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Who is Sara B.?
It was 1:03 pm on May 21, 1959 when I joined the world as the youngest of six (two boys four girls).  I've been told that makes me a Taurus - Gemini, but I don't really have any idea what that means.  I've also been told that in the Chinese astrology I was born in the year of the pig - THAT explains a lot! 
My Mom sent home three names with my Dad for the kids to choose from; Diane, Martha and Sara.  My five siblings all chose Martha but some how it transformed to Sara by the time my Dad got back to the hospital - gotta love my Dad!  If only he'd been able to do something with my middle name - I'd tell you what it is but I'd have to kill you.
April 25, 1981 I married Dennis, my D or Mr. D.  He's a really great guy who completes me.  It was a truly weird day.  We had a simple ceremony in my eldest sister's home.  It rained the entire day until we started saying our vows when the sun filled the room.  My brother was seriously freaked. 
I used to work for a very large computer company but I took a buyout in '92.  Since then we moved to Florida.  I took up stained glass (something I never seem to be able to do lately) and volunteer for my community.
In August of 2000 I was diagnosed with Stage Three Uterine Cancer.  I underwent a complete hysterectomy, radiation and chemotherapy.  With the strength and support of my D and my family I have been cancer free and doing very well.  Cancer is not something that you wish on anyone but I wish everyone could experience the healing.  You first learn to take the power from the word 'Cancer.'  The first time you hear the diagnosis you tune everything else out.  Suddenly you are faced with your own mortality and everything you might lose.  It is bad for the patient but I believe it is worse for those that love you.


In 2004 I answered an e-mail from Kim Knight (also known as the fabulous KimK and Kimberly) and it was providence.  Kim's e-mail was simple enough she needed someone to beta a story for her.  I answered, we 'conversed' across the net and I was blessed with a new and dear friend. 

Months, and several stories later, I got the nerve up to have her beta somethings I wrote.  The stories were less than stellar but she was kind and incouraged me to continue.  A while later I submitted my first offerings.  I was surprised at the terrific and constructive feedback.

Several people asked me if my stories had a home and untill now they didn't.

Thanks for reading! 

Sara B.


Please check out KimK's wonderful website:


A Few of My
Favorite Things
Gem Stone: Emerald
Flower: Lillies of the Valley
Color: Deep Red
Time: Eleventy Eleventy (inside joke)
Movie(s): Depends on my mood
  - The Women
  - Citizen Kane
  - Torch Song Trilogy
Song: Smile - Written by Charles Chaplin
Books: Pursuasion (and just about any Jane Austen book) and The Chosen
Shakespear Play: Twelth Night
Childhood Memory:  Christmas Eve when I was eleven and we piled into the car and went looking at the lights.  Leaving on a Jet Plane played on the radio.
Adult Memory:  My 'something' birthday when Dennis placed miniature cards all over the house and I spent the day finding them all.  I used this idea in a story.  
Crystalship Interview
Melissa E. honored me with an interview for Crystalship. 


The truth is out there, and to ME one of the truths is that "my D" is always surprising me with the little things he does to show his surprising love for "me" his Sara ..... I Gota Love Him...