go down hill from there till Scully leaves.  Three years later he finds her and she has a couple of surprises for him.


Married Life


Rating: Over 14

Category: Romance and Marriage

Spoilers: None Really

Summary:  Its moving day for Mr. and Dr. Fox Mulder and Scully has a special housewarming gift for her husband.  Pure unadulterated smaltz and I refuse to apologize!

Marry in Haste Repent in Leisure


Rating: Over sixteen – WARNING: Spousal abuse

Category: MT, ST, M/Angst, S/Angst, M/O, MSR

Spoilers: None

Summary: Mulder deals with the consequences of marrying a woman he hardly knows.  Does it take nearly losing everything important to him to get his life back?

Meeting Agent Mulder


Rating: Adults

Category: AU, MSR, M/O (past relationship, present pest - miniscule), S/O (past relationship), S/A, M/A

Spoilers: Fire, all things

Summary:  Scully is a new FBI Recruit and Mulder gives a lecture on profiling.  He royally ticks her off and romance ensues.  The infamous Phoebe Greene makes an appearance and does what she does best, causes trouble.

Memories of a Well Loved Life


Rating:  Good for all

Category: Family

Spoilers: None

Summary:  Dana remembers her mom after her recent death

Missing In Action


Spoilers: None

Category: Humor

Rating: Over sixteen –Adult theme and language

Summary: Mulder is searching for something missing from his apartment after he is returned.

Mouth is Mightier than the Sword


Rating: Good for all

Category: Angst, M/S Friendship (bordering on romance a little)

Spoilers: None

Summary:  Mulder goes on a rant aimed at Scully and says a lot that she shouldn’t. 



Mulders Wedded Miss Hap


Rating: Teenagers and up

Category: Angst, M/Skinner Friendship M/S Relationship

Spoilers: None

Summary:  Mulder wakes up the morning after his marriage.



New Assignment/Waiting For His Partner


Spoilers: Pilot

Rating: Everyone

The New Assignment

Summary: I always wondered what went through Dana Scully’s mind after leaving Belvins’ office on her way to meet Fox Mulder.  This is one scenario.


Waiting For His Partner

Summary: The other side of the coin, Mulder’s thoughts after he learns he’s being assigned a spy, I mean partner. 

No Tell Motel


Spoilers: The time frame is season three, tiny reference to WotC and Syzygy

Category: Humor (with any luck)/ S Angst / M Angst M/S Friendship

Rating: Over thirteen

Summary: Useless case, stupid Mulder, angry Scully and a night at the motel from hell!  Just your typical day on the X-Files.

Nostalgia vs. Love


Rating: Over sixteen

Category: S/O (minor), M/O (even less), MSR, a little angst and a little humor

Spoilers: None

Summary: Scully decides it’s time for her to get a life.


The Observer


Rating: Good for all

Category: Third Person POV, S/A, M/A, slight S/O, MSR

Spoilers: None

Summary:  Scully walks into a restaurant and garners some attention.  Her admirer watches the interaction between the partners while they eat and decides to do something about it.  


Path to a Miracle 


Rating: Okay for everyone

Category: Angst, MSR

Spoilers: Dead Alive

Summary:  Dana Scully from funeral to resurrection.


Picture This


Spoilers: The Beginning and One Son

Category: S/A MSR

Rating: All Ages

Summary: Sometimes things that are lost really aren’t.



Quanitco Follies


Spoilers: Leonard Betts

Category: AU MSF, Angst, Mulder/Other Sex, Scully/Other tiny romance, MSR

Rating: Adult themes – no one under 17

Summary: Profiling wonder boy Fox (Spooky) Mulder has a mild heart attack.  He is reassigned to Quanrico to teach.  His new office mate is Dr. Dana (Ice Queen) Scully, darling of the pathology department.  This is your typical ‘Boy meets girl, boy doesn’t know what to do with girl, boy screws up and loses girl and so on.  To find out more you have to read the story.



Recipies for Caring


Spoilers: The Beginning, Two Fathers/One Son Category: Friendship, Angst

Rating: All Ages

Summary:  Does Mulder know how well the Gunmen know Scully?  Nope!



Spoilers:  One Breath

Category: MSF - MSR

Rating: Anyone

Summary:  Scully’s first day home after her abduction.

Rejecting and Redemption


Spoilers: None

Category: Angst-a-plenty MSR  


Summary: Scully tells Mulder how she feels and he tells her how he doesn’t.



Rating: Naughty language – over 13

Category: Angst galore, it is just spilling out all over the floor.  Someone get a mop, would you?  MSR

Spoilers: Biogenesis, The Sixth Extinction and The Sixth Extinction: Amor Fati

Summary:  Diana Fowley didn’t die after Mulder’s rescue.  She and Mulder run off together and Scully is left behind without knowing why.  After everything Scully has been subjected to why does she fall apart now?  Did Mulder have a good reason to leave?  Why does he return?  And what about that video tape?


Reunions 2


Rating: Good for All

Category: Pre X-File, AU, MSF

Spoilers: Pilot

Summary:  Reunions - A short interlude in the young lives of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully

Reunions 2 - The partners reveal that they remember each other.



Setting The Record Striaght

Setting the Record Straight 2: Conversation with Bill

Setting the Record Straight 3: Charles Has His Say


Rating: Early Teens – few bad words

Category: MSF leaning toward MSR

Spoilers: No real spoilers but references to events from various episodes.

Summary:  A series of important conversations.  The first is between Scully and her brother Bill, the second is between Bill and Mulder and the third between Charles and Mulder.

She Hides Behind Her Face Part One

She Hides Behind Her Face Part Two


Spoilers: One Son

Category: Angst and a little A/U

Rating: Over thirteen - naughty words

Summary: Frohike tells Mulder what he needs to hear. 

Later Mulder goes to Scully's to talk things out.

So Still


Spoilers: None, references to the Pilot

Category: MSR

Rating: Over sixteen – nothing overt 

Summary: Mulder watches Scully and ruminates about the past.

Special Delivery


Rating: Good for All   

Category: MSR, Fluff

Spoilers: None

Summary: Scully gets a really special delivery.



Rating: Good for everyone

Category: MSF-MSR

Spoilers: Pilot, Fallen Angel,

Irresistible, Detour, One Son, The Unnatural and all things

Summary:  The stages from strangers to lovers.

Switching Partners


Rating: Good for everyone

Category: AU, M/O, S/O, Other/Other, MSR

Spoilers: None

Summary:  Two bad dates can be a really good thing. 


Time of Her Life


Spoilers:  None

Category: MS Married with child

Rating: Anyone

Summary:  Just a little (and I do mean little) Christmas ditty



Spoilers:  One Son, The End, The Beginning, Arcadia,Tooms,

Syzygy and some other smaller references not

worthy of note.

Category: Angst

Rating: Over Thirteen

Summary: Scully gets her say and Mulder actually listens.




Valentines Solo


Rating: Over sixteen

Category: S/Angst, M/Angst, MSR (big time)

Spoilers: None

Summary:  First off, this is pure unapologetic mush!  If that isn’t your cup of tea run.  You have been warned.  Mulder and Scully are a couple and their first Valentine’s Day rolls around.  Scully remembers – Mulder doesn’t.  Worse, he ditches her, runs off and gets hit on by Marita.  Scully spends the day alone, well, almost the whole day.


Wake Up Call; or Agent Doggett Has Something To Say


Rating: Okay for everyone

Category: Mulder angst, MSR

Spoilers: Requiem, Within, Without, Roadrunners, Per Manum and Empedocles

Summary:  What prompted Mulder to give that doll to Scully?  Doggett gives Mulder a verbal kick in the behind.

Weekend Interlude

Weekend Interlude Part 2 - Extended Interlude


Rating: Over 14

Category: AU, Angst, Mulder/Scully Married and a tinge of O/M UST

Spoilers: The Kersh and Fowley episodes but no direct references.

Summary: The aliens have been defeated and the X-Files have been vindicated.  The division has grown in importance and manpower.

It’s Mulder and Scully’s anniversary and Mulder not only forgets he pushes Scully’s plans aside to run off with a new X-Files agent, Cathleen Sutherland who is making a play for her boss, Mulder. 

In part 2 Scully deals with her office pest.


Welcome Home from Philadelphia, Scully


Spoilers: Never Again

Category: Angst M/O Sex

Rating: Over 17 – nothing overt but adult themes

Summary:  A few moments between Mulder and Scully after she returns from Philadelphia 

When Knighthood Was In Flower


Spoilers:  Field Where I Died – sort of

Category: AU

Rating: Adults Only

Summary:  Sir Reynard is the son and heir to Lord William, head of Clan Kilgorn.  Sir Colin, a mere lad, leads Clan Kerin’s band of warriors.  A treaty is struck and Sir Reynard is betrothed to Lady Colleen.  Oh, heck, I don’t know.  There are Knights and Ladies and swords and so on.  Oh, and there is some sex too.

Where's Scully?


Spoilers: None, Set after M and S are reassigned to the X-Files in Season Six

Category: Angst (slight - tiny - minuscule)

Rating: Good for all ages

Summary: Sometimes you need someone else to point out the obvious.

While My Pretty One Sleeps


Spoilers: En Ami

Category: Angst

Rating: Over Thirteen

Summary: C.G.B. Spender’s thoughts while watching Scully sleep.



Rating: Good for all

Spoilers: Nothing really, references to William, Squeeze, Folie A Deux and Humbug

Summary: William wonders who his birth parents are.

Working On A Miracle

An Easter Story


Spoilers: None

Category: MSR, Holiday

Rating: Over thirteen – one small play on words and just a tinge of naughtiness.

Summary: Mulder and Scully are in an established romantic relationship.  Scully’s niece, Meggie, and two nephews, Mike and Tim, stay with her for the weekend, changing Mulder’s plans.




Guest Author's Stories

Darkness Returns - Revisited


Author: Anne Milne

Rating: G, I guess

Category: MSR, angst

Spoilers: up to mid S8. Blink and you’ll miss the NCIS reference. Points if you pick up the other pop/TV culture references.

Summary: The Fowley demon reappears to make Scully’s life a mess. Mulder gets a very well-deserved wake up call. Fear not, all will be well.

That's all for now - check back for updates!